Photo of Jonathan Zaff

Jonathan F. Zaff

Research Professor
Director, CERES Institute for Children & Youth

Dr. Jonathan F. Zaff is a research professor in applied human development at BU Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. He is also director of the CERES Institute for Children & Youth, which conducts, supports, and promotes community-engaged, applied research and evaluations on the positive development for today’s children and youth.

Using a positive youth development framework, Dr. Zaff’s research has included studies of youth-focused comprehensive community initiatives, civic engagement, and the social and emotional competencies of young people who have left high school without graduating. His projects have focused on the role that multiple relationships in a young person’s life (a “web of support”) and the multiple institutions within which they learn and grow can encourage their academic, vocational, and civic engagement and success, particularly those young people who are off track in school and life.

Previously, Dr. Zaff was the founding executive director of the Center for Promise and on the executive team for America’s Promise Alliance. The results of his work have appeared in more than 90 peer-reviewed journals and books, and practitioner- and policy-focused reports. He has also presented at numerous local, national, and international conferences and conducted trainings with practitioners and policy advocates.

Pronouns: he/him

PhD, Lifespan Development Psychology, University of Georgia

BA, Psychology, Connecticut College

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