Spotlight #4: The Documentation Studio Archive Project

February 25, 2021

The Doc Studio Archive is now complete!  I have worked since July with Sarah Yasuda, our archivist, to digitize and organize the collection and create the website for the documentation. Recently, Saameh Solaimani joined us to create the front end of the website, which holds documentation that has been on display at the Doc Studio at various times since 2008. We hope you will access these materials to inform your own teaching and learning. I have dreamed of making documentation available to allow us to learn from each other and to reveal both the intelligence of children and the commitment and expertise of their teachers.  We thank and honor the educators who displayed and shared their documentation at the Doc Studio over the years.  The website is password protected with an initial registration process for password creation. Please consider adding insights on the website to let us know how you are using the documentation and if you would like to contribute your documentation to the archive.

Stephanie Cox Suárez

I am excited for the launch of the Documentation Studio Archive! This online archive, freely accessible to educators, will now serve as the virtual home for the Documentation Studio. I was hired as the archivist – to create a comprehensive digital archive and a front-facing website to showcase the digitized items. Having the opportunity to look at every single item in our 400+ collection, I felt the legacy of the Documentation Studio – the hard work put in by educators, the creative and detailed practice of documentation, and the myriad ways in which sharing, collaboration, and reflection took place in learning environments.

Sarah Yasuda

It has been an honor and joy collaborating with my mentor and colleague Stephanie Cox Suarez, founder of the Documentation Studio at Wheelock College, to design a virtual home for the space at My experience with the Documentation Studio and colleagues there is where my love for and understanding of  ‘documentation as an essential tool’ began. I experienced firsthand how powerful this tool was, and really backed up the idea that teachers are, in fact, researchers and advocates for children’s voices and for the field of education itself.

Saameh Solaimani