Field Associate Scholarships

Dear Practitioner,

On this page you will find resources to support your use of the Field Associate Scholarship and contribute to your ongoing professional development regardless of where you are in the career span. In the left sidebar you will find the following:

  • Frequently Asked Questions provides “how to” knowledge about the Field Associate Scholarship in a quick, easily accessible guide.
  • Step-by-Step Registration Instructions explains the process to redeem the Field Associate Scholarship and also provides the required forms and contact information.
  • Courses for Practitioners presents a comprehensive menu of faculty recommended courses at BU Wheelock. This resource is organized by program area and includes features such as:
    • Course Description, Number and Title
    • Semester, Day/Time
    • Number of Course Credit Units

Please note that not every course will have complete descriptions or schedules, even though the menu is updated in real time via the university course system.

We appreciate your commitment to our students and look forward to supporting you via these resources.


The Office of Professional Preparation