Christine Montecillo Leider

Clinical Assistant Professor
Program Director for Bilingual Education & TESOL Education (Licensure)

Dr. Leider is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Language Education and the Program Director of Bilingual Education and TESOL Licensure at Boston University. Professor Leider is a proud Filipina-American who was born and raised on an island in Alaska; her work and perspectives are largely informed by her experiences as a second generation immigrant from a geographically isolated space. Professor Leider works with student teachers and practicing teachers in developing the theoretical foundations, critical perspectives, and research-based instructional tools for working with culturally and linguistically diverse students. Dr. Leider utilizes quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods approaches to answering multifaceted questions about the educational experiences of multilingual learners. Her research focuses on bilingual language and literacy practices; policy and civil rights issues regarding teacher training and multilingual learners’ access to education; teacher beliefs about language; and developing bilingual models of reading comprehension.

Dr. Leider collaborates with teacher educators and practicing teachers in Massachusetts around advocating for bilingual students at the classroom, school, and policy level. She is an elected member of the MATSOL Board of Directors and an appointed member of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education English Learner / Bilingual Advisory Council. She also serves as the Faculty Advisor for both the Bilingual Education Student Group at BU Wheelock and the Boston University’s Pan-Asian Alliance Student Group.

Dr. Leider’s current research projects include the ICMEE Project, a federally funded National Professional Development grant on which she serves as the Lead Evaluator; she is also the Co-PI on a project examining classified/reclassified English Learners’ access to four-year college in the Greater Boston Area; and PI on a project examining state licensure and credential requirements for working with multilingual learners. Dr. Leider’s engaged scholarship includes professional development and collaboration with classroom teachers in Massachusetts on developing anti-racist, culturally/linguistically responsive, and inclusive curricular and instructional practices that support bilingual students’ language and literacy development. Dr. Leider also collaborates with teacher educators and advocates on addressing issues of equity and diversity in ESL and SEI Teacher Education.

Massachusetts Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (MACTE)
MATSOL Representative on the Board of Directors

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
English Learner/Bilingual Advisory Council
Elected Co-Chair and Appointed Member

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Research Advisory Council for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners

Massachusetts Educators for English Language Learners (MATSOL)
Chair, Teacher Education-SIG
Elected Member of the Board of Directors

Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction, Boston College

M.A. in Applied Developmental & Educational Psychology, Boston College

B.A. in Psychology and Spanish, University of Portland

BI515: Methods in Bilingual Education

BI530: English Language Development: Grade 5-12 English Language Learners

BI535: Literacy Development for English Learners: Instruction & Assessment

BI575: Historical & Contemporary Perspectives in Bilingualism

BI570/620: Issues in Bilingual Education

BI620: Teaching Emergent Bilinguals with Learning Disabilities

TL508: Methods in Teaching English as a Second Language

TL525: Teaching English Language Learners in Middle School and High School

TL580/581: Student-Teaching Practicum I/II: ESL PreK-6

TL582/583: Student-Teaching Practicum I/II: ESL 5-12

Professor Leider has three main strands of scholarship: her first strand of work is focused on multilevel growth modeling of English language and reading development for bilingual students, specifically examining how growth trajectories vary as a function of different contextual factors; her second strand of work examines promising practices in ESL, SEI, and Bilingual Education, specifically around moving away from deficit based perspectives and moving toward an asset based pedagogy for multilingual and immigrant children; her third line of work is around examining structural issues of equity in the education, specifically looking at how policy and interpretation of policy can impact the education experience for multilingual learners.

At present, I work on two funded projects. First, I am the Lead Evaluator and member of the research strand on the International Consortium for Multilingual Excellence in Education (ICMEE), a federally funded grant that is a collaboration across 5 states and Germany; more on ICMEE is available here: I am also the Co-PI on a project examining how socio-economic status (at the student and school level) can impact access to four year college for classified and reclassified English Learners.

In addition to funded work, I currently work with a peer group of teacher educators who are focused on addressing structural inequities in education, particularly for multilingual students of color.

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Leider, C.M. & Schantz, M. (2018). Student Identity and Learning: Integrating Language, Content, and Social Justice. Presentation at the annual conference of the WIDA Consortium, Detroit, MI. 

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