Douglas Sears


Dr. Douglas Sears is vice president and chief of staff for the president of Boston University. He is also director of the Division of Military Education, the academic unit which supports US military officer education (ROTC) at Boston University. He is a former dean of the School of Education (2001–2006).

From July 2006 to June 2011, Dr. Sears was associate provost and assistant to the president for special initiatives and outreach at Boston University, with responsibility for overseeing a variety of major University initiatives and projects. Beginning in 2006, he chaired the University’s first strategic planning initiative, which resulted in the University’s current 10-year strategic plan. In 2009, he chaired the University-wide reaccreditation steering committee and managed preparations for the accreditation site visit.

Dr. Sears came to Boston University in 1988 in a senior staff role in the Office of the President. Among various responsibilities, he served as chair of the Management Team of the BU/Chelsea Public Schools Partnership. The Partnership was a 20-year collaboration in which Boston University accepted responsibility for the management of the Chelsea schools. Dr. Sears was appointed superintendent of the Chelsea Public Schools in 1995. During his tenure as superintendent, the district made substantial improvements in academic achievement and student attendance, and also reestablished art and music programs. Upon his return to the University in 2001, he served for five years as dean of the School of Education and during this time resumed leadership of the BU/Chelsea Management Team through June 2008, when the Partnership concluded.

Prior to joining Boston University, Dr. Sears served as an American diplomat in the US embassies in Switzerland and the Philippines, earning tenure and the Department of State’s Meritorious Honor Award. In May 2009, he was awarded the Stratton Prize for Intercultural Achievement in recognition of his work in American-Swiss relations and his contributions to education reform.

PhD, Pennsylvania State University

MA, Lehigh University

BA, Bates College

SED AP 752 Educational Politics: Local and State

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