SED Welcomes Nine New Faculty Members

This fall, SED is joined by nine new faculty members who are eager to continue SED’s mission of preparing outstanding teachers and growing the school’s capacity to  produce research that will serve to refine educational practice in the 21st century.  These new faculty members are graduates of top schools of education from around the country, who come to SED because they value the school’s combined focus on educator preparation and high-quality scholarship.

Andrew R. Bottoms, Instructor, Deaf Studies
Christina Dobbs, Clinical Instructor, English Education
Dr. Leslie Dietiker, Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education
Dr. Ziv Feldman, Clinical Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education
Amie Grills-Taquechel, Assistant Professor, Counseling and Human Development
Laura M. Jiménez, Lecturer, Literacy Education
Gabrielle Jones, Assistant Professor, Deaf Studies
Nathan Jones, Assistant Professor, Special Education
Joel H. Scott, Clinical Assistant Professor, Policy, Planning and Administration