The information below is organized in three key sections:

  • Licensing Disclosures
  • Teach in Massachusetts
  • Teach in Other States

Licensing Disclosures

Wheelock College of Education & Human Development Educator Preparation Programs Licensing Disclosure: Provides licensing disclosure information about BU Wheelock state-approved programs and how the educational requirements compare with those in other states. Education students in licensure programs should review this resource and contact with questions.

Teach in Massachusetts

To teach in Massachusetts public schools, educators must be licensed by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in the field, role, and grade level of the license sought. To be eligible for the initial license, applicants must complete an approved educator preparation program that leads to the desired license. Boston University offers programs approved by the State at both the undergraduate (baccalaureate) and graduate (postbaccalaureate) levels.

Levels of licensure in MA include the provisional, initial, and the professional license.

Initial License

Successful completion of BU program requirements leads to endorsement for initial licensure to the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). Program endorsement, along with successful completion of the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTELs), enables students to receive an initial license as an educator in Massachusetts. The initial license is valid for five years and may be renewed once for an additional five years.

Steps to secure the initial license:

  1. Create a profile on ELAR and obtain a MEPID number. The MEPID number is a unique identifier that is required to register for MTEL and to apply for licensure.
  2. Apply for the initial license.
  3. Prepare for, take, and pass the MTEL. Please confer with your faculty advisor and the Professional Preparation Office for advice on preparing for the MTEL.
  4. Complete BU-approved program requirements, and apply for graduation.

Provisional License

The provisional license is an optional license before the initial license. It is valid for five years and cannot be renewed. You must have a bachelor’s degree and receive a passing score on all required MTEL for the license. If there is no subject-matter-knowledge MTEL, a competency review consisting of some coursework specific to the licensure area may be required. Coursework used for the provisional license should be part of an approved initial licensure program.

Professional License

The professional license follows the initial license. Requirements include possessing a BA/BS, having taught under the initial license in the same field/grade level for three years, and competing an induction and mentoring program at the district where employed. Additional requirements include completing an approved program as part of a master’s degree leading to the professional license, or a master’s in another area plus 12 advance content credits related to the professional license sought.

Teach in Other States

For information on securing an educator license outside Massachusetts, completing the BU approved program should satisfy the approved preparation program requirement in another state. While many states will accept out-of-state educator preparation programs, they have additional requirements that may include (1) having a MA teaching license first and (2) passing that state’s licensure exams. Specific information on select states follows, but we strongly encourage applicants to contact that state’s respective education department/licensing agency to ensure all requirements are met.

Questions? Contact the Professional Preparation Office.

Massachusetts licensure requirements tool.

Contact MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.