Life in Boston

boston aerialAs the largest city in New England and one of the most distinctive metropolitan areas in the world, Boston glories in its traditions and bursts with modern vitality. Home to more than 60 colleges and universities, the “Hub”—as the city is often called—is a thriving intellectual and cultural center that maintains a small-town feel through its diverse and charming neighborhoods.

Boston’s cobble-stoned streets and historic landmarks still evoke the city’s early American Colonial and Revolutionary War history. But Boston is a city where historic treasures intermingle with modern technology. Bostonians take as much pride in their busy financial and business communities, world-class medical care facilities, and abundance of research and technological centers as they do in their rich history. There’s something for everyone here—the challenge is deciding where to begin exploring all this splendid city has to offer.

Things to do in Boston

Boston and the surrounding areas are also home to numerous championship-winning sports teams, including the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, and Celtics, as well as our own Boston University Terriers!

Given the abundance of educational opportunities, industry, culture, and recreation that Boston offers, it’s not surprising that so many students come here from all over the world to study and work—and often stay long after graduation. Boston is truly a place like no other, and Boston University is proud to share in the city’s magnificent heritage.

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