Student Research Presentations in World Languages & Literatures: A Spring Showcase

Please come and join Student Research Presentations in World Languages & Literatures: A Spring Showcase!

It is a two-day event scheduled for April 27 and April 28. Day 1 features nine students working with Professor Vincent Tuesday, April 27, from 1:30 pm to 6 pm, including two senior thesis defenses, and five students respectively mentored by Professors Micallef, Garcia de la Puente, Frederick, Gillman & Malykhina present their research findings on Wednesday, April 28, between 12:30 pm and 2:10 pm. Please take a look at the fantastic line-ups below.

Please email WLL Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Yoon Sun Yang at to obtain the zoom link to attend the event for both days. No registration is required.  

Thanks to all of you for keeping WLL such a vibrant place for research and learning this year! I hope many of you can make it to at least some of the presentations.


Yoon Sun

Student Research Presentations in World Languages and Literatures:
A Spring Showcase

DAY 1 

Tuesday, April 27th: 1:30 pm- 6 pm.

1:30 Jiaxin Peng Senior Thesis Defense, “The ‘i’ in Grief: Autofiction and Tsushima Yūko’s Expedition to Loss and Healing”

  • Committee:
    • Reiko Abe Auestada (University of Oslo)
    • Keith Vincent

2:30 Brigid Mack Senior Thesis Defense, “A Searchable Database of Settings in the Tale of Genji”

  • Committee:
    • Eugenio Menegon (BU, History)
    • Keith Vincent


3:40-4:00: Alice Padron on Meredith Mckinney (Japanese, translator of the Pillow Book, Soseki’s Kokoro et al)
4:00-4:20: Crystal Cheng on David Hawkes (Chinese, translator of the Story of the Stone)
4:20-4:40  Gianni Vaughn on Benedict Baker (Latin, translator of the Vitae Patrium)
4:40-5:00 Edilsa Monterrey-Quintero de Bassili on Katharine Prescott Wormely and Ellen Marriage (French, translators of Balzac)
5:00–5:20 Bergen Grant on Donald Keene (Japanese, translator of Matsuo Basho et al)
5:20-5:40 Melody Sweeney on Jay Rubin (Japanese, translator of Murakami Haruki et al
5:40-6:00 Madalyn Stratton on David Boyd (Japanese, translator of Mieko Kawakami et al)


Wednesday April 28, 12:30pm – 2:10 pm

12:30-12:50 Sarah Feather, “Are the Feminists Taking Over? A Critical Analysis of Sweden and Canada’s Feminist Foreign Policy and Implications in the Middle East”
12:50-1:10 Sylvie Gallagher, “Magic Realism in Soviet and Yugoslav Fiction”.
1:10-1:30 Jiayi Wang, “Mapping Ginza: Where Japan Meets the World”
1:30 – 1:50 Dina Famin, “Plural States of Being in Franz Kafka’s 1913 Collection Contemplation (Betrachtung).”
1:50 – 2:10 Nadiya Prokopyeva, “Unlocking Poetic Metaphors with Digital Resource ‘Russian Poetry’”

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