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Moving day: Stephanie Cox Suarez, Maggie Van Camp, Megina Baker

Update from Dr. Stephanie Cox Suarez – June 2, 2021: The Doc Studio is moving to Bunker Hill Community College’s Early Childhood Education Department (Chelsea Campus) under the direction of Maggie Van Camp! After much thought, and as I retire this month and Megina Baker moves on to Neighborhood Villages, this seemed like a wonderful way to continue the work of the Doc Studio. We know that Maggie will strengthen and extend the Doc Studio efforts for all educators and we hope to collaborate across our networks. 

Stay tuned for a grand Doc Studio re-opening later in the fall; Maggie has a wonderful new space. Consider adding a message to this link on your thoughts about the Doc Studio as this era at BU Wheelock ends and a new era at BHCC begins. 

Also, don’t forget that the Doc Studio is virtual with archived documentation, visit the link below.

Visit the Virtual Documentation Studio!

We hope to have in-person gatherings in the Doc Studio again in the future but in the meantime, you can access documentation virtually as well.  

The Documentation Studio at BU Wheelock was founded in 2008 by Wheelock faculty member Stephanie Cox Suarez who, along with several colleagues, participated in the Making Learning Visible project and were inspired by this introduction to Reggio Emilia and their use of documentation. The Documentation Studio was created as a space for educators to learn about, develop, and exhibit documentation from a variety of learning contexts.

Currently, the Documentation Studio is a resource for interested BU Wheelock faculty, faculty from other institutions of higher education, and educators preK through high school to gather in an effort to continually improve the quality of teaching and learning in their classrooms. The common thread is that all of these educators are interested in using documentation to support learning—their own as well as their students—and as a vehicle for collaboration and sharing knowledge.

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Open Studios @ The Documentation Studio

Open Studios are a place for educators to share documentation of learning in order to get feedback and share ideas with others.  Two teachers from different settings come prepared to share their work, bring questions they want to pose to the group, and participate in a discussion guided by a protocol to keeps us focused on the student and teacher work.  Educators find it helpful to hear and see another teacher’s documentation and to consider together next steps to deepen and extend learning.

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We mount new documentation exhibits regularly and host receptions to celebrate and reflect on the learning and teaching featured in the work. We see these exhibits as work-in-progress, which allows for the possibility that those in attendance can both learn from and help to shape work when it is made public in this way. Contact us if you would like to share your documentation; we welcome the connection and collaboration and it can be a strong motivator to prepare your work for a public display!

The Wonder of Learning: The Hundred Languages of Children graced the BU Wheelock Fenway campus from June to November, 2018.  This traveling exhibit from Reggio Emilia, Italy illustrated thoughtful, documentation of children and teachers’ learning that was inspiration to over 8,000 visitors to the exhibit.  A wealth of professional development opportunities were offered including workshops, hands-on learning, policy discussions, and family engagement.  Check the Wonder of Learning Boston website that holds a review of the professional development as well as upcoming events, located at the Doc Studio and the surrounding area.

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Boston Area Reggio Inspired Network (BARIN)

BARIN is an organization made up of educators who support each other with professional development opportunities and collaborate with the Doc Studio at BU Wheelock.

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Professional Development Opportunities

The Documentation Studio is intended to serve a variety of professional development needs. The Studio is open and free to the public to visit—individually or in small groups—on an ad hoc basis when classes on Wheelock’s Brookline campus are in session. (Please sign the guest book so that we know you visited us!) For larger groups and for facilitated professional development sessions, the Studio is available for a fee. If you are interested in scheduling a visit or session for a group, please contact us at

We host Open Studios every other month that are free and open to the public. These gatherings attract an eclectic group of educators from across a variety of settings, age groups, grades, and experience and the conversations—grounded in documentation—are always interesting and illuminating. If you’d like to join us, please check the website for upcoming dates.


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The Documentation Studio blog is designed to spark a conversation about how documentation can make learning visible. Learn about new approaches to documentation and join the discussions surrounding our upcoming and past exhibits.

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