Women of Color Circle (WOCC)

In Fall 2018, a BUWG member proposed the creation of an affinity group for women of color. A working group was created in Spring 2019. The BUWG Women of Color Circle (WOCC) is a result of their work.

The BUWG WOCC is envisioned as:

  • An affinity group for women of color who are members of the BU Women’s Guild. We are defining women of color broadly, including but not limited to those of African, Asian, Latinx, Middle Eastern, Native American and Indigenous, and Native Hawaiian descent.
  • Goals are to enhance the diversity and inclusion within the Guild, create a space for women of color across campus to gain support and share resources, and to create allyships between WOCC and the general membership of the Guild.
  • Meet quarterly as a circle
  • Host one event for general membership each semester
  • Those who join the BUWG in April 2019 will have membership through June 2020.

Letter Demanding Equality and Justice

To volunteer to serve on this committee, please contact a member of the working group:


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