Professor Leider to present at the Literacy Research Association Annual Conference

Dr. Christine Leider of the Language Education program will present her work on language and reading development at this year’s Literacy Research Association annual conference, “Literacy, Equity, and Imagination”. Dr. Leider will share her work at a session focused on reading across diverse childhoods. The 65th Annual Conference of the Literacy Research Association will meet in Carlsbad, CA, from December 2 – December 5.

Entitled “A Longitudinal Analysis Investigating the Role of Immigrant Generation Status on an Intra-linguistic Growth Model of Reading Comprehension among Bilingual Latinos in Elementary School,” this study utilized data from a two-year cohort sequential design project to examine whether growth trajectories of English oral language and English reading comprehension varied according to immigrant generation status. The theoretical framework for reading that guided this study demonstrates the need to consider multi-dimensional components related to reading. Further, the inclusion of generation status allowed Dr. Leider to empirically test for variation of language and literacy development among bilingual Latino children.

In this presentation, Dr. Leider will present a new developmental model for Grade 2 – Grade 5 English reading comprehension. Her model empirically documents the complex relationships between oral language, reading comprehension, and immigrant generation status. From a practice standpoint, Dr. Leider’s work highlights the need for educators to implement literacy instruction that focuses on multi-dimensional components of language.