Honorary President Beverly Brown Celebrated at BUWG Reception

Photo: Dr. Beverly Brown, a white woman wearing a white blouse, black blazer, and black and white floral skirt, holds up a glass of champagne as she stands at a glass podium and addresses a crowd during a reception.

“Beverly Brown was the guest of honor at a May 8 reception hosted by the BU Women’s Guild at the Faye G., Jo, and James Stone Gallery. Brown was recognized for her 18 years of voluntary service as the guild’s honorary president. Among the many accomplishments during her tenure was the creation of an endowment for graduate women’s scholarships and the move of Fisk House, a graduate women’s residence, to the Charles River Campus.”

— BU Today (Photo by Jackie Ricciardi)

The Celebration

BU Women’s Guild members were honored to celebrate with Dr. Brown and are grateful to have had her guidance and leadership as honorary president for so many years.