Review the following section for information about required components and syllabi statements, and recommended information and policies.


All syllabi for BU Wheelock courses must include the following information:

  • Instructor name
  • Contact information (e.g.
  • Office location
  • Office hours
  • Course dates
  • Course time
  • Course location
  • Course credits
  • Syllabi statements (see below)
  • Teaching Assistant (TA) for in-person courses/Teaching Facilitator (TF) for online courses/Teaching Fellow/Grader (if applicable)
  • Course objectives
    • List and link to larger program learning outcomes
  • Instructional format, course pedagogy, and approach to learning
  • Books and other course materials
    • Provide complete citations, as well as where to purchase (Barnes & Noble or alternative)
    • Distinguish clearly between required, recommended, and optional purchases
  • Assignments and grading criteria
    • Describe assignments, papers, class participation, and examinations as applicable, and provide a clear summary of percentage weights for each category
    • Include any rubrics you will use to evaluate student work
  • Resources/Support/How to succeed in the course
    • Office hours, tutoring, etc.
    • Accommodations for students with documented disabilities
  • Course members’ responsibility for ensuring a positive learning environment
  • Attendance & absences
    • Clearly state your attendance policy, limit on absences, etc.
    • Include any implications of class attendance on grading
    • List all unusual required meetings (e.g. field trips, guest speakers)
    • Affirm policy on religious observance
  • Assignment completion & late work
    • Detail your policy regarding how students should submit assignments (in person, by email, on courseware site, etc.)
    • Include how you will address late work, missed exams, etc.

      Detail of class meetings should include:

      • Date
      • Lecture/discussion topics
      • Readings due
      • Assignments due
      • Expected preparation for that meeting
      • Statement that schedules and topics are subject to change, and describe provisions for timely notification to students of any changes

      Required Syllabi Statements

      Recommended Syllabus Information & Policies