As the stories in this issue of @SED show, our School’s impact is felt far beyond Two Silber Way. Ours is a community dedicated to service and positive action. And the many programs and individuals who make this commitment possible could not do their work without the support of alumni like you. Your gifts support our partnerships with national programs such as Educators Rising and Jumpstart, and our work at the Trotter School in Dorchester, all of which help prepare young people to become quality educators in urban schools while bringing valuable support to Boston Public School classrooms. You help us support family literacy through the Intergenerational Literacy Program in Chelsea, Massachusetts, and you allow us to attract dynamic young faculty. Most important, you support our ability to offer scholarships to the next generation of life-changing teachers.

In this roster, we recognize alumni and others who have contributed to our success at the School of Education over the last fiscal year. With your continued support, we can make next year even more of a success. Thank you.

With kind regards,


David N. Burnham, Director of Development

School of Education

For more information about how you can join our growing list of supporters, please contact us at 617-358-3207 or make a donation online. We would love to welcome you into our donor community.


Annual Fund Leadership Giving Society Member: *
Young Alumni Giving Society Member: #
Faculty/Staff Member: &
Deceased: ^
Parent: !
Loyalty Society Member: %
First-Time Donor: @



Ruth Moorman (CAS’88, SED’89,’09) and Sheldon Simon *%



Michael A. Leven (COM’61) and Andrea Leven (SED’61) *%



The Estate of Lowell A. Cook

Trust of Margaret J. Early *

David E. Hollowell (ENG’69,’72, Questrom’74) and Kathleen A. Hollowell (GRS’71, SED’77) *%

Raymond L. Killian (SED’59) *%



Howard S. Altarescu (LAW’74, Questrom’70) and Carol B. Altarescu (SED’71, CGS’69) *%

Robert I. Evans (COM’68, SED’71) and Carole S. Evans (CAS’69) *!%

Denise S. Katsaros (SED’69) and Arthur T. Katsaros *%

Michael A. Miles and Therese O. Martinez-Miles *@

C. A. Lance Piccolo (SED’62) and Carol L. Piccolo *%

Henry Samueli and Susan F. Samueli !%

Barry E. Tatelman (COM’72) and Susan L. Tatelman (SED’72) *@

Eliot H. Tatelman (MET’65) and June L. Tatelman (SED’69, CGS’67) *

Keith K. Terasaki and Cecilia Terasaki !@



Anonymous %

George H. Anbinder (Questrom’59) and Eleanor F. Anbinder (SED’62) *

Anthony R. Angelo (SED’71) %

Cathryn J. Baty (SAR’62, SED’63) and Gordon B. Baty *%

Earl R. Beane (STH’67,’68, CAS’63) and Mildred B. Beane (SED’95, CFA’64,’84) *!%

Raymond J. Buell (SED’54) %

Herbert G. Chambers *

Carolyn M. Colton (SED’71) and Theodore Colton *!%

LeiLanie M. D’Agostino (CGS’90, SED’92)

Michael P. Fitzmaurice (CAS’73, SED’77) and Judith A. Jones (SDM’00,’02) %

RoxAnn J. Haynes (SED’56) and Frederick M. Haynes *!%

Barry M. Manuel (MED’58, CAS’54) and Patricia D. Manuel (SON’78, SED’86) *!%

Marjorie R. Oolie (DGE’57, SED’59,’61) and Sam A. Oolie *%

Susan J. Tane (SED’64) *%

Oscar A. Wasserman (LAW’59,’62, Questrom’56) and Elaine Wasserman (SED’72) *%




Gregory D. Ansin *%

MaryAnn Barbieri (CAS’64, SED’65) *%

Bonnie A. Clancy (SED’87) and Steven D. Clancy *%

Rosalie F. Cohen (SED’58) *%

Michael A. Eruzione (SED’77) and Donna L. Eruzione *&!%

Mark Gleiberman and Hanna N. Gleiberman *!@

Marvin M. Goldstein (LAW’69) and Linda S. Goldstein (SED’68,’69) *%

Kamlyn R. Haynes (MED’97, CAS’89) and Joe Parse *%

William Hobert *%

Elaine B. Kirshenbaum (CAS’71, SED’72, SPH’79) and Howard D. Kirshenbaum *!%

Marc D. Lasky *!@

Jane H. McCready (SED’71) and Richard F. McCready *%

Saul P. Morgenstern (SED’74) and Julie R. Morgenstern *%

Michael J. O’Connell (SED’66) and Sylvia A. O’Connell *!%

Eve and Jonathan L. Rounds *@

Joan M. Shoulberg (SED’52) and Robert H. Shoulberg *%

Brendon J. Howe (ENG’84) and Lynne M. Wadman-Howe (SED’87) *%

Robert J. Weintraub (SED’86) and Diane Lande *&

Robert A. Witzburg (MED’77) and Lorraine G. Witzburg (SED’06) %




Shelley J. Ariosto (SED’89) and David L. Ariosto *%

Sara G. Bailey (SED’69, DGE’65) and Douglas G. Bailey *!@

Frank P. Colvario (SED’69,’71) and Mary G. Colvario (SED’74) *%

Willma H. Davis (SED’72) *%

Frank DelSanto (SED’55,’59,’76) and Barbara A. DelSanto *%

Ronald E. DePoalo and Mara A. DePoalo *!%

Harold W. Garman (STH’60, GRS’65) and Janet M. Garman (SED’58) %

Stephen S. Gladstone (Questrom’71) and Patricia L. Gladstone (DGE’69, SED’71) *

Soren M. Hessler (UNI’08, STH’11,’18, SED’11) and Jennifer A. Quigley (UNI’08, STH’11) *%

William F. Hofmann (Questrom’66, CGS’63) and Marilyn B. Hofmann (SED’73) *%

Gayle W. Lutchen (SED’93) and Kenneth R. Lutchen *!%

Julie S. Lynch (SSW’02, SED’03) and David S. Lynch *%

Robert P. Minihane (SED’61) and Helen M. Minihane *!%

Patrick F. Petrone (SED’65,’66) *%

Matthew S. Robinson (SED’10) %

Mark S. Siegel and Lynn Siegel *!%

Marilyn M. Vender (SED’76) and Michael I. Vender *%

Mark G. Vitek (SED’94,’02) and Julie A. Vitek (COM’91) *%

Craigie A. Zildjian (SED’76) *

Kathryn J. Zox (CAS’69, SED’72) *%




Anonymous (3)

Sheri I. Anderson (STH’97, SED’89, CAS’89) and Mark C. Ingalls *%

Talbot Baker (SED’66) *%

Phyllis P. Barasch (SED’67, DGE’65) *%

Donald J. Beaudette (SED’87) and Jane I. Beaudette *&%

Suzanne J. Bere (SED’64) *%

Dorothy J. Bergold (SSW’81, SED’74) %

Judith Brain (SED’67) and Joseph D. Brain *@

Joyce L. Branfman (SED’72, SSW’87) and Alan R. Branfman *%

Jane A. Brown (SED’52,’69, SAR’80) and George A. Brown *%

Julia A. Chambliss and Floyd J. Fowler *&%

Robert S. Coppola *!%

Jon Derek (SED’05) and Justin Croteau %

Robert Dallis (SED’90,’02, CAS’86) and Bonnie E. Barber (COM’86) *%

Eric Pearl and Jill Davis *

Jeffrey N. Davis and Lisa Tedeschi-Davis *

Robert G. Debonville (SED’71) and Gladys R. Debonville *%

Nancy A. Duffy (CGS’71, SED’73) and Kenneth C. Duffy *%

Brian G. Durocher (SED’78) and Laura W. Durocher *&!%

Kenneth Elmore (SED’87) and Abigail R. Elmore (CAS’86) *&%

Elizabeth A. Flagg (SED’08) and Allen Flagg *&%

Kenneth E. Fosdick (Questrom’67, CGS’65) and Judith A. Fosdick (CAS’70, SED’71) !

Marion M. Frost (CAS’51, SED’76) *!

Paul J. Giandomenico (SED’72) and Denise S. Giandomenico *%

Gerald D. Goldman (MED’77) and Margery S. Goldman (SED’74,’77) *%

Lorraine M. Goyette (DGE’74, SED’76,’83) *%

Don P. Greenberg (CAS’78) and Randy L. Greenberg (CAS’78) *!%

Barbara Gummere (SED’80) and John L. Gummere *!

Lisbeth R. Hartzell (SED’77) *

David G. Heller (MED’68, CAS’68) and Nancy R. Heller (SED’65) *%

Catherine F. Higgins (SED’75) *%

Susan R. Hoffman (DGE’68, SED’70,’72,’78) *

W. Patrick Hughes (SED’70) and Carole A. Hughes (SED’67) *%

Sandra R. Jewett (SED’78) *

Joanne M. Johnson (SED’66) and Joel M. Johnson *%

Ari L. Kaplan (CAS’93) *%

Allen R. Katzen (CGS’66, SED’68) and Ruth A. Katzen *%

Irene W. Kelley (SED’92, CAS’54, GRS’55) *%

Young-Chun Cho (Questrom’80,’86) and Soojeong Kim (SED’86)

Charles J. Kokaska (SED’68) *%

Paul A. La Camera (COM’66, MET’74) and Mimi La Camera (SED’68) *%

Nadine F. Lavender (SED’78) and Steven Lavender *%

Etienne R. LeGrand (SED’78) and Harold J. Logan *!%

Barbara A. Lehman (SED’60,’61) and Richard B. Lehman *%

Suzette M. Levenson (SED’76, SPH’84) and Robert M. Levenson *&%

Joseph A. Levitt (LAW’78) and Barbara S. Levitt (SED’77) *%

Thomas A. MacDonnell (DGE’52, SED’54) and Dorothy J. MacDonnell *%

Bruce W. MacLeod (Questrom’78, SED’74) and Jennifer L. MacLeod *%

Joan B. Malick (CFA’65, SED’70) *%

Matthew Marden (SED’78) and Susan F. Marden (CAS’81) *!%

Kenneth M. Meuser (Questrom’80) and Alison A. Adler (SED’81) *%

Eric D. Muller (Questrom’94) and Lydia S. Muller (SED’94) *%

Susan Moran Murphy (SED’78) and George E. Murphy *%

Varun Nagaraj (Questrom’95) and Arati M. Nagaraj (SED’95) *%

Michael L. Oshins (SED’02) and Alison L. Kur *&!%

Hye-Young Park (SED’96)

Benjamin B. Pieper (CGS’93, COM’97) and Rebecca Pieper (SED’95)

Titus Plomaritis (SED’53) and Claire Plomaritis *!

Sandra M. Procopio (SED’89) *&%

Lura S. Provost (SED’63) !%

Andrew P. Quick (ENG’92,’95) and Tracy M. Quick (SED’93) *%

Joan L. Reich (SED’70) and Jeffrey Frances *%

Daniel D. Sanders (MET’91) and Karen C. Sanders (MET’91) *%

Marilyn F. Serra (SED’72) *%

Joanne S. Steinback (SED’66) and James A. Steinback *%

Margery S. Steinberg (SED’70) and Lewis J. Steinberg *@

Susan M. Strahosky (MED’80, SED’72, CAS’80) and James H. Roberts !%

Ebenezer Sunanda (SED’73, STH’68, GRS’69) *^%

Richard L. Toomey (SED’70) *!

Garrett A. Walls (Questrom’78) and Melinda J. Walls (SED’78) *

Anne M. White (SED’70) and Alexander W. White *!%

Charles S. White and Deborah D. White *&%

James William Wickenden Jr. (SED’72) and Martha T. Wickenden *%

Howard E. Williams (MET’86, SED’89) and Lydia H. Williams *&%

Berl P. Winston (ENG’64) and Alice J. Winston (SED’65) *%





Allison M. Abels (SED’16, CAS’16) #@

Michele Adams-Bolden (SED’72)

Linda D. Applegarth (SED’71,’75) and Paul V. Applegarth %

Anne E. Aubry (SED’66) %

Charles A. Bennett (SED’50) and Marjorie T. Bennett %

James D. Bethune (ENG’64, Questrom’74, SED’91) &!%

Robert A. Furman (SPH’95) and Carole R. Bohn (SED’76,’81) !%

Clark E. Broden (CAS’64) and Marcy L. Broden (SED’72) %

Christian N. Koulichkov (COM’97) and Andrea M. Brooke (SED’97) @

David N. Burnham (CFA’78) and Beth Burnham *&%

Stuart Carter (SED’77) %

Jeffrey S. Cates (LAW’68) and Myra D. Cates (SED’68) %

Khang H. Nguyen (MET’05) and Jacqueline M. Chau (CAS’94, SED’99, MET’09) #&%

Jeffrey A. Choney (SED’75) and Pamela D. Choney %

Charles Collins and Anne Collins! %

Jonathan K. Cooper-Wiele (STH’80, GRS’87) and Beverly Y. Cooper-Wiele (CAS’85, SED’00)

Myrtle Y. Cox (SED’72) and Edwin B. Cox !%

Edward J. Crossland (SED’96, CAS’96) %

Marianna W. Davis (SED’66)

Dorothy E. Vosburgh (SED’73) and Roland Demers %

Cynthia M. DerHagopian (SED’75) and David J. DerHagopian !

Guy N. DiBiasio (SED’70) and Marie C. DiBiasio (SED’78) %

Mavis L. Donahue (SED’78) and Kenneth R. Wylie !%

Madelyn B. Donoff (SED’67) and R. Bruce Donoff %

Mary E. Doona (SED’75) %

Brooke M. Feldman (SED’08,’14, CAS’08) #

Marvin D. Berman (MED’74, CAS’72) and Ronna D. Finer-Berman (SED’73) %

Jingru Fu (SED’99) and Liangping Deng

Crystal J. Gips (SED’77) and Duane Schneider %

Christian M. Gordon (SED’04) %

Melvena L. Green (SED’92) %

Thomas J. Green (CAS’90, SED’91) %

Janie G. Gynn-Orenstein (CAS’68, SED’72) and Allan A. Orenstein %

Judith B. Handler (SED’72) and Geoffry R. Handler %

Jeffrey L. Hirsch (LAW’82) and Deborah J. Hirsch (SED’82) %

Sandra B. Hoffman (Questrom’64, SED’67) and Morton Z. Hoffman !%

Clifford B. Janey (SED’84) and Barbara M. Logan-Janey &%

Fletcher A. Johnson (SED’64) %

Rollin E. Johnson (STH’61, CGS’55, SED’57) and Carol J. Johnson (SSW’59, MET’77) %

Dayle F. Joseph (SED’82) and Ronald P. Joseph %

Elizabeth R. Keane (SED’60) and Kevin T. Keane @

Gaylen B. Kelley (SED’54,’59) and Glenice U. Kelley (SED’72,’79) !%

Mark Klein and Rachel Klein !

Carol W. Kornitzer (SED’66) @

Lesley A. Lehane (SED’86,’14) and Bruce P. Lehane #!%

Karen Kay Leonard (SED’65) and Jack E. Leonard %

Arnold S. Lerner (MET’74) and Maureen A. Lerner (SED’73) %

Robert H. Lofgren (MED’56) and Helene J. Lofgren (CAS’64, SED’70) %

Charles B. Luce (SED’51) and Margery J. Luce !%

Donald A. MacLeod (CAS’58, SED’65) and Marlene M. MacLeod (SED’61,’69) %

Gary B. Mandel !%

Cheryl E. Manoli (SED’68,’72) %

James B. McCann (SED’69) and Elaine M. McCann

Judith M. Melzer (SED’65) and Robert M. Melzer %

Stanley R. Mescon (SED’76, DGE’74, Questrom’81) and Valori D. Treloar (MED’85) %

Robert J. Michelotti (Questrom’75) and Susan N. Michelotti (SED’75) %

Katherine M. Moran (SED’13, GRS’04) and Hugh D. Moran #&%

Dennis E. O’Connell (SED’67) and Dianne M. O’Connell (SED’66) %

Catherine O’Connor and Matthew Robert &%

Alan Oliff (SED’76,’84) and Alice C. Oliff %

Janice N. Parker (Questrom’68, SED’71) %

Suzanne W. Rebick (SED’73) and Charles Rebick %

Diane G. Rosenberg (SED’81)

Ann M. Scott (SED’67) and Douglas A. Scott %

Neal Shadoff (GRS’74, MED’78) and Susan S. Shadoff (SED’74) %

Ilana H. Shure (SED’07, SSW’08) and Raphael Shure

Camille G. Smith (SED’69) %

Patricia B. Sparks (SED’68) %

Valerie C. Stelling (SED’78) and John D. Stelling %

Rosa Ana P. Sunanda *%

Maria E. Sundquist (SED’80)

Philip M. Tate and Annette W. Tate &

Debbie T. Thomas (SED’74) and Jack E. Thomas %

John Tobey (SED’80) %

Lawrence L. Tobin (CAS’08, BUA’05) and Jessica S. Tobin (SED’09,’12) #%

Arlene S. Tofias (SED’63) %

Susan G. Waiter-Tyranski (SED’86,’88) and Glenn W. Tyranski %

Demetrios C. Vargelis (SED’58) and Helene Vargelis %

Jerusha J. Vogel (CAS’91, SED’92) and Ken Vogel %

The Estate of Priscilla L. Webster @

Barbara B. Zimany (SED’65) and Roland D. Zimany %





Diane Abbott (SED’56) and Henry F. Abbott %

Barbara A. Abeles (SED’74) %

Cynthia S. Aber (SED’68,’89, SON’75) !%

Carol G. Allen (CAS’70, SED’72,’75) %

Patricia M. Arredondo (SED’78) %

Nathlie A. Badian (SED’74) %

Karla B. Baehr (SED’91) and Ann C. Dinsmoor

Jerome Ostrov (Questrom’64) and Roberta Baruch *!%

Robert M. Bates (SED’75) and Joan S. Bates (CAS’68, SED’70) %

Felix V. Baxter (LAW’75, SED’77) and Jacqueline I. Baxter %

Anita K. Beeber (SED’66) and Stuart E. Beeber %

Rebecca A. Benz (SED’97) and Karl Narveson %

Neil J. Bergenroth (SED’97) and Mary C. Bergenroth

Judith A. Bijesse (SED’96)%

Beverly N. Birenbaum (CAS’65, DGE’63, SED’67)

Stephen H. Kay (LAW’87) and Susan R. Bloch (SAR’81, SED’88) !%

Susan L. Bohrer (SED’73, CGS’71) and Sanford L. Bohrer

Harriet K. Brand (SPH’94, SED’74) %

Susan N. Butler (SED’90) and James P. Butler

Sophie A. Canto (SED’68) and John M. Canto %

Diana F. Chan (SED’62,’64) and Shu Kwan Chan %

Stephen T. Child (CAS’82) and Stephanie M. Child %

Joanna W. Chodes (CGS’66, SED’68) !%

Nicholas F. Colangelo (SED’66) and Patricia M. Colangelo %

Sally S. Curran (SED’74) !

Frank D. D’Andrea (SED’50) %

Gregory A. de Groot (CGS’72, SED’74) and Judith Y. de Groot (SED’74) !%

Booker T. DeVaughn (SED’75) %

Patricia L. Dombrink (SED’69) and Jeffrey D. Green %

Yuhong Jia (SED’03) and Lingsheng Dong %

Jay L. Ryan (SED’80) and Randy S. Dorn (SED’73,’75)

Kay L. Wilson (SED’72) and C. Douglas @

Sara B. Dowse (CFA’68, SED’78) and Leonard H. Dowse %

Kevin E. Drumm (SED’78,’80) and Bonnie G. Drumm %

Diane F. Ducoff (SED’68) and Robert J. Ducoff %

Kara S. Durocher (CAS’08, SED’09) %

Lamar E. Ekbladh (CAS’64) and Anita B. Ekbladh (CGS’63, SED’65) %

John C. Fairlamb (SED’69) and Beryl G. Fairlamb ^%

Richard G. Fecteau (SED’51) %

Ziv Feldman (SED’07,’12) &%

Suzanne R. Fishman (SED’62) and Lawrence M. Fishman %

Katherine K. Frankel and Matthew J. Frankel &%

Gina M. Galland (CAS’05, SED’12) &%

Raymond J. Galvin and Beth H. Galvin !%

Yvette Alane Geary (SED’63)

John M. Gendler and Janet H. Gendler @

Barbara F. Gibbs (SED’73)

Frank J. Giuliano (SED’55,’62,’70) and Janet E. Giuliano !%

Elena M. Goldstein (SED’65) %

Spencer A. Gould (SED’74) %

Lloyd S. French (LAW’65, CGS’60, CAS’62) and Joyce L. Green French (SED’63) %

Elizabeth J. Grossman (CGS’67, SED’70)

Christopher J. Gulotta and Teresa Gulotta !%

Marcia M. Hall (SED’65) and Richard A. Hall %

James B. Higgins (SED’65) and Anne O. Higgins %

Carole Hughes (SED’86) %

Joseph A. Ilacqua (SED’93) and Anne K. Ilacqua %

Robert A. Jaye (SED’93,’98) and Diane Jaye %

Raziq-Omar Jivani (Questrom’12, SED’15) #&%

Alvan N. Johnson (STH’74) and Betty W. Johnson (SED’74) %

Nancy A. Johnson (SED’77) %

Amy Kales (SED’67) and Arthur N. Kales %

Chelsey A. Kelly (SED’04) %

Georgia L. Kimble (SED’58) %

Karl D. Klauck (LAW’74, CAS’71) and Susan P. Klauck (SED’72) %

Cheryl A. Kozyra (SED’77) and Barry Kozyra %

John Latham (SED’83) and Catherine A. Latham (SAR’91) !%

The Estate of Bernard E. Lawson %

William H. LeBlond (SED’81) and Linda C. LeBlond %

George A. Logue (SED’72) !

Suzanne F. Luntz Bloomberg (COM’73, CGS’71, SED’74) and Jeffrey C. Bloomberg

Linda R. Machiz (CFA’77, SED’80) %

Daryl G. MacLeod (SED’81) and Deborah A. MacLeod %

Eugene L. Mahr and Joanne D. Mahr &%

Rhoda E. Schneider (LAW’74) and Kim Marshall %

Ronald B. Matloff (MED’72) and Cindy Matloff (SED’70) %

Blaine C. Maus (SED’70) and Cathy Maus %

Laurence M. May (SED’02, CAS’02) %

Margaret A. Mays (SED’62) %

Stephanie L. McBride (COM’09, CAS’09, SED’16) #&%

Madeleine Miller (Questrom’77, SED’07) %

Carol S. Millet (SED’72) and David J. Millet %

Rena J. Minisi (SED’71) and Richard A. Paul %

Charles S. Mitchell (LAW’68) and Sandra N. Mitchell (SED’67) %

Marjorie D. Moerschner (SED’49)

Christine Montecillo &@

Sandra D. Mumford (SED’98) and William M. Mumford %

Margaret C. Munroe (SED’86) and Kevin S. Munroe %

Gerald G. Murphy (SED’57,’68) %

Marie Nardi (COM’89) %

Jean F. Nathan (SED’52,’61) and David G. Nathan

John C. Nelson (SED’65,’71) and Beverly A. Nelson %

Martha W. Taylor-Nobile (SED’74) and Felice A. Nobile

Barbara G. O’Rourke (SED’62) %

Julia G. Ostrov (SED’11) %

George T. Papadopoulos (ENG’01) and Ashley A. Papadopoulos (CGS’99, SED’01) %

Michael Pappas (CAS’60, DGE’58, SED’62) and Grace S. Pappas (CAS’62) !%

Edward F. Pasquina (SED’92) and Petra I. Pasquina %

Carl A. Perrino (SED’57) %

Lois J. Pill (SED’56) and Alfred E. Pill %

Francis X. Powers (SED’75) and Linda B. Powers &

Charles C. Pratt (CGS’67, SED’69) and Gaynelle R. Pratt %

Philip Preston (SED’67) %

Hester Price-Collier (SED’58) %

Carol N. Rawitscher (SED’63) %

Nancy L. Ricks (SED’67,’74) %

William J. Riley (SED’68,’72,’99) %

Charlene Rivera (SED’81) and Charles W. Stansfield %

Carol R. Rogers (SSW’95, SED’70) and Martin M. Rogers %

Richard S. Rome (SED’71, MED’77) and Judith M. Rome !%

Nancy L. Russell (SED’75) %

Hakan Satiroglu (Questrom’95)

Sarah B. Satter (SED’14) and Daniel J. Satter #%@

Lemroy L. Saunders (SED’72) and Eunice J. Saunders %

Eleanore Schloss (SED’64) and Eugene Schloss %

Elizabeth A. Schultz (SED’77) and Robert G. Bone %

Arthur I. Segel %

George L. Shapiro (Questrom’55) and Phyllis B. Shapiro (SED’56) !%

Joan H. Shaver (SED’62) and Paul J. Shaver %

John F. Silveria (SED’72) and M. Sandra Silveria !%

Carolyn K. Silvia (SED’73) and Paul D. Silvia %

Anne B. Smith (SED’75) and Curtis R. Smith %

Elizabeth A. Smith (SED’92) and Chris J. Smith %

Marjorie M. Smith (SED’56) %

Normand F. Smith (LAW’72,’81) and Judy R. Smith (SED’72)

Daniel P. Solworth (CAS’06, SED’09) &!%

Zhenming Song (SED’05) %

Susan S. Spellman (SAR’88, SED’82) &%

Richard H. Stellar (CAS’67, SED’69,’74) and Ilene D. Stellar %

Lynne R. Sullivan (SED’72) %

Gianna M. Sweeney (SED’61) %

Martha B. Thompson (SED’65) and David D. Thompson %

Joseph J. Tita (SED’05) %

B. Michael Trum (CGS’60, SED’76)

Michael P. Wade (SED’78) %

Gloria A. Walker (SED’51) %

Kelly A. Walter (SED’81) &%

Linda R. Watson (SED’79) and Joel J. Watson %

David M. Watters (SED’91) %

Laurel A. Whalen (MET’97, SED’15) #&%

Mariette A. Young (CAS’68, SED’70) and James M. Young !%

Ande Zellman (SED’74)





Darrell L. Abbott (SED’69) and Bunny Abbott %

Gladi M. Adams (CAS’56, SED’57) and Ella Matthes

Lynn M. Adams (SED’72) %

Joshua I. Aiello (SED’09) &%

Agnes Alberola

Alexander J. Alexanian (SED’60,’67) ^%

David E. Allen (CGS’60, SED’62) and Ruthanne G. Allen (CGS’63, SED’65) %

Fatima Allie (SED’58) %

Ralph L. Allison and Sherry P. Allison !%

Cionna S. Almeida (SED’07) @

Allan L. Alson (SED’78) and Sue A. Glaser %

Helen D. Amoriggi (SED’81) %

Peggy L. Amstutz (SED’76, GRS’79) and Gary A. Amstutz @

Ernest K. Neilsen and Carol Andrew @

Nancy J. Ansteth (SED’97) @

Gary B. Archibald (SED’65) and Cynthia H. Archibald %

Herbert C. Arico (SED’51,’61) and Lucille S. Arico %

Leo Arnfeld (CAS’61, SED’64) and Lorraine N. Arnfeld (CAS’65) !

Mary E. Arnold (SAR’45, SED’49) %

E. Breck Arnzen (SED’90)

Geila S. Aronson (CAS’64, SED’71) and Martin L. Aronson %

George F. Arsnow (SED’58,’59) and Joyce S. Arsnow (CAS’59) %

John J. Aslanian (SED’12) %@

David M. Auxter (SED’65) %

Joanne T. Ayers (SED’76) and David F. Kellam %

Beverly R. Babson (SED’89) %

William R. Bailey (SED’85)

John L. Swearingen (Questrom’87) and Carolyn C. Barrett (SED’76) %

David R. Barrett and Sharon M. Barrett %

Walter E. Barrett (SED’49,’55) and Olive E. Barrett %

Charles E. Barton and Rosemary T. Barton !%

Patricia H. Basden (SED’89) and Barry C. Basden %

Beverly A. Basile (Questrom’62, SED’67)

Frederick J. Bassi (SED’70) %

Rosalind D. Ellerbee (SED’71) and Herbert Battle %

Malvena M. Baxter (SED’88) and Wilfred J. Baxter %

David M. Bayer (CAS’64) and Nancy Bayer (CGS’62, SED’69) %

G. Jean Beach (SED’77) %

Carol I. Bearse (SED’67, DGE’65) and Brian H. MacKintosh %

Emily L. Beattie (SED’76) %

James A. Beattie ^!%

Benjamin Bejar (LAW’98, MET’90) and Mary A. Bejar (LAW’98, SED’91) %

Peter C. Belval (CGS’55) and Josephine A. Belval (Questrom’59, SED’60) %

Zaira L. Benabe (SED’77)

Robert R. Bench (Questrom’65) and Claire K. Bench (SED’73) *%

Joan E. Bennett (SED’78) and Richard W. Bennett

Robert F. Bennett (SED’74,’86) and Ann P. Bennett @

Jerome F. Bergheim (MED’66) and Diana R. Bergheim (SED’61,’63) !%

Warren H. Bergstrom (SED’53,’61) and Judith E. Bergstrom %

Deborah P. Bernheimer (SED’78) and Allan M. Berheimer

Claire F. Berkman (CAS’64, SED’70) and Arnold S. Berkman %

Jo-Ann O. Berman (SED’65)!

Louise J. Berthel (SED’67, CGS’65) and Peter Hurwitz %

Dorothy Bier (SED’66) and Max R. Bier %

Nadine Bonda (SED’74,’77) and Clark S. Binkley !%

Judith Blatt (SED’57) and Howard T. Blatt %

Elizabeth Blevins (SED’05) @

Peggy S. Blitz (SED’76) %

Robert Bogosian (SED’90) %

K. David Bombaugh (SED’79) and Donna Bombaugh %

Elaine M. Bono (Questrom’66, SED’67) and Peter M. Bono %

Brooke Booth (SED’16) #%

Richard C. Boothby (SED’74) and Mary H. Boothby %

Suzanne L. Borenstein (SED’65) and Henry P. Borenstein %

Brian Boughton (SED’11) %

David A. Bourdon (CGS’61, SED’63) and Maryina I. Bourdon %

Dorothea B. Bowen (SED’70) and George Bowen %

Angelo V. Boy (SED’55,’60) and Barbara A. Boy %

Patricia A. Kates (SED’77) and Henry E. Brady %

Daniel J. Brennan (SED’70) %

Barbara J. Bressler (SED’70, DGE’68) and Martin J. Bressler %

Arnold Briggs (SED’67,’74) and Marcia L. Briggs %

Martha A. Brine (SED’88) %

Donald C. Brock (SED’65) %

Gwendolyn L. Brooks (SED’79)

Lloyd E. Brotman (CGS’69, CAS’71) and Merrill F. Brotman (CGS’69, SED’71) %

Elisabeth W. Brown (SED’79) @

Judith A. Brown (SED’62) %

Peggi Brown (CGS’71, SED’73) and Robert B. Burns %

Richard G. Brown (SED’52,’55) %

Adelaide K. Brunner (CAS’63, SED’64) and Thomas M. Brunner %

Ann T. Bruno (SED’63, PAL’54) %

Robert T. Bruzzese (SED’64,’79, SSW’71) %

James W. Buckham (CAS’87) and Eileen J. Buckham (SED’90, CAS’87) %

Marianne U. Buddington (SED’61) !%

Janet T. Buerklin (SED’93) %

Angela Burgos (SED’98) %

Amanda J. Burrows (SED’06)

Edward M. Butrick (SSW’85, SED’74) %

Charles M. Butterfield (SED’68) and Judith M. Dussault

David D. Buttolph (CGS’77, CAS’79) and Kim R. Buttolph *!%

Donald C. Cahoon (SED’72) and Cynthia M. Cahoon %

Christopher Cakebread (COM’82, SED’00) &%

Victor P. Caliri (SED’53,’54,’72) and Laurice A. Caliri %

Mary E. Carey (SED’55) !

Ann B. Cary (SED’82) and Takayasu Mitani %

Erica C. Casacci (CAS’12, SED’13) &%

Richard D. Casey (SSW’71) and Linda A. Casey (SED’70) @

Geraldine W. Cass (SED’74) %

James L. Cassella (SED’68) and Kathleen C. Cassella (SED’68) %

Diane S. Castle (SED’55) and William E. Castle %

Anthony H. Cataldo (CAS’01) and Melissa A. Cataldo (SED’02) %

James E. Cavanaugh (SED’78) and Jeanne A. Cavanaugh %

Lisa A. Caverly (SED’94) and Mickey J. Caverly %

Ralph J. Cecere (SED’60) and Denise Cecere

Kathleen Cedrone Vaccaro (SED’72,’74) and John L. Vaccaro %

Winona L. Chang (SED’57,’71) %

Paula F. Volpiansky (SED’80) and Larry J. Chapman %

Lucille H. Charron (SED’51) %

Marcia S. Cherry (SED’67) and Vincent J. Cherry %

Ronald J. Chick (CGS’69, SED’71)

Edmond W. Chin (ENG’74, Questrom’75) and Susan Y. Chin (SED’75) %

Dennis V. Christo (SED’71) and Dorothy M. Christo %

Carol H. Christophe (SED’54) and Philip A. Christophe %

Donna M. Christy (SED’89) and Paul M. DeSantis !

Helen F. Clark (SED’65) %

Donald J. Cleary (SED’49) and Cecilia Cleary

Pamela K. Cleghorn (SED’74) %

Suzanne H. Cloutier (SED’69,’73, CGS’67) %

Janet B. Coe (SED’43) %

Jack W. Coffey (Questrom’59) and Patricia A. Coffey (SED’74) %

Julie Elizabeth S. Coffey (Questrom’06, SED’06) %

Keith A. Coffman (CAS’97) and Amanda K. Coffman (SED’98) %

Mary E. Coghlan (SED’65) %

Janice M. Cohen (SED’62,’63) and Irwin F. Cohen !

Leonard H. Cohen (LAW’61, Questrom’57) and Ileen S. Cohen (SED’58) %

Tod A. Cohen (SED’75) and Sue M. Cohen %

Arlene I. Cole (SED’63) and Laurence G. Cole

Irma Cole (SED’70) %

Peter F. Cole (GRS’67) and Marilyn A. Cole (SED’71) %

Timothy D. Conboy (SED’77) and Sara B. Conboy

Lavinia M. Connors (SED’65) and John F. Connors %

Morgan P. Conway (SED’70) and Deidre Conway %

Selma F. Cooperband (SED’54) !%

Holly S. Coppinger (SED’73) and Douglas K. Coppinger %

Theresa M. Corcoran (SED’69) %

Francis V. Corrigan (SED’61) and Carole A. Corrigan @

Thomas J. Corrigan and Maureen A. Corrigan !%

Sharon N. Cortell (CAS’59, SED’63) and Stanley Cortell %

Thomas J. Cottle and Kay Cottle %

Peter J. Coughlan (SED’88) and Teresa M. Coughlan %

Ann Rea Craig (SED’64) %

Randolph Cross (SED’65) and Germaine Cross

Philip T. Crotty (Questrom’63, SED’71) %

Roy B. Curseaden (CGS’65, SED’67) and Cheryl Curseaden

Thomas E. Cyrs (SED’63,’70) and Carol A. Cyrs %

Martha B. Daigle (SED’92) and Christopher C. Daigle

Deborah B. Dong (Questrom’86, LAW’07) and Charles A. Dal Corobbo %

Marilyn B. Dale (SED’73)

Philip T. Dancause (Questrom’53, SED’68) and Mary J. Dancause %

Pamela K. Dannelly (SED’75) and William D. Dannelly %

Richard A. David (SED’82) and Biruta I. David %

Kenneth H. Davidson (CAS’64) and Arlene R. Davidson (SED’66) !%

Barbara B. Davis (SED’77,’79) and Willis L. Davis

Cynthia Davis-Sbaschnig (SED’86,’88) and Robert J. Sbaschnig

Richard De Caprio (SED’68,’72) and Marsha P. De Caprio %

Fjeril Deal (SED’61) and Claude J. Deal %

Barbara M. Deeb (CGS’64, SED’66) and Elias G. Deeb %

Judith M. DeFilippo (SED’76) and Gerald J. DeFilippo

Robert D. DeForge (SED’84) and Virginia M. DeForge (SON’74,’86)

Douglas W. Deitz (CAS’78, Questrom’82) and Harriet S. Deitz (SSW’82, SED’78) %

Jane R. Delaney (SED’67) %

Patricia E. Delapenha-Simmons (SED’75) %

Edward J. DelSignore (CAS’10, SED’11) &

Joseph M. DeMartino (SED’72,’74) and Susan S. DeMartino %

William T. Dennehy (SED’60) %

Judith D. Depue (SED’72,’77, SPH’93) and Thomas J. Lamonte %

Thomas C. Desmond (SED’80, Questrom’57) and Barbara Desmond

Philip F. Devaux (SED’94) %

Anne M. Deveau (SED’58) and Ruben Deveau %

Bryan C. Devenney (SED’03) @

Susan M. Devol (SED’71) %

Irene R. Dhosi (SED’63) and Joseph M. Dhosi %

Paula L. DiCamillo (SED’96) %

Roslyn N. Dickerson (SED’79) %

E. James Dickey (STH’60) and Sally A. Dickey (SED’59) %

Ann M. Dickson (SED’83) and Andrew Dickson @

Jeffrey E. Diluglio (SED’78) &%

Nicholas J. Dincecco (SED’56,’59) %

Guy G. DiStefano (CGS’54, SED’58,’66) %

Brian J. Domanowski (SED’13) @

Mary Louise Donovan (SED’60,’76) %

Margaret A. Yorganjian (SED’79) and Francis X. Dooher %

John G. Dorais (SED’53) and Nyleen H. Dorais %

Linda G. Downey (SED’75) and James P. Downey %

Robert G. Doyle (SED’86) and Monique B. Doyle %

Steven L. DuBrow (Questrom’88) and Amy L. Dubrow (SED’88)

Doris M. Dunbar (SED’78) and Howard W. Dunbar

Margery T. Duncan (SED’64) and Paul R. Duncan %

Linda A. Duncombe (SAR’72, SED’02) and Christopher B. Duncombe &!%

Arthur A. Dunn (SED’72) and Michele C. Dunn @

Gail A. Dunnrowicz (SED’61) and Stephen J. Dunnrowicz %

Robert J. Dupuis (SED’58) and Mary E. Dupuis (SED’58) %

William E. Durall (SED’88) and Margaret E. Durall %

Laveda M. Durbin (SED’92) and William B. Durbin

Margaret C. Duren (SED’58) %

Robert A. Dutch (SED’81) and Margaret P. Dutch %

Joyce A. Dyer (SED’62) %

Terry Eagle and Sally Eagle %

David W. Eden (CAS’74) and Elizabeth L. Eden (SED’71) !%

Annamarie H. Eggert (CAS’47, GRS’48, SED’78) %

Eugene R. Ellis (SED’58,’62) %

James M. Ellis (SED’51) %

Jody L. Epstein (SED’96) and Michael S. Greenstein %

Barbara L. Estrin @

Judith A. Euller (SED’91) %

Douglas B. Evans (MED’83) and Elizabeth D. Evans (SED’82) %

Robert J. Mark (STH’05) and Rebecca W. Evans (COM’04, SED’13) &%

Marieka C. Farrenkopf (SSW’00, SED’00) and Matthew A. Bihn &%

Helen M. Roy (SED’00) and Anthony G. Featherston %

Nathan H. Fein (CGS’04, SED’06) and Emily R. Fein

Anita T. Feld (SED’64) %

Samuel F. Feldman and Lynn E. Feldman !%

Justin P. Fenske (SED’08) %

Paul S. Ferguson (SED’66) %

Kathy E. Fernberg (SED’79) %

Ann S. Ferren (SED’71) %

Susan H. Fields-Tamker (SED’78) and Joseph S. Tamker

Susan C. Finn (SED’67) and Francis X. Finn %

Barbara C. Finnegan (SED’65,’74) %

Virginia B. Finnie (SED’68) and Bruce Finnie !%

Michele J. Fishel (SSW’74) and Barry L. Weisman %

Gerald E. Neipp (SED’65) and Maureen Fitzpatrick !%

Betty-Mae Flaherty (SED’64,’67) %

Marcia S. Flanzer (SED’63) and Karl A. Flanzer &%

Barbara S. Fleischer (SED’55) %

Audrey S. Fleishman (SED’64) %

Nancy T. Flescher (SED’66, CGS’64) %

J. Kevin Foley (SED’67) and Elaine K. Foley (SED’67, DGE’65) %

Rosemary E. Folino (PAL’54, SED’75) %

Evelyn L. Ford-Connors (SED’12) and Edward G. Connors &

Marshell J. Foss (SED’92) and Janet Foss %

George H. Foster (SED’74) and Georgia R. Foster %

Nancy L. Foster (SED’95) %

Kimberle R. Franco (SED’87)

Anastasia M. Frangos (SED’00) and John C. Doyle %

Myrna Franzblau (SED’73) and Carl Franzblau &!%

Eleanor S. Frein (SED’77) %

David W. Freitag (ENG’91) and Patricia K. Freitag (CAS’84, SED’91) %

Lawrence French (SED’58)

Mary E. Freniere (SED’52) !%

Ann S. Frick (SED’69) and David R. Frick %

Jesse C. Frieder (Questrom’14, SED’17) #%

Margo I. Friedman (SED’96) and Sidney J. Friedman &%

Lawrence W. Fudge (SED’62,’65) and Judith Sias !

Sheila C. Furr (SED’72) and Robert Furr %

John Gallivan &@

Shanta R. Gangolli (SED’62) %

Joan P. Garity (SED’85) %

Kalliope G. Garoufes (SED’64) %

John E. Garrigan (SED’56) %

Patricia A. Garrity (SED’72) %

James L. Garvey (SED’60,’62,’65,’74) and Patricia M. Garvey %

Catherine H. Gately (SED’81, CAS’73) %

William E. Gates (SED’60) !%

Victor Gathers (SED’73,’74)

Lorraine H. Gatling (SED’59) and Wade S. Gatling %

George L. Gaudreault (SED’48) %

Mary D. Rice (COM’85) and Alan K. Gaynor %

Elizabeth M. Geller (Questrom’64, SED’71) and Sidney H. Geller %

William J. Georgitis (MED’73) and Betsy C. Georgitis (SED’73) %

Theodore E. Gerrig (Questrom’53) and Joan S. Gerrig (SED’55) !%

Andrea D. Gershowitz (SED’71) %

Julia R. Gest (SED’86) and Scott D. Gest %

Ellen B. Getek (SED’66, DGE’64) and George J. Getek %

Ellen L. Gibbs (CAS’81, SED’82) and William J. Gibbs

Lorelei O. Gibbs (SED’68) and David R. Gibbs %

Deborah J. Giso (SED’78) %

Joyce K. Gitomer (SED’65) and Steven J. Gitomer %

Lois D. Glass (SED’52) and Werner B. Glass %

Mary Jane H. Glauber (SED’70) and Peter Glauber

Jean E. Goddard and E. Brooks Goddard &%

Margie N. Goldman (SED’71) %

Rodolfo H. Gonzales (SED’86) and Manuela G. Gonzales %

Stephanie Gonzalez (SED’11,’12, CAS’11, Questrom’17) #&%

Erica G. Goodman (SED’97, SAR’94) and Joshua Goodman %

William L. Gordon and Rebecca S. Gordon !

Paula L. Gould (SED’69) and James L. Gould %

Hantford L. Graham (SED’50, DGE’48) %

Lois W. Graham (SED’68) and Huber L. Graham %

Ronald A. Grant (MED’69) and Barbara Grant (SED’63) %

Charlotte L. Grantham (SED’65) and Charles Grantham %

Robert S. Graves (Questrom’66, SED’76) and Claire D. Graves %

Samantha M. Graves (SED’06) %

Michael J. Greaney (SED’98) and Katherine J. Greaney (ENG’00) %

Michele A. Greco (SED’99) %

Ann S. Greene (SED’66) %

James C. Greenquist (SED’53) and Suzanne B. Greenquist %

Grace E. Gregor (SED’70) and William Gregor %

Hrach Gregorian (CAS’72, CGS’70) and Judith K. Gregorian (SED’72, CGS’70) %

Robert E. Grenier (CGS’62, SED’64) %

Sheila Ketlak Grice (SED’70) and David M. Grice !%

Charles A. Griffin (LAW’67) and Judith L. Griffin (CGS’64, SED’66)

Jennifer P. Gruber (SED’91) and Michael Gruber @

Kimberly A. Grubka (SED’92) and Tom Grubka %

David F. Grunebaum (CAS’67, LAW’72) and Linda L. Grunebaum (CAS’68, SED’69) %

Elliot S. Grupp (Questrom’67, Questrom’73) and Barbara H. Grupp (SED’68) %

Jeannette L. Guillemin (MET’00, SED’07) and Rob Guillemin &

Christopher Gussis (SED’71) %

Jamie Haas Cain (SED’05,’07) and Brian V. Cain %

Lesley J. Hackman (SED’69,’73) and Timothy B. Hackman %

Kenneth W. Hagerstrom (SED’56,’62) and Marilyn B. Hagerstrom (SED’66) %

Donna G. Haines (SED’57)

Lisa R. Hainline (SED’91) and Jeff Hainline %

Gabrielle L. Hajjar (CGS’07, Questrom’10, SED’12)

Seunghyun Kim (Questrom’04) and Youkyung Han (SED’03) %

Beth A. Handler (SED’68) %

Matthew A. Hanig (SED’16) #&%

Pamela W. Hansen (Questrom’83, SED’68) and C. Russel Hansen %

Cristan T. Harris (SED’05) %

Harriet Harris (SED’63) and Karl G. Harris !%

Leslie E. Harris (SED’96) and Don L. Harris %

Anthony P. Hart (SED’77) and Donna P. Hart %

Manley H. Hart (SED’57) and Mary S. Hart %

Alan S. Hatton (SED’12) &%

Michael J. Hechtkopf (SDM’74) and Judith F. Hechtkopf (SED’72)

Thelma A. Hedberg (PAL’55, SED’74) %

Beverly Hegedus (SED’72,’74) and J. Jordan Hegedus %

David R. Heimbecker (SED’06)%

Irving J. Heller (SED’50,’51) and Joan D. Heller !%

David P. Hemery (Questrom’68, SED’88) and Vivian M. Hemery (MET’82)

Carol B. Henry (SED’78) and Steven J. Henry %

Gloria R. Herman (SED’72) and Sanford Herman %

Lev Herrnson (SED’93) and Lisa A. Herrnson

Suzanne M. Hertel (SED’82) %

Peter J. Hicks (COM’58, SED’69) and Kathleen F. Hicks

Anne Marie Higgins (SED’78) and Raymond Higgins %

Thomas L. Higgins (MED’78, CAS’78) and Suzanne F. Higgins (SED’79) !

Mary K. Highberger (SED’65,’75) and Sam M. Highberger %

Lynda T. Hinckley (SED’69) and James C. Hinckley %

Charles S. Hirsch and Mary D. Miller @

Monica J. Hirsch (CAS’02, SED’02) and Ariel Kaplan %

Cristy J. Hirsh (SED’74, DGE’72) %

Becka B. Hitchcock (SED’95, CAS’93) %

Brenda J. Hite (SED’73) %

Rochelle Hochberg (SED’61) %

Robert J. Holden (SED’78) and Joan G. Ogilvy Holden %

J. Karen Holley (SED’72) and William R. Holley %

Suzanne D. Holloran (SED’89, SON’64,’66) and Gerald M. Levine %

Nance C. Hooper (SED’64) and Michael J. Hooper %

Deborah Horowytz Hassan (SED’78) !%

Lynda J. Houston (CGS’67, CAS’69, SED’72) !%

Alan R. Howarth (CGS’70, SED’72) and Mary Ann French !%

Mary P. Hrebin (SED’94) %

Kathleen D. Hulbert (SED’81) and Alan W. Hulbert %

Gabriel Hunter-Bernstein (SED’77) and Michael Hunter-Bernstein

Jennifer M. Huntington (SED’75)

Charles L. Hurwitz (SED’06)%

Shayna K. Hutchens (SED’05) and William J. Hutchens %

Virginia M. Hutchinson (SED’59) %

Jennifer A. Ian (SED’76)

Michael B. Imberman (SDM’78,’82) and Esther Imberman (CAS’76, SED’80)

Nancy M. Indelicato (SED’73) and Roberto Indelicato

Carol K. Ingall (SED’94) and Michael A. Ingall %

Jose H. Irizarry (SED’76) and Aura L. Irizarry

Alana M. Isenberg (SED’00) and Seth Y. Isenberg

Kendall E. Isley (SED’15) #%

Deborah M. Isom (SED’91, CAS’73) %

Marjorie M. Ives (SED’55)

Dale H. Leibowitz Jacobs (SED’69) and Jonathan Jacobs

Martha L. Simpson (SED’83) and Robert J. Jacobs %

Michele S. Jacobson (SED’68,’70) and Myron G. Jacobson !%

Shirley L. Jacobus (SED’64, Questrom’59) and Nelson Jacobus %

Sang-Jin J. Kim (Questrom’99) and Jeon-Hee Jang (SED’99) %

Ronnie Jankoff (SED’70)

Caroline D. Janover (SED’69) %

Carol B. Jenkins (SED’66) and John E. Jenkins &%

William E. Jessup (SED’60) %

Arthur V. Johnson (SED’97) &

Leo F. Johnson (SED’72) and Dorothy S. Johnson %

Dorothy A. Jones (SED’86)

Sara W. Jones (SAR’54, SED’59) and Aldred W. Jones

Patricia H. Joyce (SED’65) %

Christine M. Kania (SED’11) %

Susan I. Katz (CAS’68, SED’72) %

Barbara S. Kaufman (SED’71) %

Ilene G. Kaufman (SED’60)

Joan Kearsley (SED’67) and Bruce Kearsley %

Mason M. Taber (LAW’57) and Cynthia A. Keating (SED’79)

Shirley G. Kee (SED’67, DGE’65) and Oliver D. Kee %

Kevin C. Keith (SED’16) #&%

John H. Kelley (SED’52) and Virginia L. Kelley !%

Timothy M. Kelly (CAS’09, SED’12) and Melissa S. Riesgo (MET’16, CAS’09) &%

Deborah T. Kent (SED’70) %

Margaret P. Kerber (CAS’52, SED’55) %

Laurette S. Kessler (SED’72) and Mark S. Kessler

Sarah E. Keyes (SED’95) %

Cheryl A. King (SED’77) and Bernard Zimmerman %

George A. King (SED’80) and Sophia M. Morio %

Judith A. King (SED’99) %

Susan M. King (SED’88) %

Thomas S. Kingston and Susan L. Kingston

Sharon Kirby (SED’78) and Frederic W. Ripley %

Jillian B. Kirchner (SED’12)

Virginia A. Rankin (SED’76) and David S. Klein %

Mary W. Klein (SED’71) and Justin P. Klein %

Susan M. Klein (SED’64) %

James W. Klimas and Laura M. Klimas !@

Steven H. Klinghoffer (Questrom’72, LAW’75) and Lori K. Klinghoffer (SED’72)

Abby R. Knight (SED’18) &%

D. Paul Koch (LAW’94, Questrom’08) and Catherine A. Koch (SED’96,’97, CAS’96) %

Sheldon H. Konowitz (Questrom’50) !%

Alan S. Kosan (CAS’74) and Diane H. Kosan (SED’75) %

Daniel J. Kostreva (CAS’66, Questrom’68, SED’88) and Casey Seaman %

Michael Kozul (SED’76) and Maria Perry %

Rita S. Krauss (SED’62) and Herb Krauss %

Carol F. Kripke (SED’73,’80) and Benjamin J. Kripke %

Barbara D. Krol-Sinclair (SED’82,’96) and William J. Krol-Sinclair !%

Kenneth H. Kudisch and Lora W. Kudisch @

Melanie J. Kule (SED’99) and Andrew Kule

Anne E. Kurland (SED’92) %

Rochelle M. Kutliroff (SED’67) and Jerome Kutliroff %

Billy La Fever (SED’74) and Suzanne S. La Fever

Martha J. Lacasse (SED’75) and Richard J. Lacasse %

Sally A. Lamb (SED’80,’81) %

Daniel R. Lampl (Questrom’87, CGS’85) and Tracy C. Lampl (CAS’88, SED’89) %

Myrna K. Landay (SED’67) and Roger Landay

Sheila D. Landay (SED’63) and Charles M. Landay %

Dorothy K. Lane (SED’67) and Thomas W. Lane %

Richard A. Lang (LAW’76) and Aimee J. Lang (SED’72)

Constance R. Lanseigne-Case (SED’56,’67) %

Patricia M. Lassiter (SED’72) %

Barbara K. Lawrence (SED’98) %

Philip C. Lawton (STH’74) and Marcia P. Lawton (SED’74) %

Leo A. Le Bel (SED’74) and Theresa B. Le Bel

Jane M. Lederman (SED’76) and Scott J. Lederman

Ronald M. Lee and Gayle M. Lee !%

Sandra Lee (SED’81) %

Edward H. Leibowitz (SED’78) and Mindy R. Leibowitz (Questrom’79)

Victoria L. Leigh (SED’75,’81, CAS’65) and Timothy W. Weaver !%

Elayne Lepes (SSW’87, SED’69) and Jeffrey Lepes %

Helen A. Lepkowski (PAL’55, Questrom’57, SED’72) and Edward L. Lepkowski !%

Kelley Lessard (SED’82)

Victoria C. Lessard (SED’89) and Dennis P. Lessard

Charlotte M. Levey (SED’60) and Marvin A. Levey %

Judy Levin-Charns (SED’86, SAR’75) and Martin P. Charns !%

Lauren J. Levine (SED’72) %

Cynthia J. Lewis (SED’77) %

Marcia M. Lewis (SED’59) and Myron S. Lewis

Carol A. Libbey (SED’66) and Joseph E. Libbey !%

Martha Lichtenstein (SED’66) %

Phyllis W. Lichtin (SED’62,’69) !%

Vern L. Liermann (SED’72) and Joan F. Liermann %

Lucy C. Lincoln (SED’58) %

Suzanne K. Lindell (SED’80) %

Vicki S. Linder (SED’79) and Clay Linder %

Robert W. Lindstrom (CAS’52) and Helen B. Lindstrom (SED’64) %

Lisa A. Linsky

Francine K. Lipman (SED’66,’67) and Howard R. Lipman %

Scott Littlejohn and Linda Littlejohn !%

Evan R. Long (SED’07) and Kaitlin G. Long @

Ryan J. Lopez (SED’09) @

Robert C. Loring (SED’60) and Virginia B. Loring %

Dorothy M. Lourie (SED’59) %

Loretta P. Lukowicz (SED’65)

Donald G. Lumley (SED’67) and Elaine M. Lumley %

Audry L. Lynch (SED’67) and Gregory Lynch %

Peter M. Lynch (SED’73,’74,’80) and Kathleen K. Lynch (SED’80) @

Pete W. MacArthur (SED’08)

Maryanne K. MacClelland (SED’71) and Kenneth R. MacClelland %

Mona Macero (Questrom’86) %

Lara E. Machemehl (SED’07) and John P. Machemehl %

Craig MacQuown and Dorothy MacQuown @

Richard K. Madden (SED’84,’67) %

John C. Magnasco (CGS’66, SED’68,’69,’78) and Roberta Magnasco (SED’69,’74) %

William F. Maguire (SED’07) %

Neil Mahoney (DGE’58, SED’63) %

Robert J. Mahoney and Kathleen M. Mahoney !

Maria S. Mamish (SED’78) and Abboud L. Mamish

Vanjana T. Manawapat (SED’81) %

Diane M. Mandel !%

Fred Mandell and Jules Mandell @

Bette Mandl (SED’81) and Alexander Mandl %

J. Peter Mann (Questrom’70, SED’72) and Miriam H. Mann (SED’70)

Keith R. Manville (SED’74,’78) and Joanne E. Manville (SED’90) %

Esther H. Markman (SED’73) %

Wendy D. Marnoy-Schlickman (SED’83) and David W. Schlickman

Christopher C. Martell (SED’11) and Erin H. Martell &

Jennifer E. Martin (SED’01) and Douglas E. Martin %

Donald S. Mathison (SED’68) %

Meghan A. Matson (SED’00)

Jennifer R. Matthews (SED’08) %

Mary E. Matthews (SED’98) &

Audrey S. May (SED’52) and Semuel W. May %

Constance L. May (SED’74) and Jeffrey C. May @

C. Christine Maynard (SED’60,’70) %

Odile J. Mayo (SAR’54, SED’61) and Dana W. Mayo !%

Amanda L. McCallister (CAS’17, SED’17) #@

Mary Jane McDonald (SED’74) and Wallace McDonald %

John C. McEachern (CGS’97, CAS’99, SED’05) and Loren S. Larsen (CGS’97, CAS’99) &%

Francis M. McFaun (SED’63) and Mary H. McFaun %

Laura McGarry (SED’08) %

Edmund R. McGrath (SED’86) and Patricia E. McGrath %

Joanne K. McInnis (SED’78) and Charles McInnis

Robert F. McInnes (SED’69) and Marjorie J. McInnes

Christy N. McIntyre (SED’99) %

Bruce E. McLeod (SED’73) and Betty McLeod %

Jacinda A. McLeod (CGS’11, SED’13) %

Jennifer K. McNair (SED’94) and Russell McNair %

Britta S. McNemar (SED’98) and Donald W. McNemar

Judith A. Meagher (SED’62,’68) %

Paula Menyuk (SED’55,’61) %

Samantha M. Merchant (SAR’99, SED’00) @

C. Richard Meuse (Questrom’54, SED’55) %

Tremont Miao (Questrom’77) and Susan D. Miao (SED’73) %

Evelyn R. Miller (SED’66) and Isaac J. Miller %

Gwen D. Miller %

Lesley M. Miller (CGS’94, SED’96) and Harold Miller %

Muriel F. Millman (SED’67,’68, DGE’65) and Ronald Millman %

Marjorie Minkin (GRS’65, SED’70) and Robert G. Gordon %

Chanda I. Mofu (SED’98, CGS’96) and Laura J. Mofu

Carroll C. Moore (STH’66, GRS’69, SED’70) and Lora W. Moore %

Margery Morgan !%

Carol E. Morris (SED’68) and Stuart N. Morris %

Rheba E. Vetter (SED’89) and Kim N. Morris %

Betsy L. Morrison (SED’79,’81) and Craig Morrison %

Robert A. Morse (SED’80) %

Christopher Morss (SED’71,’82) %

Elizabeth A. Mrockovski (SED’65) %

Kevin V. Mullady and Barbara E. Mullady !%

Ophelia Munn-Goins (SED’87) and Oliver G. Munn %

Karen D. Murphy (SED’94) &%

Leleith A. Murray (SED’92) %

Rochelle Murray (CGS’05, SED’07) %

Vincent D. Murray (SED’75)

Joan E. Murtaugh (SED’64) %

Frederick J. Nachman (CAS’71) and Janet N. Nachman (SED’73) %

Elizabeth Najjar (SED’06,’07) %

Gregory B. Nash (CFA’71, SED’77) &%

Robert J. Nash (SED’68)

Jacqueline Naspo (SED’02,’05) and George F. Naspo

Barbara L. Neckers (SED’57) and Donald A. Neckers %

Marshall R. Neilson (SED’00) and Elizabeth Neilson %

Colleen Nestlen (CAS’00, SED’00) %

Marguerite B. Newberg (SED’59) and Donald W. Newberg %

Janice A. Nissenbaum (SED’74) %

Alan H. Ulan (CAS’69) and Bonnie G. Nitzberg-Ulan (CGS’69, SED’71) %

Pamela B. Noonan (SED’69) %

Barbara M. Noseworthy (CAS’66, SED’69) %

Deborah K. Nowers (SED’73) and Henry E. Peach

Fritz S. Noymer (SED’48) and Luciana S. Noymer %

Clare A. O’Callaghan (SON’70, SED’76) %

Karen J. Olmsted (SED’64) and R. Wayne Olmsted %

William F. O’Neil (SED’60) and Mary E. O’Neil %

Daniel J. O’Neill (SED’57,’64)

Lisanio R. Orlandi (CAS’59, SED’61) and Clelia Orlandi %

Helen A. Osborne (SED’78) and Frank W. Osborne %

David A. Padgett (SAR’99, SED’08) &%

Douglas W. Paige (SED’72) and Kathryn C. Paige

Paul A. Painten (SED’64) %

Mary M. Palaima (SAR’82, Questrom’03, SED’10) and Bradley Hunter

Anne M. Paoletti (SED’06) %

Jeanne R. Paratore (SED’83) and Dominic A. Paratore &%

Hyun-Sun Park (SED’90) and Jongun K. Park %

Brett Parker !%

Catharine J. Parker (SED’70) and Timothy M. Parker %

John M. Parker (SED’53) and Lee K. Parker %

Patricia Parker !%

R. Wayne Parrish (STH’84) and Carole B. Parrish (CAS’71, SED’73) %

Stephanie E. Pasha (SED’97, Questrom’93) %

Marny R. Peabody (SED’70) and William S. Peabody

Candace M. Perkin (SED’94) and Jonathan G. Perkin %

Carl G. Perkins (SED’56,’64) %

Judith A. Perry (SED’65, CGS’63, STH’69) and Richard T. Perry %

Thomas B. Petersen (SED’75) %

Frederick A. Peterson (SED’57,’58) and Joanne J. Peterson %

Martha F. Peterson (SED’60) and William E. Peterson %

Stephen R. Knowlton (GRS’90,’92) and Joseph K. Pettigrew (SED’84) &%

Elizabeth N. Philipps (CAS’76, SED’76) and Ervin Philipps %

John Phillips (SED’52) and Patricia M. Phillips (SED’54) @

William W. Piche (SED’61) and Shirley A. Piche %

Evelyn S. Pinsof (SED’58) and Stewart B. Pinsof %

Judy G. Poll (SED’64) and Harvey S. Poll %

Ellen L. Pollock (SED’66) and Edward J. Pollock %

Gretel R. Posner (SED’61,’64) and Ernest G. Posner %

Nicole T. Postolos (SED’88) and George N. Postolos %

Pamela E. Potter-Osit (SED’91) %

Ellen L. Pratt (SAR’74, SED’75) and John C. Pratt %

Anne W. Prescott (SED’66) %

Tereza Prime (CAS’62, SED’63) and Garry A. Prime %

Donna P. Prince (Questrom’81, SED’69)

Norma B. Prince (SED’64) and Marvin L. Prince !%

Nikolas R. Protasenia (SED’11)

Stephen B. Qually (ENG’72, Questrom’73) and Linda A. Qually (SED’70) %

Mark A. Rado (SED’90)%

Paul M. Rahilly (SED’76)

Sanford A. Ramras (CAS’66) and Ina Ramras (SED’67)

M. Elizabeth Randall (SED’62) and Donald H. Randall !%

Leslie A. Raser (SED’84) %

J. Calder Reardon (SED’74) and Thomas P. Reardon %

Lisa M. Redding (SED’95,’03) %

Willis S. Reed (SED’63) and Barbara J. Reed (SED’56) @

Margaret E. Reid (SED’59,’61) and Robert E. Reid %

Linda C. Rhodes and Todd J. Rhodes &%

Frederick A. Ricci (SED’65,’72)

William V. Richardson (SED’78) and Dolores J. Richardson %

Nicholas J. Ristaino (SED’09)%

Louise M. Rivers (SED’57)!%

Dana A. Robertson (SED’12) and Alison E. Robertson %

Madeline C. Robertson (SED’83)

Joseph A. Robillard (SED’74) and Barbara D. Robillard %

Jean A. Robinson (SED’72) and Stanley G. Smiley %

Lisa A. Rocco (SED’10)&%

Richard A. Rollins (SED’88)%

Pamela E. Romanow (SED’70)

Grace N. Rooney (SED’57)

Carey S. Roseman (SED’76) and Robert M. Roseman %

Gerald Rosenblatt (MED’59, CAS’53, SED’54) and Lorraine M. Rosenblatt !%

Ann Chatham Rote (SED’78) !%

Debora D. Rottenberg (SED’74) and Alan W. Rottenberg %

John Rowell

William N. Rowland (CGS’57, SED’69) and Sandra E. Rowland %

Barbara F. Rubin (SED’75) %

Carl E. Rubinstein (COM’59) and Judith F. Rubinstein (SED’59) %

Patrick J. Runci (SED’78) and Mary G. Runci %

Consuelo J. Ryan (SED’82) and George Ryan %

John T. Ryan (SED’55) and M. Eileen Ryan %

Leeor B. Sabbah (SED’76)

Wilbert L. Sadler (SED’81) and Carolyn E. Sadler %

Christine H. Sagalyn (CAS’68, SED’70) and Jeffrey B. Sagalyn %

Frank Sahl (CGS’59, SED’62) and Shirley V. Sahl %

Jean M. Sakaguchi (SED’82) and Jeffrey B. Sakaguchi %

Jane Forbes Saltonstall (SED’77) and Robert Saltonstall %

Kenneth A. Samuelian (Questrom’80) and Diane M. Samuelian %

Margaret R. Sandberg (SED’74)

Herbert W. Sanderson (CFA’53, SED’70) and Anne H. Sanderson %

Francis P. Santoro and Maureen Santoro @

Annalie D. Saunders (SED’56,’62, CGS’54) and John R. Saunders %

Margaret L. Sawada (SED’12) &%

Ronald F. Scarbrough (SED’94) and Lisa J. Scarbrough %

Janet S. Scarrow (SED’55) and David S. Scarrow %

Patricia M. Schaefer (SED’88) and Tod W. Schaefer %

Lenore K. Scheffer (SED’64) and Stephen J. Scheffer %

Ann K. Schiller (SED’72) and Lawrence R. Schiller !%

Carolyn B. Schindler (SED’62, DGE’60) and Lawrence M. Schindler %

Peggy L. Schlegel (SED’71) and Robert A. Schlegel %

Sheila N. Schmeltz (SED’65) and Ralph Schmeltz %

Joyce D. Schmidt (SED’59, CAS’57) and Ivan M. Schmidt !%

Barbara M. Schubert (SED’64) and Frank A. Schubert %

David A. Schubert (Questrom’86) and Mary-Anne Schubert (SED’85) %

Nancy L. Schubert (SED’64) %

Patricia D. Schuldenfrei (SED’90, SON’75) and Robert Schuldenfrei %

Neale J. Schuman (SED’71) %

Claudia A. Schwab (SED’64) and Fred L. Schwab %

Jeffrey G. Schwartz (MET’14) and Laura Schwartz (SED’90) #%

Domenic A. Screnci (SED’84,’92) and Maryann C. Calia (COM’86) &%

Susan N. Scully-Rose (SED’96,’90)

Miriam C. Seim (SED’74) %

Rochelle K. Selig (SED’83) %

Janet M. Seligman (SED’63) and Isaiah J. Seligman %

Ruth S. Shane (SED’73) %

Morton P. Shapiro (SED’84)

Michael J. Sheehan (SED’72) %

Paul E. Sheff (SED’71) and Jamyn M. Sheff (CAS’72) %

Brian G. Sherman (MED’91) and Dawn M. Sherman (SED’88) %

Sue K. Sherman (SED’68) and Joel B. Sherman %

Foster M. Shibles (SED’71) and Marcella M. Shibles %

Matthew D. Shine (SED’00) and Lily P. Shine (SED’00) %

Ann L. Shofer (SED’81) and Henry L. Shofer %

Karen G. Shore (SED’69) %

Robert W. Siemens (SED’53,’71) %

Robin Diane Silvers (SED’75) and Lawrence W. Silvers %

Ernest G. Simms (SED’72,’77) %

Ivonne A. Simms (SED’96) and Sultan Simms %

Ann R. Singal (CAS’61, SED’62) and Arnold H. Singal %

John W. Skiratko (SED’71) and Karen A. Skiratko %

Dorothy Slade (CGS’65, SED’67) and Edward N. Slade %

William S. Slattery (SED’84) and Marilyn L. Slattery %

Mark F. Smith (SED’72) and Patricia Smith

Walter J. Soha (SED’90, CAS’90)

Suzyn-Elayne Soler (CAS’00, SED’02) %

Hope C. Solomons (SED’57) and Gerald Solomons %

Margery Somers (SED’62) and Jerome H. Somers

Barton Spaniak (SED’58,’59) %

Kathleen H. Spencer (SED’73) and John W. Spencer %

Janice L. Spieler (SED’56) %

Alfred I. Spieler ^%

Paula R. Spizziri (SED’90) %

Darlene D. Stafford (SED’65) %

John G. Sawyer (Questrom’65) and Pamela M. Stanton (SED’84) %

Lois F. Stark (SED’66) and George Stark %

George J. Starkus (SED’67) and Dorothy A. Starkus %

John W. Stebbins and Louise A. Stebbins %

Maureen C. Stefanini (SED’73) and Edward J. Stefanini %

Alexander D. Stern (SED’10) %

Penelope L. Stevens (CGS’57, SED’59) %

Robert E. Stevens (SED’53,’56) and Elizabeth G. Stevens %

Terri B. Stevens (SED’68) and Bruce A. Stevens %

Denise E. Stewart (SED’73) %

William J. Stewart %

James S. Stirling (SED’71,’81) and Francesca A. Stirling

Elizabeth A. Strain (SED’55) and Richard C. Venditto %

John H. Strecker (CAS’93, SED’94) %

Bonnie J. Stromgren (SED’82)

M. Greely Summers (SED’73) and Mary C. Summers %

Pamela F. Summers (SED’80) and Rodger Summers %

L. Gordon Sumner (SED’82) and Vicki C. Sumner %

Arthur F. Sun (SDM’82,’83,’84,’85) and Yunying C. Sun (SED’86) &!%

Ronald E. Sundberg (CGS’63, Questrom’65, SED’79) and Virginia A. Sundberg (SON’70)

Sallie H. Swisher (SED’82) %

Michael A. Taicher (Questrom’70, LAW’77) and Nancy D. Taicher (SED’70)

Elizabeth S. Taylor (SED’02,’03) and Brendan M. Taylor %

Rocco Tedeschi and Maurilia F. Tedeschi %

William J. Teeter (SED’72) and Viola D. Teeter %

Lynn S. Tepper (SED’66) and Benjamin N. Tepper %

Lois F. Thacker (SED’55) %

W. Kevin Thomas (SED’56,’60) and Elinor S. Thomas (SAR’55) %

Christine E. Thompson (SED’85) and Daniel E. Thompson %

Hall Thompson (Questrom’71) and Deborah C. Thompson (SED’68) %

Karen L. Tirpak (SED’76) and Douglas M. Tirpak

Carmen M. Torres (SED’87) %

Sara R. Torres (SED’16, COM’16) #@

James F. Traniello (CAS’74) and Dina A. Traniello (SPH’84, SED’99) !

Alayne L. Tresch (CAS’66, DGE’64, SED’67) and Richard W. Tresch %

David Tucker and Maureen Tucker %

Stanley Turetsky and Nancy Turetsky @

William B. Tyler (LAW’51) and Anngenette G. Tyler (SED’54) !%

George G. Tyrrell (SED’72) and Maura G. Tyrrell %

Andrew T. Tyskiewicz (SED’78) and Rosemary B. Tyskiewicz

John A. Ullian (SED’01,’06) &%

Gretchen T. Underwood

Margaret N. Utterback (SED’67) and James M. Utterback

Mina E. Vahedi (SED’14,’11) &%

Barbara G. Van Savage (SED’57) %

Jacqueline D. Vaughan (SED’56,’61) !%

Charles E. Vautrain (SED’73) and Martha D. Vautrain (SAR’71) %

Lenore A. Vaux (SED’54) %

Eline M. Vermeulen (CAS’15, SED’17) #&%

Martha E. Verville (SED’52) %

Mary-Ellen T. Vigeant (SED’81) and Barry Vigeant %

George T. Viglirolo (SED’65)

Alfred L. Villa (SED’49,’60)

Marceline R. Vilmont (CGS’07, CAS’09) %

Alan L. Visnick (SED’87, SAR’84) and Lorinda K. Visnick (CAS’87)

Donna M. Volpitta (SED’94) and Richard E. Volpitta

George D. Wadsworth (CAS’67) and Joan Wadsworth (SED’74) %

Warren A. Waite (CAS’42) and Betty H. Waite %

Hara B. Waldman (SED’85) %

Evelyn L. Wall (SED’78) %

Edward L. Walsh (SED’74) and Jean M. Walsh

Richard J. Walsh (SED’53,’58) and Doris A. Walsh %

Susan V. Walton (SED’81) %

Robert J. Wanek (SED’94) %

Ji Wang (SED’03) @

Joseph G. Wankerl (SED’64) %

David G. Warner (SED’73) %

Laura R. Webb (SED’76) and Alexander Webb

Christina Weeter (SSW’04, SED’05) %

Molly S. Weinberger (SED’95) and Peter D. Weinberger %

David H. Weinstein and Sharon Weinstein !%

Judith N. Weisman (SED’69) %

Rebecca Weiss-Vlasic (CGS’75, SED’77)

John J. Welch (SED’69, CGS’67) and Joan Welch %

Michael A. Welch (SED’86)

Helene S. Wells (COM’54, SED’55) %

Virginia P. Wells (DGE’70, SED’72) and Richard A. Wells %

Charlene A. Wendel (SED’81) and Suzanne M. Martinsen @

Bruce D. Werner and Tammy H. Werner !%

Carolyn F. Werner (CAS’68, SED’70) %

K. Gordon White (CGS’60, SED’63) and Charles A. Duffy %

Laurie R. White (SED’59) %

Michelle S. White (SED’97,’96) %

Ralph G. White (SED’76) %

Virginia S. White (SED’78) %

Ruben W. Pollard (SED’81) and Marilyn A. Wilcke (SED’79) &%

Albert R. Williams (COM’56, DGE’52) and Jane C. Williams (SED’71,’78) %

Christine E. Williams (SED’93) %

Emanuel L. Williams (SED’77) and Thelma L. Williams

Lona W. Wind (SED’70,’71,’76) and Jack J. Wind %

Henry W. Winkleman (LAW’69, LAW’72) and Arlene R. Winkleman (CAS’68, DGE’66, SED’69) %

Wade T. Winter !%

Beverly Winthrop (SED’54) !%

Elizabeth S. Wissler (SED’11) and John B. Wissler %

Jeffrey P. Witman (SED’89) and Kathryn W. Witman

Richard D. Wohlgemuth (SED’70) and Sylvia D. Wohlgemuth (SAR’72)

Betty C. Wong (SED’05) %

Virginia C. Wood (SED’73) and John M. Wood %

Kimberley H. Woods (SED’91) %

Jeanne Woodward %

Susan V. Woolworth (SED’76) and Andrew B. Woolworth %

Jane D. Wyld (SED’77) and Robert L. Wyld !%

Laurie A. Wyndham (SED’91) and David J. Wyndham %

Philip S. Yeaton (SED’84) and Nancy C. Yeaton (SED’66) %

Laura E. Yowell (SED’53) and Cleyon Yowell %

David W. Yule (SED’63,’67) !%

Leonard J. Yutkins (SED’66) and Irene J. Yutkins (CAS’67) !%

Toni K. Zaro (CGS’71, SED’73) %

Tobi R. Zauberman (CGS’05, SED’07)

Peter Lowy (COM’74, Questrom’82) and Linda Zeckendorf-Lowy (CFA’72, SED’79) %

Jeffrey M. Cooper (LAW’80) and Katherine A. Zeisler (SED’79) !%

Robert M. Zelazo (MED’75) and Sandra N. Zelazo (SED’75) %

Jillian M. Zeller (SED’14) &@

Amy J. Zide (SED’99) and Stephen Zide %


Corporations and Foundations


John Templeton Foundation



America’s Promise Alliance

College Preparatory Mathematics



National Academy of Education

The Nellie Mae Education Foundation Inc.

The Keith and Cecilia Terasaki Family Foundation

The Samueli Foundation




Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

George Lucas Educational Foundation

Masimo Corporation

The Herb Chambers Charitable Foundation

University of Michigan (George Lucas Educational Foundation)



CME Group, Inc. PAC

George W. and Lolita D. Kern Educational Assistance Fund

Haynes Family Foundation

International Education Services Corporation

Jewish Community Foundation San Diego

Leerink Family Foundation Inc.

Parker, Scheer, LLP




Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.

Strega Waterfront



Community Foundation of New Jersey

Goldberg Rhapsody Foundation Inc.

The Rashkind Family Foundation

Sanders Foundation

Steinback Family Charitable Lead Trust

Wickenden Associates Inc.



Combined Jewish Philanthropies

David J. Der Hagopian Trust

Vanguard Charitable




Arthur I. Segel 1994 Trust

Barbara Gibbs CLAT Trust

The Baruch Fund

Carole A. Palmer Revocable Trust of 2009

National Philanthropic Trust

The Silveria Family Living Trust

The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust



Ambassador Foundation

Angelo V. Boy Revocable Trust

Ann S. Ferren Trust

Carol E. Morris Living Trust

Donna G. Haines Revocable Trust

Francis & Maureen Santoro Family Trust

The Grunebaum Family Fund

The J. W. Rowell and D. Clark Rowell Revocable Trust

Jewish Communal Fund

The Kalliope G. Garoufes Living Trust

Karl G. Harris Revocable Trust

May Indoor Air Investigations LLC

The Miriam H. Mann Revocable Living Trust

Patricia A. Kates Trust

Paul M. Rahilly Trust

Rita Krauss Fine Art Fla, LLC

Santa Barbara Foundation

Schwab Charitable Fund

Second Time Around

Sorenson Communications, Inc.

The Stevens Family Trust

Traffic Ticket Defense Center

Vern L. and Joan F. Liermann Trust

Vincent J. and Marcia S. Cherry Trust



Anne L. Guba Revocable Trust

Barbara Shefftz 1999 Revocable Trust

Elinor M. O’Brien Revocable Trust

Gaj Family Living Trust

KT’S Finishing Touch LLC

Mary C. Folsom Revocable Trust

Palma Z. Spunt Revocable Trust

The Pitsas Family 2003 Revocable Trust

Savastano Enterprises

UNO Restaurants, LLC


Matching Gift Donations

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.

Bank of America, N.A.

ExxonMobil Corporation

Fidelity Investments

General Electric Company

Guardian Life Insurance Company of America


John Hancock

TCF Bank

Unum Group

Verizon Communications

Wells Fargo Bank