Chinese New Year Celebration Fair Newsletter

On February 8th 2023, BU Chinese Program partnered with Global House Chinese cluster to host an in-person Chinese New Year Celebration Fair. This is the first in person CNY celebration after Covid-19. 


The event theme this year, according to the event coordinator Liling Huang, is to experience the activities locals do in traditional CNY. There were 8 different cultural tables. Participants can join any activity to collect lucky cards, which would display a Chinese character “福“ (fú), meaning “luck” in Chinese. It is a symbol of collecting luck (集福) for the upcoming year! The culture workshops include dumpling making held by senior lecturer HongYun Sun and senior lecturer Weijia Huang, paper cutting held by BU global house Chinese cluster, calligraphy held by master lecturer Amber Navarre, Chinese knot held by part time lecturer Joy Meng, Mahjong held by BU global house Chinese cluster, lantern riddles held by FLTA Yuan-Jung Chan, gift table by part time lecturer Baoqing Qian, and expressing wishes in Chinese held by Chinese Language Program Coordinator Shutan Dong. All Chinese faculty, many student volunteers from the Chinese program and BU global house members came together to bring the authentic CNY and a lot of blessing“福“ (fú) to the BU community! 


Chair of Department Professor Catherine Yeh, Chinese convener Professor Petrus Liu, Assistant Director at Center for the Study of Asia Dr. Maria Elena P. Rivera-Beckstrom, BU study abroad office senior manager Rachel Zank, and WLL department administrator Brigid Mack came to celebrate the Chinese New Year with all of us and the attendants also practiced some phrases they just learned! The event had a great turn out and more than 170 BU attendants enjoyed all the workshops and dumplings! 


We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to BU global house director Lillie Webb and Chinese cluster leader Wenyan Zhang for helping with the event coordination, and to BU Study Abroad and Center for the Study of Asia for their sponsorship. 


Event Video: