I. Fundamentals about the Field Associate Scholarship

1a. What is a Field Associate Scholarship

The Field Associate Scholarship is scholarship assistance that is given to practitioners who have supervised BU Wheelock students during their professional preparation and training.

1b. Who is eligible for the Field Associate Scholarship?

Practitioners who supervise a BU Wheelock student for at least 150 hours in a given semester are eligible for the Field Associate Scholarship.

Please Note: The number of hours supervised is determined by the minimum required hours for the academic program.

1c. What is the value of my Field Associate Scholarship?

Practitioners who supervise a practicum/internship/clinical student for a minimum of 300 hours in a semester receive a 4-credit Field Associate Scholarship at the BU Wheelock evening tuition rate.

Those who supervise a practicum/internship/clinical student for a minimum of 150-299 hours in a semester receive a 2-credit Field Associate Scholarship at the BU Wheelock evening tuition rate.

Please Note: The number of hours supervised is determined by the minimum required hours for the academic program.

1d. Where can I find the application for my Field Associate Scholarship?

At the bottom of the email that was sent to you.

1e. Can I transfer my Field Associate Scholarship to a colleague?

Yes. The Field Associate Scholarship may be transferred to another staff member in the same department, organization, or school district. Please complete Section IA in your Field Associate Scholarship application to transfer the award.

Please Note:

1f. How long is my Field Associate Scholarship valid?

Field Associate Scholarships are valid for no more than two years from the completion of the supervisory responsibilities that served as the basis for eligibility.

Extensions beyond the two-year valid period are not permissible under BU Wheelock policy. The end date is listed in Section I of the Application for Field Associate Scholarship Award.

1g. Can I accumulate contact hours over multiple semesters and eventually receive a field placement scholarship?


1h. My FAS award is up to four credits and I used only two of those credits. Can I apply the remaining credits to a course in the future?

No. Each individual FAS award is for one-time use only. Unused credits do not carry over for future use.

II. How to Use the Field Associate Scholarship

2a. How do I register for a course using my Field Associate Scholarship?

Please see the link: How to Redeem Your Field Associate Scholarship 

2b. How do I receive my BU ID and email account if I have never taken a BU course?

Once your course registration has been processed, the Data Enrollment and Management Office (wherec@bu.edu) will contact you about your BU ID and email account.

2c. How do practitioners like myself find courses to take?

BU Wheelock has a menu of courses for practitioners recommended by our faculty. This menu provides course numbers, titles, and descriptions, in addition to scheduling information (semester, days and times) for upcoming courses.

Please note that not every course will have complete descriptions or schedules, even though the menu is updated in real time via the university course system. For courses that are of interest to you but have incomplete information, please contact the relevant Academic Program Director to inquire further about the course.

You may also review the BU Wheelock Academic Bulletin for a full list of potential course offerings. Note: Please reference the main BU Registrar’s Class Schedule to determine the semester in which your course of interest is being offered.

2d. Can I take other BU Wheelock courses besides the menu of courses listed above?

Yes. As long as you meet any listed pre-requisites for a course (if applicable), you are not limited to the menu of courses above (those are just some recommendations).

2e. How do I find online courses?

All online courses are listed on the University Class Schedule Link. This link has a quick access feature (near the bottom) that allows viewers to search for and locate online courses. Most BU Wheelock online courses are open to everyone; however, the right side margin on the course description page will indicate if the course has any restrictions.

2f. What is the FAS ID# on my Field Associate Scholarship?

The FAS ID# located on the Field Associate Scholarship application is a unique identifier to differentiate one scholarship from all others. It contains three parts. Take for example “PPO-S22-008”

  1. PPO denotes the Professional Preparation Office (where the FAS was issued);
  2. S22 refers to the semester of issue (in this case, Spring 2022);
  3. 008 specifies the order in which it was generated (i.e., the eighth scholarship issued that semester).

Please reference the FAS ID# when you communicate with the College to redeem your award.

2g. Can I use the FAS toward courses I am taking as part of a BU degree program?


2h. What tuition and fees will apply to my course?

Part-time graduate students pay by credit hour. You can find BU Wheelock’s cost information on this page.

Please Note: In all instances, recipients of the award will be responsible for registration/student fees and any additional costs that they may incur.

2i. Can I apply the FAS toward courses at other BU colleges?

Yes, you may use your FAS at other BU colleges but there are three important factors to consider.

  • First is that the amount of the FAS may not match the tuition rate at other BU colleges. If you take a course at another BU college, you need to pay the difference if the tuition is higher than the BU Wheelock evening tuition rate;
  • Second is that not all BU departments allow non-degree students to enroll in their courses;
  • Third is that you need to meet any pre-requisites listed for a course (if applicable).

2j. If the course I want is not available, can the valid period for my Field Associate Scholarship be extended?

No. Extensions beyond the two-year valid period are not permissible under BU Wheelock policy. The College offers a number of relevant courses each semester. During the two-year valid period, practitioners should be able to find a range of courses that are meaningful and applicable to their practice.

2k. What happens if I withdraw from a course?

If practitioners withdraw from a course, the scholarship will be used to cover any outstanding balance from the course withdrawal which in turn, will terminate any further use of the FAS award. See Withdrawal and Tuition Refund Schedule for reference.

III. Miscellaneous

3a. Does BU Wheelock offer stand-alone courses for Sheltered English Immersion?

Yes, BU Wheelock offers two stand-alone courses:

  • SED TL 520: Teaching English Language Learners
  • SED TL 525: Teaching English Language Learners in Middle/High Schools

3b. Can I use multiple field associate scholarships in the same year or semester?

Yes. As long as you hold multiple, currently valid field associate scholarships, there is no usage cap.

3c. Is this scholarship considered taxable income?

This scholarship may be considered taxable income. Please consult a tax specialist with any questions about the impact of this scholarship on your taxes. General information on taxes and scholarships/fellowships can be found on the IRS website: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/tax-benefits-for-education-information-center