Meet The Graduates: Jordan Pina, Wheelock ’12

The desire to change the world comes in many varieties and at differing scales. Some seek to change governments, others neighborhoods, but often Wheelock students graduate realizing the power for good that they can wield by working face-to-face with people who cannot see around the challenges they face.

Jordan Pina realized that he could inspire a world of good by majoring in communications, then applying those skills into juvenile justice and sports-based youth development. Watch this short video and hear in his own words what he hopes to accomplish:

The talent, commitment, and potential coming out of this year’s Wheelock graduating class is both remarkable and highly encouraging. Great contributions are soon to be felt in social justice agencies, early education schools and centers, and—in Jordan’s case—in many troubled teens finding a mentor who cares and is willing to walk with them until they find their own way. 

Congratulations to all in the Class of 2012!