Wheelock Welcomes Dr. Jenny Jacobs as Lecturer in Language Education

Wheelock College of Education & Human Development is pleased to announce the hiring of Dr. Jenny Jacobs as full-time Lecturer of Language Education within the Literacy and Language Education program. Prior to joining the faculty at Wheelock, Dr. Jacobs had worked in bilingual schools as a literacy coach in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Spain.

Much of Dr. Jacobs research has involved working closely with bilingual youth in exploring how bilingualism and language processes influence identity formation.

Jacobs has also partnered with the Teacher Activist Group of Boston, the Boston Teachers Union, Boston Education Justice Alliance, and Boston Student Advisory Council to organize the eighth annual Boston-area Educators for Social Justice Conference, with the theme “Our Stories, Our Future: The Struggle for Self-determination in Education.” Additionally, Jacobs organized a panel of speakers to address “Multilingual Justice” and the current language policies in Massachusetts at the conference.

She then collaborated with the Boston Unafraid Educators and MIRA Coalition to establish the first annual Unafraid Scholarship. In August of 2017, this group awarded $24,000 to ten Boston Public School graduates who had been accepted into college, but were not eligible for financial aid due to their undocumented statuses.

Dr. Jacobs also serves as Wheelock’s representative on the Board for the Northeast region’s Multistate Association for Bilingual Education, as well as the Consortium of Institutions of Higher Education for Preparing Dual Language Teachers.