Global Literacy Institute

During the academic year, the Wheelock College of Education & Human Development offers three-day institutes that address current global issues and Common Core State Standards–based conflict resolution pedagogy. The institutes are intended for classroom teachers and administrators who would like to deepen or update their knowledge of effective assessment and instruction in global literacy.

“The negotiation strategies that I have learned in this professional development are extremely helpful for engaging and empowering classroom activities. The explanation of the three different case studies […] has helped me to develop lesson plans independently using this innovative strategy.” —Jens Tillmanns

Mission & Vision
Global Literacy Institute seeks to change the landscape of conflict and to create the prospect of future peace by:

  • Empowering teachers to practice conflict resolution skills in the classroom, in their daily 
lives, and in the world around them
  • Fostering effective global citizenship skills in middle and high school teachers of diverse backgrounds
  • Promoting intensive, hands-on learning opportunities through role play-based case studies
  • Teaching educators to develop trust, compassion, and empathy for one another, and for other people 
locally, nationally, and internationally

Core Values 
Everything at the Global Literacy Institute is inspired by our organization’s five core values:

  • Communication—listen carefully, speak thoughtfully, and learn at least one foreign language
  • Collaboration—know that we all gain strength when we work well with others
  • Compassion—care deeply about the people we affect, both near and far
  • Creativity—value new and innovative ideas when trying to solve problems
  • Compromise—accept new solutions willingly

The Instructor
Carl Hobert is a clinical instructor at the Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. He holds a BA cum laude in French and Political Science from Middlebury College, and an MA in Spanish from Middlebury College. He also holds a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from the Tufts University Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. His book, Raising Global IQ: Preparing Our Students for a Shrinking Planet (Beacon Press), came out in 2013. Contact information: or 617-353-4794 (office telephone number).