Admission FAQs

What are the age requirements?

Preschool children, ages 2.9 years through 5 years old.

How are the children grouped in the classroom?

Our classroom has children aged 2.9 through 5 years; we have a mixed-age-group classroom. Occasionally, children are placed in groups based on specific interests.

Who can apply?

We are an open enrollment school; families are not required to have any affiliation with Boston University to enroll their child. We accept applications for September on a rolling basis, year round.

Families become eligible for enrollment once they have done the following:

  1. Sent in the preschool application along with the application fee
  2. Visited the ECLL to observe the program and met with the director

Do you have enrollment priorities?

Children are admitted in the order that applications are received, except when the ratio of girls to boys or of older to younger children needs to be brought into better balance. The ECLL gives priority to returning children, siblings, and also makes exceptions to ensure that children with disabilities are enrolled.

Do you have an open house? Can I visit your school?

When your child’s application is received you will be contacted to schedule a visit. During this visit you will observe the classroom and meet with the director, Dr. Lannak, to hear a program overview and to ask any questions you may have.

Should my child come for the visit?

During your visit you meet with the director, Dr. Lannak, in the observation room to observe the classroom and hear about our school. The observation room is dark and quiet, so we do recommend that you leave your child at home for this visit. Children who enroll in the ECLL will have the opportunity to visit the classroom and meet with their teachers before they begin school in September.

When is the best time to apply?

If you know that you are interested, you may apply now.

Do you keep a waiting list?

Yes, your application will be kept on our waiting list in the order that it is received. After you visit the school, your application will become active on the waiting list. Families will not be offered admission without visiting the school.