A Bold Spirit of Inquiry

Our faculty and staff are outstanding and influential researchers whose work dismantles barriers and counteracts injustices. Our students are well prepared to be the next generation of researchers.

Shows Nancy Nelson teaching a class

Faculty Research Spotlight

Assistant professor of special education Nancy J. Nelson studies the implementation of school systems and academic interventions to support students with learning disabilities. Nelson regularly works with state, regional, and local education agencies on multi-tiered systems of support.

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Dr. Olivia Chi presents research findings during the 2022 BU Wheelock Forum

Centers, Institutes, and Labs

More than 15 research centers, institutes, and labs support the scholarly work of BU Wheelock faculty, staff, and students. They provide valuable research opportunities and resources on topics such as early childhood well-being, literacy-related disabilities, educational policy, and more.

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Rigorous Research, Real Solutions

The culture of inquiry and curiosity about challenges in education and human development leads to answers that can be applied in the real world.

One in four ninth graders reports being harassed at school of their gender identity, religion, immigration statues, sexual orientation, or race and ethnicity. The reports rates are even higher for youth with multiple marginalized identities. The Peer Experiences Project surveys several hundred 14- to 17-year-olds and their parents to explore the impact of bias-based harassment among adolescents.

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Research. Productivity. Impact.

Faculty Research

Researchers at BU Wheelock lead dozens of groundbreaking projects that seek solutions that can be applied in the real world. Our faculty, staff, and students conduct high-quality research that positively impacts learning and human development.

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Shows professor and six graduate students at conference


BU Wheelock master's and doctoral students  represented the college at the 16th Annual European Congress of Sport and Exercise Psychology, a  conference for sport and exercise psychology research.

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Research Assistant Professor William Delgado explores educational policy and economics, including teacher quality, achievement gaps, and parental investment in early childhood education.

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Dina Castro, director of the BU Wheelock Institute for Early Childhood Well-Being, discusses her focus on equity in the early care and education of bilingual children, and how teachers can better support them.

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