A Journey 12 Years in the Making: Amanda Urias

BU Women's Guild Amanda Urias

I always seek out women’s organizations wherever I go, because we need each other in this journey – whatever that journey is and wherever it is that we are each headed. The Boston University Women’s Guild is a wonderful example of the kind of philanthropy, service, and connection I look for. Shortly after coming to BU in 2011, I joined the BUWG as a member and have been involved in one way or another ever since. Some 12 years later, I am now honored to serve as the BUWG President.

A lot has happened at the BU Women’s Guild in 12 years – five other women served as BUWG President and many, many more served as officers, committee chairs, and committee members, planning and running events, reviewing scholarship applications, communicating and promoting our efforts, and supporting the development and fundraising work of the BUWG. We ran a capital campaign and raised over $100,000 to establish an endowed scholarship fund for graduate students. We founded the BUWG Women of Color Circle (WOCC), an affinity group for women of color. We merged with the BU Women’s Council, taking on stewardship for a number of additional scholarship and award opportunities as well as oversight of the Fisk House, through which we provide subsidized housing for BU women graduate students. And we continued to award thousands of dollars in scholarships every year, increasing our impact and awarding a record $127,500 to 30 students in 2022.

The Boston University Women’s Guild is a wonderful example of the kind of philanthropy, service, and connection I look for. 

2023 will be another exciting year of events, fundraising, and scholarship work for BUWG. Up first on our calendar of events is the upcoming WOCC/BUWG 3rd Annual Allyship Event, with guest speaker Ines Garrant, Vice President of Budget, Planning, and Business Affairs on January 25 – I hope you can join us! And whatever your role at BU, I hope you will consider joining or renewing your membership in BUWG and/or WOCC, or even joining us as a volunteer committee member on the BUWG Executive Board.

I cherish the friendships and connections made through BUWG, and I am delighted to continue to be a part of this wonderful organization. I look forward to working with each of you in the next steps of our journey together.

About the author: Amanda Urias is the BU Women’s Guild President, Co-Chair of the BUWG Task Force, and serves on the BUWG Development Committee. As the Managing Director of the BU Hub, Amanda provides operational leadership and oversight for the implementation and management of the BU Hub, Boston University’s university-wide general education program.

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