Seider Appointed to Advisory Council of the CEP

Professor Scott Seider was appointed to the Education Advisory Council (EAC) of the Character Education Partnership (CEP). Seider will serve on the Council as an expert advisor. In this position, Seider will work with the EAC to provide guidance and consultation for the CEP board “when implementing policies and developing products and services to further the CEP mission.”

Professor Seider’s research focuses on the civic and character development of adolescents and emerging adults. His current work is investigating the cultivation of critical consciousness in urban youth attending charter high schools. With Seider’s background and experience in character education and moral development, he will help the CEP become a “leading resource for people and organizations that are integrating character education into their schools and communities.”

The Character Education Partnership works to improve education through social, emotional, and ethical issues in addition to academics. The CEP is “a national leader and advocate for the character education movement located in Washington DC.”

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