What Does BU Wheelock Look For In Graduate Applications?

What do you look for in applications? It’s one of the most common questions that our Office of Graduate Enrollment receives. Prospective students are always looking to understand how they can better position themselves for acceptance into BU Wheelock programs.

So what do we look for in applications?

BU Wheelock faculty and staff provide each application with a completely holistic review. From an applicant’s resume to their personal statement and letters of recommendation, there is no aspect of the application that is valued more than another. That being said, there are areas that applicants often overlook.

It is important to make sure that your personal statement contains both what qualifies you for the program as well as your professional goals. “More is not necessarily better,” explains Julia Cocca, Director of Graduate Enrollment. Be strategic about what you use to support your qualifications rather than just listing every professional experience you have ever had.

When weighing applications, faculty will look at a candidate’s academic ability and professional promise. Yes, they want to ensure that a candidate will fit well into the program and be academically successful, but they also want to see a representation of what someone is looking to put out into the world. BU Wheelock faculty and staff are looking to understand how a prospective student will take the work they do in the program and translate it to their future endeavors in the world.

For many applicants, small, seemingly minuscule details hinder their application process. Whether it is applying with an email that they don’t regularly check or not following up on a request from our Office of Graduate Enrollment, prospective students might miss important deadlines or application components without realizing it. Ensure that you’re providing BU Wheelock with the best and most up to date contact information and do not be hesitant to reach out. Check on your application statuses. Do everything that you can and we’ll see you on campus.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Office of Graduate Enrollment. They can be reached via whegrad@bu.edu or at 617-353-4237.