The School of Education’s impact extends far beyond Two Silber Way. Our faculty, alumni, and students are engaged in work that influences policy and advances educational practices across the field. The resources that support these efforts, and the partnerships we maintain with local and national programs, would not be possible without your generosity. Giving Day 2017 in particular was an impressive demonstration of just how committed our advocates—including you—are to furthering SED’s transformative work. And Alumni Weekend was a meaningful reminder that even when you leave the school, you always remain an integral part of our community. We look forward to celebrating with you in 2018 as SED turns 100 and welcomes the students and alumni of Wheelock College into our community.

In this roster, we recognize alumni and others who have contributed to our successes over the last fiscal year. With your continued support, we can make next year an even bigger success. Thank you.

With kind regards,


David N. Burnham, Director of Development

School of Education

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Ruth A. Moorman (CAS’88, SED’89,’09) and Sheldon N. Simon



Andrea Leven (SED’61) and Michael A. Leven (COM’61)



Constance R. Lanseigne-Case (SED’56,’67)

Lydia S. Muller (SED’94) and Eric D. Muller (Questrom’94)



Raymond J. Buell (SED’54)

Trust of Margaret J. Early

Robert I. Evans (COM’68, SED’71)

Kathleen A. Hollowell (GRS’71, SED’77) and David E. Hollowell (ENG’69,’72, Questrom’74)

C. A. Lance Piccolo (SED’62) and Carol L. Piccolo



Carol B. Altarescu (CGS’69, SED’71) and Howard S. Altarescu (Questrom’70, LAW’74)

Denise S. Katsaros (SED’69) and Arthur T. Katsaros

Susan J. Tane (SED’64)

Keith K. Terasaki and Cecilia Terasaki

Elaine Wasserman (SED’72) and Oscar A. Wasserman (Questrom’56, LAW’59,’62)



Anonymous (2)

Alison A. Adler (SED’81) and Kenneth M. Meuser (Questrom’80)

Anthony R. Angelo (SED’71)

Jonathan A. Barnes and Jennifer H. Barnes

Cathryn J. Baty (SAR’62, SED’63) and Gordon B. Baty

The Estate of June M. Bertoli

Herbert G. Chambers

LeiLanie M. D’Agostino (CGS’90, SED’92)

Michael P. Fitzmaurice (CAS’73, SED’77) and Judith A. Jones (SDM’00,’02)

Bonnie S. Hammer (CGS’69, COM’71, SED’75, HON’17) and Dale Heussner

RoxAnn J. Haynes (SED’56) and Frederick M. Haynes

Patricia D. Manuel (SON’78, SED’86) and Barry M. Manuel (CAS’54, MED’58)

Henry H. Meyer and Edith N. Meyer

Titus Plomaritis (SED’53)

Henry Samueli and Susan F. Samueli



Gregory D. Ansin

John F. Burke (SED’71) and Sandy Burke

Rosalie F. Cohen (SED’58)

Carolyn M. Colton (SED’71) and Theodore Colton

Michael A. Eruzione (SED’77) and Donna L. Eruzione

Rosalyn B. Geller (SED’64) and Alan S. Geller

Patricia L. Gladstone (DGE’69, SED’71) and Stephen S. Gladstone (Questrom’71)

Mark Gleiberman and Hanna N. Gleiberman

Linda S. Goldstein (SED’68,’69) and Marvin M. Goldstein (LAW’69)

Kamlyn R. Haynes (CAS’89, MED’97) and Joe Parse

Andrew D. Miller

Saul P. Morgenstern (SED’74) and Julie R. Morgenstern

Michael J. O’Connell (SED’66) and Sylvia A. O’Connell

Yang Ren

E. Daniel Sanders (MET’91) and Karen C. Sanders (MET’91)

Lorraine G. Witzburg (SED’06) and Robert A. Witzburg (MED’77)




Virginia Andradas (SPH’91) and Emery N. Brown

MaryAnn Barbieri (CAS’64, SED’65)

Earl R. Beane (CAS’63, STH’67,’68) and Mildred B. Beane (CFA’64,’84, SED’95)

Frank P. Colvario (SED’69,’71) and Mary G. Colvario (SED’74)

Willma H. Davis (SED’72)

Frank DelSanto (SED’55,’59,’76) and Barbara A. DelSanto

Ronald E. DePoalo and Mara A. DePoalo

Harold W. Garman (STH’60, GRS’65) and Janet M. Garman (SED’58)

Jennifer A. Quigley (UNI’08, STH’11,’11) and Soren M. Hessler (UNI’08,’08, STH’11,’18, SED’11)

William F. Hofmann (CGS’63, Questrom’66) and Marilyn B. Hofmann (SED’73)

Michael J. Karcher and Sara Karcher

Jeffrey A. Leerink

Michael A. Miles and Therese O. Martinez-Miles

Dorothea B. Moore (SED’75)

Kwame Morris

Patrick F. Petrone (SED’65,’66)

William B. Tyler (LAW’51) and Anngenette G. Tyler (SED’54)

Marilyn M. Vender (SED’76) and Michael I. Vender

Martha Verdone (Questrom’66, SED’71)

Mark G. Vitek (SED’94,’02) and Julie A. Vitek (COM’91)

Howard E. Williams (MET’86, SED’89) and Lydia H. Williams



Sheri I. Anderson (CAS’89, SED’89, STH’97) and Mark C. Ingalls

Linda D. Applegarth (SED’71,’75) and Paul V. Applegarth

Phyllis P. Barasch (DGE’65, SED’67)

Donald J. Beaudette (SED’87) and Jane I. Beaudette

Robert R. Bench (Questrom’65) and Claire K. Bench (SED’73)

Dorothy J. Bergold (SED’74, SSW’81)

Clark E. Broden (CAS’64) and Marcy L. Broden (SED’72)

Jane A. Brown (SED’52,’69, SAR’80) and George A. Brown

David N. Burnham (CFA’78) and Beth Burnham

Andrea S. Carey (SED’69)

Jeffrey A. Choney (SED’75) and Pamela D. Choney

Hardin L. Coleman and Gail E. Coleman

Rachel P. Cook (SED’99, Questrom’17)

Georgia Court

Robert Dallis (CAS’86, SED’90,’02) and Bonnie E. Barber (COM’86)

Laurie David

Barbara S. Davis

Sally J. Deane (SED’71, SPH’88)

Robert G. Debonville (SED’71) and Gladys R. Debonville

Nicholas P. Dixon

Nancy A. Duffy (CGS’71, SED’73) and Kenneth C. Duffy

Brian G. Durocher (SED’78) and Laura W. Durocher

John A. Elder and Leslie K. Elder

Kenneth Elmore (SED’87) and Abigail R. Elmore (CAS’86)

E. Elaine Erbey (SED’72) and William C. Erbey

Raul A. Fernandez (COM’00, SED’16)

Elizabeth A. Flagg (SED’08) and Allen Flagg

Kenneth E. Fosdick (CGS’65, Questrom’67) and Judith A. Fosdick (CAS’70, SED’71)

Marion M. Frost (CAS’51, SED’76)

Gerald D. Goldman (MED’77) and Margery S. Goldman (SED’74,’77)

Lorraine M. Goyette (DGE’74, SED’76,’83)

Peter J. Graber-Lipperman and Elysa L. Graber-Lipperman

Don P. Greenberg (CAS’78) and Randy L. Greenberg (CAS’78)

Seunghyun Kim (Questrom’04) and Youkyung Han (SED’03)

Lisbeth R. Hartzell (SED’77)

David G. Heller (MED’68, CAS’68) and Nancy R. Heller (SED’65)

Susan R. Hoffman (DGE’68, SED’70,’72,’78)

Sandra B. Hoffman (Questrom’64, SED’67) and Morton Z. Hoffman

W. Patrick Hughes (SED’70) and Carole A. Hughes (SED’67)

Julia Huston (CAS’87, SED’87, LAW’92)

Sang-Jin J. Kim (Questrom’99) and Jeon-Hee Jang (SED’99)

Joanne M. Johnson (SED’66) and Joel M. Johnson

Ari L. Kaplan (CAS’93)

Charles J. Kokaska (SED’68)

Carol W. Kornitzer (SED’66) and John Kornitzer

Sandy Koufax

Paul A. La Camera (COM’66, MET’74) and Mimi La Camera (SED’68)

Nadine F. Lavender (SED’78) and Steven Lavender

Ann B. LeBreton (SED’73) and David LeBreton

Etienne R. LeGrand (SED’78) and Harold J. Logan

Barbara A. Lehman (SED’60,’61) and Richard B. Lehman

Joseph A. Levitt (LAW’78) and Barbara S. Levitt (SED’77)

Charles B. Luce (SED’51) and Margery J. Luce

Gayle W. Lutchen (SED’93) and Kenneth R. Lutchen

Julie S. Lynch (SSW’02, SED’03) and David S. Lynch

Thomas A. MacDonnell (DGE’52, SED’54) and Dorothy J. MacDonnell

Bruce W. MacLeod (SED’74, Questrom’78) and Jennifer L. MacLeod

Arthur Malcomson and Katherine M. Malcomson

Joan B. Malick (CFA’65, SED’70)

Matthew Marden (SED’78) and Susan F. Marden (CAS’81)

Donna R. McGrath (SED’14)

Anna A. Medzorian (SED’66)

Robert P. Minihane (SED’61) and Helen M. Minihane

Susan Moran Murphy (SED’78) and George E. Murphy

Juan C. Ocampo (MET’93)

Patrick M. Orrell (CGS’67, SED’70) and Johanna M. Orrell

David A. Padgett (SAR’99, SED’08)

Janice N. Parker (Questrom’68, SED’71)

Michael M. Parker and Martha R. Parker

Joanne A. Peterson (SED’63)

Sandra M. Procopio (SED’89)

Andrew P. Quick (ENG’92,’95) and Tracy M. Quick (SED’93)

Matthew S. Robinson (SED’10)

Lemroy L. Saunders (SED’72) and Eunice J. Saunders

Jeffrey G. Schwartz (MET’14) and Laura Schwartz (SED’90)

Jeanne J. Speizer (SED’71,’75) and Frank Speizer

Margery S. Steinberg (SED’70) and Lewis J. Steinberg

Rosa Ana P. Sunanda

Lawrence L. Tobin (BUA’05, CAS’08) and Jessica S. Tobin (SED’09,’12)

Kelly A. Walter (SED’81)

Richard H. Ward and Linda F. Ward

Anne M. White (SED’70) and Alexander W. White

James William Wickenden Jr. (SED’72) and Martha T. Wickenden

Berl P. Winston (ENG’64) and Alice J. Winston (SED’65)

Mariette A. Young (CAS’68, SED’70)

Craigie A. Zildjian (SED’76)



Diane Abbott (SED’56) and Henry F. Abbott

Carol G. Allen (CAS’70, SED’72,’75)

Kimberly Z. Aulenback (COM’93) and Eric Aulenback

Kenneth B. Auletta and Amanda Urban

Talbot Baker (SED’66)

Steven Barclay

Nancy Battey (SED’69) and William R. Battey

Suzanne J. Bere (SED’64)

James S. Berkman and McKey W. Berkman

Judith Blatt (SED’57) and Howard T. Blatt

Carole R. Bohn (SED’76,’81) and Robert A. Furman (SPH’95)

Michele Bolden (SED’72)

Linda R. Burnham (SED’84) and Howard M. Burnham

Cara S. Candal (SED’09) and Eugenio Candal

Jacqueline M. Chau (CAS’94, SED’99, MET’09) and Khang H. Nguyen (MET’05)

Etta N. Chiang (SED’99)

Sean P. Corcoran (CAS’01) and Suzanne M. Corcoran (CAS’00, SED’01)

Myrtle Y. Cox (SED’72) and Edwin B. Cox

Olga B. Cuevas-Gomez (CAS’10) and Devin Worster

Marianna W. Davis (SED’66)

Paula M. Dawning (SED’72)

Dorothy E. Vosburgh (SED’73) and Roland Demers

Cynthia M. DerHagopian (SED’75) and David J. DerHagopian

Guy N. DiBiasio (SED’70) and Marie C. DiBiasio (SED’78)

Patricia L. Dombrink (SED’69)

Mavis L. Donahue (SED’78) and Kenneth R. Wylie

Madelyn B. Donoff (SED’67) and R. Bruce Donoff

Kara S. Durocher (CAS’08, SED’09)

Joyce A. Dyer (SED’62)

Marvin D. Berman (CAS’72, MED’74) and Ronna D. Finer-Berman (SED’73)

Susan C. Finn (SED’67) and Francis X. Finn

Katherine K. Frankel and Matthew J. Frankel

David Frisbie

Wilbur D. Fullbright (GRS’60) and Lorraine B. Fullbright (SED’60,’61)

Scott Gorland and Jennifer M. Gorland

Melvena L. Green (SED’92)

Lloyd S. French (CGS’60, CAS’62, LAW’65) and Joyce L. Green French (SED’63)

David F. Grunebaum (CAS’67, LAW’72) and Linda L. Grunebaum (CAS’68, SED’69)

Barbara Gummere (SED’80)

Laurelle M. Gutierrez

Janie G. Gynn-Orenstein (CAS’68, SED’72) and Allan A. Orenstein

Judith B. Handler (SED’72) and Geoffry R. Handler

Michael J. Harrington (SED’82)

Paul M. Harrington (CGS’62, SED’64) and Sharon K. Harrington

Charles S. Hirsch and Mary D. Miller

Jeffrey L. Hirsch (LAW’82) and Deborah J. Hirsch (SED’82)

Ann N. Howell (CAS’64, SED’66) and Harold A. Howell

Clifford B. Janey (SED’84) and Barbara M. Logan-Janey

Sandra R. Jewett (SED’78)

Fletcher A. Johnson (SED’64)

Gaylen B. Kelley (SED’54,’59) and Glenice U. Kelley (SED’72,’79)

Jack H. Kelley (SED’52) and Virginia L. Kelley

Chelsey A. Kelly (SED’04)

Ray B. Myers and Carrie-Ann Kerwin

Christian N. Koulichkov (COM’97) and Andrea M. Koulichkov (SED’97)

Robert J. Weintraub (SED’86) and Diane Lande

Lesley A. Lehane (SED’86,’14) and Bruce P. Lehane

Karen Kay Leonard (SED’65) and Jack E. Leonard

Robert H. Lofgren (MED’56) and Helene J. Lofgren (CAS’64, SED’70)

Dennis P. Lund and Cynthia P. Spencer

Gary B. Mandel

Cheryl E. Manoli (SED’68,’72)

Ronald B. Matloff (MED’72) and Cindy Matloff (SED’70)

Sean T. McCourt (SED’99)

Judith M. Melzer (SED’65) and Robert M. Melzer

Valori D. Treloar (MED’85) and Stanley R. Mescon (DGE’74, SED’76, Questrom’81)

Robert J. Michelotti (Questrom’75) and Susan N. Michelotti (SED’75)

Russell O. Milham (CGS’60, SED’64) and Beth P. Milham

Katherine M. Moran (GRS’04, SED’13) and Hugh D. Moran

Marie Nardi (COM’89)

Barbara M. Noseworthy (CAS’66, SED’69)

Dennis E. O’Connell (SED’67) and Dianne M. O’Connell (SED’66)

Andrea V. Parisi (SED’01)

Margaret R. Peabody (SED’70) and William S. Peabody

Phuong Phan (SDM’02)

Charles C. Pratt (CGS’67, SED’69) and Gaynelle R. Pratt

Stephanie L. Quinn (COM’09, CAS’09, SED’17)

Charlene Rivera (SED’81) and Charles W. Stansfield

Hakan Satiroglu (Questrom’95)

Sarah B. Satter (SED’14) and Daniel J. Satter

Jennifer D. Schultz (SED’04)

Ann M. Scott (SED’67) and Douglas A. Scott

Neal Shadoff (GRS’74, MED’78) and Susan S. Shadoff (SED’74)

Michael J. Sheehan (SED’72)

Ethan F. Robbins (ENG’04) and Emily A. Shugarman (SED’03)

Ilana H. Shure (SED’07, SSW’08) and Raphael Shure

Solange P. Skinner

James R. Sloane and Elizabeth B. Sloane

Marjorie M. Smith (SED’56)

Patricia B. Sparks (SED’68)

Mariana M. Stoyancheva and Velislav Stoyanchev

Susan M. Strahosky (SED’72, MED’80, CAS’80) and James H. Roberts

Christine E. Thompson (SED’85) and Daniel E. Thompson

Susan G. Waiter-Tyranski (SED’86,’88) and Glenn W. Tyranski

Demetrios C. Vargelis (SED’58)

Jerusha J. Vogel (CAS’91, SED’92) and Ken Vogel

Michael P. Wade (SED’78)

David M. Watters (SED’91)

Richard E. Wilker (MED’76) and Phyllis B. Wilker (SED’00)

Kay L. Wilson (SED’72) and C. Douglas Wilson

Barbara B. Zimany (SED’65) and Roland D. Zimany




George H. Abbot (MED’60) and Marjorie H. Abbot (SED’63)

Barbara A. Abeles (SED’74)

Cynthia S. Aber (SED’68,’89, SON’75)

Joshua I. Aiello (SED’09)

Anne E. Aubry (SED’66)

Joanne T. Ayers (SED’76) and David F. Kellam

Nathlie A. Badian (SED’74)

Susan E. Barba (GRS’12) and Philip Walsh

Charles E. Barton and Rosemary T. Barton

Felix V. Baxter (LAW’75, SED’77) and Jacqueline I. Baxter

Anita K. Beeber (SED’66) and Stuart E. Beeber

Helen G. Benenson (CFA’90) and Alan I. Benenson

Barry J. Benjamin (CAS’68, MED’72) and Susan M. Benjamin (CGS’67, SED’69)

Charles A. Bennett (SED’50) and Marjorie T. Bennett

Rebecca A. Benz (SED’97) and Karl Narveson

Jerome F. Bergheim (MED’66) and Diana R. Bergheim (SED’61,’63)

James D. Bethune (ENG’64, Questrom’74, SED’91)

Beverly N. Birenbaum (DGE’63, CAS’65, SED’67)

Peggy S. Blitz (SED’76)

Elaine M. Bono (Questrom’66, SED’67) and Peter M. Bono

Dorothea B. Bowen (SED’70) and George Bowen

Patricia A. Kates (SED’77) and Henry E. Brady

Gary R. Breig (SED’94)

Susan Whitmore Brooks (SED’66) and Benjamin R. Brooks

Donna H. Lehr and Gregory R. Buckle

Janet T. Buerklin (SED’93)

William L. Burges (MET’72, SED’79) and Charlene H. Burges

William G. Burlington (SED’75)

Donald C. Cahoon (SED’72) and Cynthia M. Cahoon

Christopher Cakebread (COM’82, SED’00)

The Estate of Marjorie Carling

Jeffrey S. Cates (LAW’68) and Myra D. Cates (SED’68)

Suzanne H. Chapin (SED’85,’87) and Lyman Chapin

Kristin E. Cohen (SED’95)

Tod A. Cohen (SED’75) and Sue M. Cohen

Christina W. Cook (CGS’80, SED’82) and Douglas J. Bates

Selma F. Cooperband (SED’54)

Sharon N. Cortell (CAS’59, SED’63) and Stanley Cortell

Ann Rea Craig (SED’64)

Joyce P. Crisman (SED’67) and William G. Crisman

Thomas E. Cyrs (SED’63,’70) and Carol A. Cyrs

Fjeril Deal (SED’61) and Claude J. Deal

Richard De Caprio (SED’68,’72) and Marsha P. De Caprio

Douglas W. Deitz (CAS’78, Questrom’82) and Harriet S. Deitz (SED’78, SSW’82)

Ernest J. Dellheim (SDM’76) and Jane H. Dellheim (SED’75)

Leslie C. Dietiker and Laura M. Jimenez

Yuhong Jia (SED’03) and Lingsheng Dong

Mary E. Doona (SED’75)

Sylvia R. Doran (SED’54,’57)

Sara B. Dowse (CFA’68, SED’78) and Leonard H. Dowse

Kevin E. Drumm (SED’78,’80) and Bonnie G. Drumm

Danielle E. Dugan (CAS’00, SED’08)

Paul J. Dulac (CAS’93) and Laura R. Dulac (SED’93)

William E. Durall (SED’88) and Margaret E. Durall

Stephan E. Ellenwood and Patricia Ellenwood

Richard J. Farley (SED’68,’75) and Suzanne M. Farley

Richard G. Fecteau (SED’51)

John R. Ferreira (SED’67) and Kathy Ferreira

Virginia B. Finnie (SED’68) and Bruce Finnie

Suzanne R. Fishman (SED’62) and Lawrence M. Fishman

J. Kevin Foley (SED’67) and Elaine K. Foley (DGE’65, SED’67)

Linda M. Frank (SED’65)

Pamela M. Franklin (SED’97)

Gail F. Freifeld (SED’67) and Stephen F. Freifeld

Lawrence French (SED’58)

Ann S. Frick (SED’69) and David R. Frick

Gordon P. Fyhr (CGS’60, SED’62)

Gina M. Galland (CAS’05, SED’12)

Theodore E. Gerrig (Questrom’53) and Joan S. Gerrig (SED’55)

Perry T. Golas (Questrom’04) and Sara N. Golas (SED’03)

Elena M. Goldstein (SED’65)

Spencer A. Gould (SED’74)

Elizabeth J. Grossman (CGS’67, SED’70)

Elliot S. Grupp (Questrom’67,’73) and Barbara H. Grupp (SED’68)

Tunde M. Agboola (ENG’10) and Gabrielle L. Hajjar Agboola (CGS’07, Questrom’10, SED’12)

Marcia M. Hall (SED’65) and Richard A. Hall

Anderson L. Hartzell and Theresa A. Hartzell

Thelma A. Hedberg (PAL’55, SED’74)

Timothy J. Hegan (SED’13)

James B. Higgins (SED’65) and Anne O. Higgins

Gilbert R. Hoy (CAS’78) and Francis C. Hoy

John M. Hyde

Deborah M. Isom (CAS’73, SED’91)

Steven W. Jarvi (SED’81)

Robert A. Jaye (SED’93,’98) and Diane Jaye

Betty W. Johnson (SED’74) and Reverend Dr. Alvan N. Johnson, Jr. (STH’74)

Francine L. Johnson (SED’85)

Nancy A. Johnson (SED’77)

Rollin E. Johnson (CGS’55, SED’57, STH’61) and Carol J. Johnson (SSW’59, MET’77)

Amy Kales (SED’67) and Arthur N. Kales

Deborah L. Katchko-Gray (SED’79) and F. Scott Gray

Margaret P. Kerber (CAS’52, SED’55)

Georgia L. Kimble (SED’58)

Karl D. Klauck (CAS’71, LAW’74) and Susan P. Klauck (SED’72)

Melissa H. Klepacki (CGS’90, SED’92) and Jeffrey G. Klepacki

Cheryl A. Kozyra (SED’77) and Barry Kozyra

Sheila D. Landay (SED’63) and Charles M. Landay

Catherine A. Latham (SAR’91) and John Latham (SED’83)

Jonathan M. Lazzara

William H. LeBlond (SED’81)

Christine M. Leider

Helen A. Lepkowski (PAL’55, Questrom’57, SED’72,’72) and Edward L. Lepkowski

Andrew R. Levinsky (COM’83, SED’87)

Marcia M. Lewis (SED’59) and Myron S. Lewis

George A. Logue (SED’72)

Linda R. Machiz (CFA’77, SED’80)

Daryl G. MacLeod (SED’81) and Deborah A. MacLeod

Donald A. MacLeod (CAS’58, SED’65) and Marlene M. MacLeod (SED’61,’69)

Neil Mahoney (DGE’58, SED’63)

Robert J. Mahoney and Kathleen M. Mahoney

Blaine C. Maus (SED’70) and Cathy Maus

Mary Maxwell

Margaret A. Mays (SED’62)

Gail B. Mazur

James B. McCann (SED’69) and Elaine M. McCann

Edmund R. McGrath (SED’86) and Patricia E. McGrath

Christy N. McIntyre (SED’99)

Jennifer K. McNair (SED’94) and Russell McNair

Brian H. Miller (SDM’75) and Judith J. Miller (CGS’67, SED’69)

Madeleine Miller (Questrom’77, SED’07)

Carol S. Millet (SED’72) and David J. Millet

Angela Cooper Mota (COM’02, SED’12) and Rob Mota

Sandra D. Mumford (SED’98) and William M. Mumford

Margaret C. Munroe (SED’86) and Kevin S. Munroe

Laura Murray-Tjan and Anthony K. Tjan

Jean F. Nathan (SED’52,’61) and David G. Nathan

Barbara L. Neckers (SED’57) and Donald A. Neckers

John C. Nelson (SED’65,’71) and Beverly A. Nelson

Martha W. Taylor-Nobile (SED’74) and Felice A. Nobile

Mairead T. Nolan

Catherine O’Connor and Matthew Robert (SAR’95)

Ynez H. Olshausen (SED’83)

Barbara G. O’Rourke (SED’62)

Helen A. Osborne (SED’78) and Frank W. Osborne

Paul A. Painten (SED’64)

George T. Papadopoulos (ENG’01) and Ashley A. Papadopoulos (CGS’99, SED’01)

Jeff Papows

Michael Pappas (DGE’58, CAS’60, SED’62) and Grace S. Pappas (CAS’62)

Jeanne R. Paratore (SED’83) and Dominic A. Paratore

Catharine J. Parker (SED’70) and Timothy M. Parker

R. Wayne Parrish (STH’84) and Carole B. Parrish (CAS’71, SED’73)

Brad D. Peloquin (CFA’00, SED’16) and Jeff Poulos

Carmen D. Perez (SED’13)

Victoria I. Perez (SED’15)

Carl A. Perrino (SED’57)

Edward G. Peterson (SED’67) and Janet Peterson

Lois J. Pill (SED’56) and Alfred E. Pill

Judy G. Poll (SED’64) and Harvey S. Poll

Francis X. Powers (SED’75) and Linda B. Powers

Philip Preston (SED’67)

Tereza Prime (CAS’62, SED’63) and Garry A. Prime

Daniela Ramirez-Schrempp

Suzanne W. Rebick (SED’73) and Charles Rebick

Nancy L. Ricks (SED’67,’74)

William J. Riley (SED’68,’72,’99)

Gerald Rosenblatt (CAS’53, SED’54, MED’59) and Lorraine M. Rosenblatt

Gilbert S. Ross and Joyce I. Ross

Nancy L. Russell (SED’75)

John T. Ryan (SED’55) and M. Eileen Ryan

Eleanore Schloss (SED’64) and Eugene Schloss

David A. Schubert (Questrom’86) and Mary-Anne Schubert (SED’85)

Elizabeth A. Schultz (SED’77) and Robert G. Bone

SED-ECLL Auction Donors

Joan H. Shaver (SED’62) and Paul J. Shaver

Ann L. Shofer (SED’81) and Henry L. Shofer

John F. Silveria (SED’72) and M. Sandra Silveria

Anne B. Smith (SED’75) and Curtis R. Smith

Susan S. Spellman (SED’82, SAR’88)

Pamela M. Stanton (SED’84) and John G. Sawyer (Questrom’65)

Lois F. Stark (SED’66) and George Stark

Valerie C. Stelling (SED’78) and John D. Stelling

Terri B. Stevens (SED’68) and Bruce A. Stevens

Glenn Street (CAS’82, MET’94) and Deborah P. Street

Lynne R. Sullivan (SED’72)

James C. Taylor (SED’77) and Marie A. Taylor

Debbie T. Thomas (SED’74) and Jack E. Thomas

Hall Thompson (Questrom’71) and Deborah C. Thompson (SED’68)

Martha B. Thompson (SED’65) and David D. Thompson

Arlene S. Tofias (SED’63)

George G. Tyrrell (SED’72) and Maura G. Tyrrell

Lenore A. Vaux (SED’54)

Joseph G. Wankerl (SED’64)

Angela L. Watson (SED’07, CAS’07)

Jerry R. Wexler (MED’71, CAS’71) and Helen H. Wexler (SED’71)

Laurel A. Whalen (MET’97, SED’15)

Emanuel L. Williams (SED’77) and Thelma L. Williams

Jillian M. Zeller (SED’14)



Anonymous (5)

Mona E. Aaron (SED’85) and Edward G. Aaron

Darrell L. Abbott (SED’69) and Bunny Abbott

Barbara M. Abbott (CAS’59, SED’62) and George H. Abbott

Elizabeth A. Seitz (GRS’89,’95) and Jorge C. Abellas-Martin

Debra B. Abeshaus (SED’73)

Susan U. Abraham (CAS’67, SED’68) and Philip Abraham

Destiny R. Acidera (CAS’09)

Christine A. Adair (SED’01,’02) and Hunter Adair

Nicole Adamo (SED’03, CAS’03)

Roger C. Adams (CGS’54, COM’56) and Nancy S. Adams (SED’54)

Lynn M. Adams (SED’72)

Gladi M. Adams (CAS’56, SED’57) and Ella Matthes

Pamela Adelman

Daniel H. Adler (SED’14)

Lawrence R. Adler (SED’76,’90) and Eva S. Adler

Sheila K. Advani (SED’96) and Tushar K. Advani

Eugenio P. Mendivil and Norma A. Aguayo-Mendivil

Lyndsey A. Aguilar (SED’17)

Angela M. Ahern (SED’91,’92) and Richard Ahern

Carol O. Airasian (SED’69) and George Airasian

Ayalew H. Aklog (SED’85) and Terengo Argaw

Michael K. Albert (SED’92) and Laina Julier (SED’91, SSW’00)

Robert J. Aldrich (SED’59) and Kathleen A. Aldrich

David E. Allen (CGS’60, SED’62) and Ruthanne G. Allen (CGS’63, SED’65)

Jennifer M. Aller (SED’11,’12)

Fatima Allie (SED’58)

Ralph L. Allison and Sherry P. Allison

Jeanne Almeroth (SED’72) and John J. O’Donnell

Marijke D. Alsbach (MET’73, SED’88)

Allan L. Alson (SED’78) and Sue A. Glaser

Val C. Altieri (SED’09,’18)

Daniel W. Alvino (SED’63)

Eric Ambrette (SED’0)

Luis A. Ambroggio and Lilliam A. Ambroggio

Helen D. Amoriggi (SED’81)

Amelia E. Anderson (SED’83) and Charles W. Anderson

Jeanette M. Anderson (SED’75,’88) and O. John Anderson

Kayla Anderson (CAS’19)

Wanda E. Anderson (SED’90)

Yvette H. Anderson (SED’94) and William G. Anderson

Joyce A. Anderson-Kujala (SED’70)

Meg P. Andrews (CGS’09, COM’11, SED’15)

Amanda C. Andreyev (SED’10)

Joseph A. Andriano (Questrom’10) and Sarah B. Andriano (SED’11)

Constance M. Anick (SED’73) and Peter G. Anick

Mary F. Annas (CAS’85, SED’86) and George J. Annas

Ann Marie W. Anover (SED’17)

Nancy J. Ansteth (SED’97)

Laura E. Appelbaum (CGS’14, CAS’16)

Gary B. Archibald (SED’65) and Cynthia H. Archibald

Mary S. Ardoin

Linda M. Arel (DGE’73) and Phillippe A. Arel

Mary K. Argys (Questrom’49, SED’51) and Chris D. Argys

Herbert C. Arico (SED’51,’61) and Lucille S. Arico

Ann L. Armstrong (SED’68)

Mary E. Arnold (SAR’45, SED’49)

Lesley C. Arnold (CGS’70, SED’72,’79)

Linda R. Arnold (SED’70)

Geila S. Aronson (CAS’64, SED’71) and Martin L. Aronson

Patricia M. Arredondo (SED’78)

George F. Arsnow (SED’58,’59) and Joyce S. Arsnow (CAS’59)

Jason M. Asciola (CAS’00, SED’01)

Adele L. Ash (SED’71) and Melvin G. Ash

Barbara L. Ash (Questrom’62, SED’66,’82)

John J. Aslanian (SED’12)

Maya M. Atamaniuk (SED’88)

David M. Auxter (SED’65)

Ernest J. Avallone (SED’84) and Lorraine A. Avallone

Catherine B. Avery (SED’81)

Rachel T. Noel (SED’94) and Daniel R. Avigad Noel

Jacob Murray and Jennifer B. Azzara

Margaret Q. Babbitt (SED’71)

Michael F. Babini and Kathleen M. Babini

Ann M. Babish

Suzanne Bacon

Richard A. Badaracco (SED’81)

Deborah Baden (SED’71)

Matthew K. Bae (CGS’10, COM’12, SED’17)

Maria M. Baeza (SSW’77) and John M. Miller

Charlene M. Bailey (SED’71) and Robert W. Bailey

Susan Y. Bailey (SED’79) and Robert E. Bailey

Donna B. Bainbridge (SAR’67, SED’90) and Lyle S. Bainbridge

Robin Baird (SED’16)

S. Boyer Baird (SED’78) and Kathleen B. Baird

John P. Baker (SED’68) and Frankie A. Baker

Margie R. Baker (SED’74)

Natasha R. Baker (SED’13)

Linda B. Bakken (SED’83) and Gordon J. Bakken

Wayne E. Baldwin (SED’70) and Kathy Baldwin

Janet G. Balise (SED’69)

Patricia C. Ball (SED’73) and William E. Ball

Patricia P. Bamforth

Richard A. Bamforth (SED’82)

Susan E. Bangs (SED’86)

Sophia E. Barbanel (SED’20)

Christine Barbas (SED’92)

Rose M. Barker (SED’66) and David Barker

Joseph A. Barletta (CGS’56, SED’58,’61) and Claire L. Barletta

Meredith Barnhart (SED’07)

Steffie O. Baron (SED’59) and G. M. Winship

Douglas J. Barone (SED’80) and Donna J. Turner

Melissa I. Barragan-Cruz (SED’10)

John L. Swearingen (Questrom’87) and Carolyn C. Barrett (SED’76)

David R. Barrett and Sharon M. Barrett

Walter E. Barrett (SED’49,’55) and Olive E. Barrett

Robert Barrett (SED’10)

Robert F. Barrett (SED’52) and Cynthia A. Barrett (SPH’85)

Sharon W. Barrett (SED’81) and James W. Barrett

Tania R. Barton (Questrom’70, SED’71) and Dennis L. Barton

Maryellen T. Bashioum (SED’60) and Douglas L. Bashioum

Frederick J. Bassi (SED’70)

Ann S. Batchelder (SED’76)

Joy B. Bauer (SED’82)

Carol Baum (SED’70,’71)

Katharine L. Baum (SED’66)

Malvena M. Baxter (SED’88) and Wilfred J. Baxter

Daniel Bayer

David M. Bayer (CAS’64) and Nancy Bayer (CGS’62, SED’69)

Emma S. Bayer (SED’13)

Jodi A. Bayne (SED’79)

G. Jean Beach (SED’77)

Deborah C. Beal (SED’77)

Michael S. Beamer (SED’05) and Catherine B. Beamer

Marion T. Bean (SED’59,’74)

Arthur Beane (SED’76,’01) and Margaret Peloquin

Carol I. Bearse (DGE’65, SED’67) and Brian H. MacKintosh

Emily L. Beattie (SED’76)

David E. Beer (SED’69) and Jane E. Beer

Abigail M. Beermann (SED’20)

Alissa Beideck (SED’15)

Benjamin Bejar (MET’90, LAW’98) and Mary A. Bejar (SED’91, LAW’98)

Ellen E. Belinsky (SED’12)

Christopher C. Bell (SED’78) and Sadie H. Bell

Joseph H. Bellefeuille (SED’04) and Carolyn S. Bellefeuille

Sheri A. Bellow (CAS’74, SED’75) and Lawrence Rose

Jerald A. Belofsky (COM’73) and Patrice A. Belofsky (SED’73)

Peter C. Belval (CGS’55) and Josephine A. Belval (Questrom’59, SED’60)

Kimberly A. Schnitker (SED’93) and Howard Benard

Daniel W. Benedetti and KyungAh Chung-Benedetti

Beth A. Benjamin (SED’85)

Jeffrey A. Bennett (SED’17)

Christine Bentlyewski (SED’16)

Susan Y. Berenson (SED’80) and Harry W. Berenson

Jeffrey M. Berg (SED’08)

Cynthia Bergan

Neil J. Bergenroth (SED’97) and Mary C. Bergenroth

Jamie A. Bergstein (SED’15)

Warren H. Bergstrom (SED’53,’61) and Judith E. Bergstrom

Deborah P. Bernheimer (SED’78) and Allan M. Berheimer

Steven D. Berkshire (SED’94) and Eileen Swinehart

Dorothy A. Berman (SED’73)

Marc Berman

Paul J. Bermel and Deborah B. Bermel

Philip A. Bernier and Patricia F. Bernier

Edgar E. Bernstein (CAS’70, SED’72) and Susan E. Bernstein

Louise J. Berthel (CGS’65, SED’67) and Peter Hurwitz

Bertram L. Berube (SED’72) and Sharon F. Berube

Marcie A. Berul (SED’01,’03)

Raphael E. Spitzer (CAS’12) and Rachael S. Besser (SED’10)

Dicken Bettinger (SED’81) and Coizie F. Bettinger

Elizabeth Bettini

Lillian F. Bicchieri (CAS’12, SED’16)

Stephanie F. Bielagus (SED’12)

Andrea Bien

Dorothy Bier (SED’66) and Max R. Bier

John C. Bigelow (SED’58)

Lucretia H. Billups (SED’53) and Samuel R. Billups

Timothy J. Binegar (SED’01) and Stacy Binegar

Nadine Bonda (SED’74,’77) and Clark S. Binkley

Ronald H. Binkney (SED’84)

Frank E. Bishop (SED’67)

Isabel M. Bishop (SED’46,’58,’62) and David W. Bishop

Laura B. Bitler (SED’10)

Eric D. Bitterman (CGS’88, CAS’90, SED’91) and Amy Bitterman

Alexander Bizanek (BUA’18)

Christopher E. Black (CGS’71, SED’73)

Ryan Blair (SED’16)

Mary B. Blanchard (SED’71) and Edward M. Blanchard

David M. Blauch (CAS’01, SED’01) and Yen M. Tieu (CAS’01)

Elizabeth Blevins (SED’05)

Stephen H. Kay (LAW’87) and Susan R. Bloch (SAR’81, SED’88)

Helaine M. Block (SED’89)

Sarah D. Blodgett (SED’19)

Susan D. Blom (SED’73) and Robert S. Lininger

Ronelle J. Bloom (SED’70)

Louise L. Blumenthal (SED’82) and Richard M. Blumenthal

Mark G. Bock and Doris A. Bock

Aaron M. Bockmiller (CAS’17, ENG’17)

Nancy E. Bogg-Kiefner (SED’69) and Mark G. Kiefner

Kristina Bogovich (SED’70,’72)

K. David Bombaugh (SED’79) and Donna Bombaugh

Louise A. Bonar (Questrom’58, SED’77) and Laurence C. Bonar

Heather A. Bonarrigo (SED’98, CAS’98)

Gillian C. Boni (SED’10)

Brooke Booth (SED’16)

Mindy S. Booth (CGS’71, SED’73) and Gary B. Hayward

Samantha A. Booth (SED’10) and Dan Booth

Suzanne L. Borenstein (SED’65) and Henry P. Borenstein

Mitchell B. Borrow (SED’86) and Caroline F. Borrow (SED’87)

Andrew Bottoms

Brian Boughton (SED’11)

Michael R. Boulay (SED’01,’05)

David A. Bourdon (CGS’61, SED’63) and Maryina I. Bourdon

Donald R. Bourke (SED’62)

Ernest G. Boutote (SED’56)

Irene L. Boutote (SED’64)

Lawrence A. Boyle (CAS’63, SED’68)

Susan F. Boyle (SED’65) and William E. Boyle

Nancy N. Boyles (SED’72,’80) and Ronald C. Boyles

David G. Bradbury (CFA’65) and Leslie H. Bradbury (SED’66)

Pamela R. Bradbury (CAS’67, SED’72) and Peter Bradbury

William A. Bradford (SED’73) and Ann M. Bradford

Mary F. Bradley (SED’59)

Harriet K. Brand (SED’74, SPH’94)

Joyce L. Branfman (SED’72, SSW’87) and Alan R. Branfman

William J. Brathwaite (DGE’49, SED’51) and Barbara E. Brathwaite

Pearl J. Braverman (SED’57)

Patricia A. Brazee (SED’53)

Daniel J. Brennan (SED’70)

Barbara J. Bressler (DGE’68, SED’70) and Martin J. Bressler

C. Stephen Bressler (SED’76, GRS’80) and Linda H. Bressler

Arnold Briggs (SED’67,’74) and Marcia L. Briggs

Florence R. Brilliant (SED’46)

Martha A. Brine (SED’88)

Travis Bristol

Peter F. Broaca (SED’59)

Steven N. Broder and Amy S. Broder

Gwendolyn L. Brooks (SED’79)

Phyllis Brooks (SED’71)

Judith E. Brooks Gibbs (SED’73)

Lloyd E. Brotman (CGS’69, CAS’71) and Merrill F. Brotman (CGS’69, SED’71)

Benson R. Brown (CGS’58, SED’60,’63) and Emily M. Brown

Cortez V. Brown (SED’73)

Frederick L. Brown (SED’60) and Virginia A. Brown

Glenn J. Brown (SED’98)

Jacque M. Brown (SED’79,’80) and Laurdeen P. Brown

Johnny D. Brown (SED’65) and Elia L. Brown

Judith A. Brown (SED’62)

Megan E. Brown (COM’19)

Richard G. Brown (SED’52,’55)

Robert L. Brown (SED’65,’70) and Marjorie L. Brown (SED’67)

Shirley D. Lewis-Brown (SED’81) and F. J. Brown

Veronica L. Brown-Rios (SED’17)

Robert T. Bruzzese (SED’64,’79, SSW’71)

Jennifer R. Bryson (SED’98,’05,’18) and Jeffrey S. Bryson

Elizabeth A. Brzozowski (SED’04)

Bruce M. Bucci

Martha M. Buche (SED’92) and James J. Pattison

James W. Buckham (CAS’87) and Eileen J. Buckham (CAS’87, SED’90)

Marianne U. Buddington (SED’61)

Jacqueline Bullock (CGS’74, CAS’76, SED’77)

Mary M. Burdick (SED’64) and James F. Burdick

Angela Burgos (SED’98)

Benjamin H. Burka and Ruth A. Burka

Clare M. Burke (SED’75) and Robert E. Hillberg

Jack J. Burke (SED’71) and Kathy S. Burke

Sandra Burkin (SED’56)

Dianne M. Burley (SED’68,’69) and Gord Burley

Charles M. Burnett (SED’85) and Paula C. Burnett

Andrea Burns (CAS’83, ENG’83,’88) and Kenneth Burns

Jeff J. Burns (COM’01)

Marilyn J. Burysz (SED’79)

Margery K. Bussey (SED’71) and James J. Bussey

Naomi B. Butler (MET’73, SED’74) and Jeremy Butler

Edward M. Butrick (SED’74, SSW’85)

Charles M. Butterfield (SED’68) and Judith M. Dussault

Molly R. Buttitta (SED’04)

Marcy S. Byer (SED’81) and Theodore S. Byer

Denis P. Byrne (MED’70) and Joan D. Byrne (SED’71)

Vicky R. Caburian (SAR’92, SED’93)

Stephanie A. Cacace (SED’09) and Joseph M. Cacace

Robert A. Caggiano (SED’76,’81) and May A. Harper

Harry L. Katzman (SED’77) and Karma L. Cain

John B. Calandrella (CAS’65, SED’74) and Claudia D. Calandrella

Victor P. Caliri (SED’53,’54,’72) and Laurice A. Caliri

Michelle R. Callanan (SED’07)

Richard J. Callahan (SED’79) and Deborah D. Callahan

Francis M. Cammarata (SED’77)

Elizabeth A. Campbell (SED’09) and Brian Campbell

Katherine Campbell Ervelli (SED’06)

Marie M. Campobasso (SED’65) and Joseph P. Campobasso

Alan S. Canestrari (SED’85) and Nancy L. Canestrari

Victoria C. Cangiano (SED’13,’15)

Kathy Cannon (SED’03,’05) and Scott Berk

Madison Cannon (SED’17)

Nicholas R. Canova (Questrom’12, CAS’12)

Rachel E. Cape (CAS’11, SED’14)

Christina M. Cardone (SED’13)

Cristina G. Cardone (SED’10)

Diane A. Carenas (DGE’64, CAS’66, SED’67)

Katherine A. Carlebach (SED’12)

Deborah Carnaroli (SED’76)

Kathleen A. Carpenter (SED’74)

Pamela J. Carpenter (SED’96)

Teresa S. Carpenter (SED’06)

Andrea M. Carr (SON’74, SED’83)

Jenny A. Carron (CGS’06, CAS’08, SED’11)

Jose A. Santos-Cartagena (SED’87) and Maria Cartagena

Caysie Carter (SED’19)

Evans J. Carter and Barbara R. Carter

Zoe A. Carter (CAS’05, COM’05, SED’09)

Marcia C. Carthaus (SED’60) and Richard W. Carthaus

Molly-Kate Carven (SED’17)

Ann B. Cary (SED’82) and Takayasu Mitani

Erica C. Casacci (CAS’12, SED’13)

Mario L. Casali (SED’51) and Norma Casali

Naomi R. Caselli (SED’09, GRS’10)

Nicole L. Casolari (SED’17, CAS’17)

Geraldine W. Cass (SED’74)

Douglas J. Cassady (SED’97)

James L. Cassella (SED’68) and Kathleen C. Cassella (SED’68)

Marcia E. Cassidy (SED’80) and Dennis M. Cassidy

Leslie B. Cassuto (SED’86)

Diane S. Castle (SED’55) and William E. Castle

Martha Catsouphes (GRS’00) and Corvis S. Catsouphes (SED’74)

Amanda L. Cavagnero (SED’13)

James E. Cavanaugh (SED’78) and Jeanne A. Cavanaugh

Lisa A. Caverly (SED’94) and Mickey J. Caverly

Crista M. Cavicchio (SSW’05, SED’06)

Ralph J. Cecere (SED’60) and Lorraine N. Cecere

Kathleen Cedrone Vaccaro (SED’72,’74) and John L. Vaccaro

Angela Viveiros (SED’59) and Albert Cedroni

Rosalind Chachkes (SED’57)

Julia A. Chambliss and Floyd J. Fowler

Brandon J. Chan (SED’18)

Michael K. Chan (SED’16)

Wayne W. Chan (CGS’98, SED’00)

Wing Ki Winki Chan (SED’19, CAS’19)

Meredith A. Chandler (CGS’79, SED’81)

Karen P. Chaney (SED’14)

Richard S. Chang (SED’04)

Nina P. Charing (SED’63)

Kimya Charles (SED’10)

Lucille H. Charron (SED’51)

Benjamin H. Chase (SED’11)

Zi Chen (SED’17,’17)

Iris A. Chenoweth (SED’63) and Robert T. Chenoweth

Marcia S. Cherry (SED’67) and Vincent J. Cherry

Chia-Ling Chiang (SED’08)

John E. Child (GRS’92) and Deborah S. Child

Edmond W. Chin (ENG’74, Questrom’75) and Susan Y. Chin (SED’75)

Hui Wen Chin (SED’18)

Joseph Chismar (SED’12,’16)

Joanna W. Chodes (CGS’66, SED’68)

Merle K. Chong (SED’58)

Eddirland D. Christel (LAW’91) and John H. Christel (SED’95)

Marie K. Christensen (SED’69)

Dennis V. Christo (SED’71) and Dorothy M. Christo

Donna M. Christy (SED’89) and Paul M. DeSantis

Steven Christy (SED’90)

Michaella C. Chung (SED’15)

Diane H. Cicogna (SED’71,’72) and Joseph M. Cicogna

Cheryl L. Clark (SED’82)

Helen F. Clark (SED’65)

Judith A. Clark (SED’78) and Robert S. Clark

Meghan C. Clark (CAS’15, SED’15)

Rashita Clark (SED’17)

Ronald F. Clark (SED’90) and Katherine M. Waters-Clark

Katherine F. Claybon (DGE’69, SED’71) and Louis E. Claybon

Lorry W. Clayman (SED’59) and Martin A. Clayman

Jacklyn B. Clayton (SED’81,’93) and Paul C. Clayton

Christopher M. Cleary (SED’09, CAS’09)

Pamela K. Cleghorn (SED’74)

Alice M. Clifford

Suzanne H. Cloutier (CGS’67, SED’69,’73)

Arthur M. Coates (CAS’61) and Diana S. Coates (SED’55,’60)

Thomas E. Coburn (SED’62)

Julia Cocca (SED’17)

Michael J. Cockill (SED’75) and Anita E. Cockill

Dorothea Coderre (SED’65) and Raymond P. Coderre

Judith R. Cody (SED’62)

Janet B. Coe (SED’43)

Jack W. Coffey (Questrom’59) and Patricia A. Coffey (SED’74)

Sally W. Cogan (SED’72)

Mary E. Coghlan (SED’65)

Leonard H. Cohen (Questrom’57, LAW’61) and Ileen S. Cohen (SED’58)

Molly M. Cohen (SED’19)

Nancy J. Cohen (CGS’64, SED’66) and Arthur L. Cohen

Sandra S. Cohen (SED’68,’79)

Saundra P. Cohen (SED’70) and Michael J. Cohen

Vivian M. Cohen (CAS’71, SED’72)

Carol A. Cohn (CAS’75)

Marla W. Colarusso (SED’75) and Alan J. Colarusso

Ronald P. Colbert (SED’88)

Amorette R. Colby

Arlene I. Cole (SED’63) and Laurence G. Cole

Irma Cole (SED’70)

Peter F. Cole (GRS’67) and Marilyn A. Cole (SED’71)

William C. Coleman (STH’78) and Roslyn B. Coleman (SED’71,’80)

Diana L. Colley (SED’66) and George A. Colley

John W. Collins (SED’85) and Linda Collins

Margaret Collins (SED’17)

Margaret A. Collins (SED’69) and Charles W. Collins

Rosemary F. Colson (SED’74)

The Estate of Bonita Coltin

Leanna R. Conant (SED’07)

Joyce K. Conklin (SED’58) and Robert B. Conklin

Eilish A. Connaughton (SED’79)

Lavinia M. Connors (SED’65) and John F. Connors

Evelyn L. Ford-Connors (SED’12) and Edward G. Connors

Lauren E. Consalvo (CAS’09, SED’12, Questrom’18)

William Contente (CAS’77, LAW’84) and Susan Y. Contente (SED’83)

Michael P. Convicer (CFA’12, MET’14, SED’17)

Sharon Mathieu (SED’00) and Steven C. Conway

Dorothy F. Coombes (CGS’64, SED’67) and Robert Coombes

John A. Cooper (SED’79)

Holly S. Coppinger (SED’73) and Douglas K. Coppinger

Andrew V. Coravos (SED’55) and Thelma Coravos

Eleanor Q. Corbett (SAR’52, SED’55) and John P. Corbett

Timothy J. Corkery (SED’60) and Mary C. Corkery

Katherine H. Cornetta (SED’06)

Thomas J. Corrigan and Maureen A. Corrigan

Anne C. Corriveau (SED’09)

Lauren Costello

Thomas J. Cottle and Kay Cottle

Peter J. Coughlan (SED’88) and Teresa M. Coughlan

Mary A. Coughlin

Margaret Coughlin

Ernest J. Coulouras (DGE’56, SED’58,’61,’72) and Helen C. Coulouras

Patricia Coussa (SED’81)

Christina M. Coviello (SED’10)

Talia L. Cowen (SED’17)

Patricia J. Cox (SED’58) and John Cox

Elizabeth R. Coyne (SED’68)

Molly C. Coyne (COM’12, SED’15)

Christopher James Coyne (SED’95)

Mason Craig (SED’17)

Margaret A. Crandall (SED’71)

Rita M. Creagh (SED’57)

Daniel T. Cremin (SED’78)

Jesse S. Croach (SED’01)

Kevin P. Cronin (Questrom’85) and Claudia R. Cronin (SED’85)

Maritta M. Cronin (SED’63) and John A. Cronin

Paul F. Cronin (SED’73) and Denise A. Cronin

Barbara J. Crookshank (SED’81)

Randolph Cross (SED’65) and Germaine Cross

Carol A. Crossen and Gary C. Crossen

Philip T. Crotty (Questrom’63, SED’71)

Thomas R. Crowe (SED’61) and Dale B. Crowe

Jonathan R. Cummings (CAS’98) and Nancy Cummings (SED’99, CAS’99)

Helen L. Cunneen (SED’67)

Catherine M. Cunningham (SED’13)

Lynn E. Cunningham (SED’77)

Maribarbara Cunningham (SED’73) and Matthew G. Scheppard

Stephanie M. Curenton-Jolly

Helen Curhan (SED’94)

Leanne M. Curley (SED’13,’16, CAS’13)

Stefanie A. Curry (SED’02) and Tad J. Curry

Roy B. Curseaden (CGS’65, SED’67) and Cheryl Curseaden

Greta F. Curtis (SED’79)

Verna P. Curtis (SED’68) and Edward L. Curtis

Sarah L. Schwartz-Cuscutis (COM’94) and J. Cuscutis

Barbara C. Cutler (SED’90) and George Cutler

Adrienne M. Cytto (SED’15)

Diane M. Way (SED’88) and Thomas D’Agostino

Martha B. Daigle (SED’92) and Christopher C. Daigle

Deborah B. Dong (Questrom’86, LAW’07) and Charles A. Dal Corobbo

Kay O’Dwyer (SED’98) and Seamus Daly

Zachary S. Rossetti and Laura E. D’Amato

Kathleen Dameo (DGE’67, SED’69,’70)

Aria Dammando (SSW’17, SED’17)

Dana A. D’Amour (SED’69,’71,’83) and Kaellen D’Amour

Danielle Damren

Philip T. Dancause (Questrom’53, SED’68) and Mary J. Dancause

Frank D. D’Andrea (SED’50)

Caroline F. Danehy (CGS’18, SED’18)

Mary M. Dangora and Stephen M. Dangora

Leah E. Daniels (SED’14)

Anita B. Danker (SED’98)

Pamela K. Dannelly (SED’75) and William D. Dannelly

Antonio M. DaRocha (SED’84) and Phyllis Johnson-DaRocha

Nermeen Dashoush and Milton A. Pesantez

Grace R. Dastous (SED’17)

Richard A. David (SED’82) and Biruta I. David

Thomas D. Davidow (SED’76) and Carol L. Davidow

Myrna E. Davidson (SED’54) and Murray H. Davidson

Steven H. Davidson (SED’07,’17) and Kelly Davidson (SED’09)

Frederick A. Davino (CGS’62, SED’64,’67) and Alice H. Davino

Barbara B. Davis (SED’77,’79) and Willis L. Davis

Doris M. Davis (SED’78)

Patricia M. Davis (SED’71) and Kenneth R. Davis

Paul G. Davis (CFA’65, SED’75) and Barbara E. Davis

Renee M. Davis (SED’95) and Matthew S. Davis

Stephen B. Davis (Questrom’60) and Betsy B. Davis (SED’69)

Garland F. Pinkston (LAW’74) and Vicki Davis (SED’73)

Tami S. Martin (SED’86,’97) and Roger Day

Sandra Deacon Carr (SED’89) and Jerry Carr

Madeline H. Dean (DGE’67, SED’69) and Lawrence D. Dean

Michele F. DeAngelis (SED’64)

Delora E. Deans (SED’64,’66)

Harry Deans

Kirsten E. Decortin (SED’13)

Concetta J. DeCotis (SED’83) and John D. DeCotis

Ruth A. DeCrescentis (CAS’91, SED’92)

Barbara M. Deeb (CGS’64, SED’66) and Elias G. Deeb

Roberta D. DeFonce (SED’69) and Robert F. DeFonce

Virginia M. DeForge (SON’74,’86) and Robert D. DeForge (SED’84)

George P. DeGeorge (SED’98) and Denise Chamberland

William J. DeGregorio (DGE’54, SED’58) and Esther J. DeGregorio

Michael Del Greco (SED’09,’11)

Osvaldo Del Valle (SED’08)

Jane R. Delaney (SED’67)

Patricia E. Delapenha-Simmons (SED’75)

Marsha Della-Giustina (COM’74, SED’85)

Edward J. DelSignore (CAS’10, SED’11)

Domenica A. DeLuca (SED’18)

Jacob Deluise (SED’14)

Patricia B. DelVal (SED’76)

Katherine C. Delvaux (SED’14)

Adele Demers (SED’57)

Jane C. Demers (Questrom’83) and Walter V. Demers

Lincoln A. DeMoura (SED’76) and Judith A. DeMoura

John W. Denison

Michael J. Dennehy (CAS’92, SED’01) and Sharon R. Dennehy

William T. Dennehy (SED’60)

Norman J. Deptula (DGE’54, SED’56) and Margaret B. Deptula

Judith D. Depue (SED’72,’77, SPH’93) and Thomas J. Lamonte

Donald A. DeRosa (SED’91,’01) and Rosemarie DeRosa

Booker T. DeVaughn (SED’75)

Anne M. Deveau (SED’58) and Ruben Deveau

Bryan C. Devenney (SED’03) and Laura L. Devenney

Michele A. DeVito (SED’98) and Justin F. DeVito

Christopher R. Devits (SED’10,’16)

Sonja M. Devitt (DGE’57, SED’59,’60)

Steven J. Devlin (CAS’78, SED’81) and Bonnie N. Devlin

Susan M. Devol (SED’71)

Murray Dewart and Mary Dewart

Irene R. Dhosi (SED’63) and Joseph M. Dhosi

Jeffrey E. Di Iuglio (SED’78)

Marcia L. Di Jiosia (SED’72)

Salvador R. Diaz-Bazan

Paula L. DiCamillo (SED’96)

E. James Dickey (STH’60) and Sally A. Dickey (SED’59)

Harriet B. Dickman (SED’60) and Stanwood Dickman

Ann M. Dickson (SED’83) and Andrew Dickson

Donald T. Diefendorf (SED’72)

Cheryl D. Dignan (SED’90) and Thomas F. Dignan

Vincent E. DiMilla (DGE’58, CAS’60, SED’65) and Elizabeth L. DiMilla

Howard T. Dimmick (SED’68) and Carole A. Dimmick (SED’74)

Di Ding (SED’17)

Barbara S. Dobro (SED’54, PAL’54) and Murray S. Dobro

Sally Dogon (SED’56) and I. Leon Dogon

Janice A. Dolan (SAR’56, SED’60)

Storm E. Dolan (CAS’17, COM’17)

Amanda N. Dolce (SED’16)

Vivian P. Dole (SED’89) and William K. Dole

Brian J. Domanowski (SED’13)

Susan L. Donaher (SED’94)

Shanna Donnelly (SED’16)

Judy T. Donovan (SED’98) and D. Patrick Donovan

Mary Louise Donovan (SED’60,’76)

Margaret A. Yorganjian (SED’79) and Francis X. Dooher

Helen C. Dooner (SED’80)

John G. Dorais (SED’53) and Nyleen H. Dorais

Brian Dougherty and Lori Dougherty

Sara C. Dougherty (SED’17)

Ruth C. Doughty (SED’59)

Ruth E. Dowdell (SED’62)

Dorothy C. Downing (SED’60,’64) and Ronald A. Downing

Rodney G. Downs (DGE’55, SED’57) and Shirley G. Downs

Robert G. Doyle (SED’86) and Monique B. Doyle

James B. Draper and Judith D. Draper

Phyllis Drector and Charles I. Drector

Stacy D. Drector (CGS’85, SED’87)

Sandra R. Drubner (SED’61)

Lawrence Duane

Marsha DuBeau (SED’56) and Robert C. DuBeau

Kara M. Ducasse (SED’17)

Maureen T. Dumas (SED’04) and Michael R. Dumas

Margery T. Duncan (SED’64) and Paul R. Duncan

Linda A. Duncombe (SAR’72, SED’02) and Christopher B. Duncombe

N. Daniel Dunitz (Questrom’56) and Phyllis T. Dunitz (SED’57)

Katherine L. Dunkerley (SED’13)

Frederica H. Dunn (SED’78)

Philip N. Dunn (COM’92, SED’93)

Sharon Dunn

Gail A. Dunnrowicz (SED’61) and Stephen J. Dunnrowicz

Joel L. Dunsky (SDM’62) and Patricia L. Dunsky (SED’61)

Robert J. Dupuis (SED’58) and Mary E. Dupuis (SED’58)

Margaret C. Duren (SED’58)

David M. Durham (SED’95) and Patricia A. Durham

Nazahat Durryyah (GRS’18)

Barbara M. Dusenberry (SED’52)

John A. Dusenberry (STH’54)

Daniel F. Dwyer (SED’60,’61) and Rosemary Dwyer

Julie C. Dwyer

Katie Dyner (SED’17)

Terry Eagle and Sally Eagle

Genevieve M. Ebbert (SED’75,’80)

Francis Q. Eberle (SED’76)

Sandra P. Eberle (SED’72)

Dyanne A. Edds (SED’63) and James O. Edds

Elizabeth L. Eden (SED’71) and David W. Eden (CAS’74)

David J. Edgar (CAS’73, LAW’76) and Arlene L. Edgar (SED’71)

A. Brock Edmunds (SED’17)

Annamarie H. Eggert (CAS’47, GRS’48, SED’78)

Lisa Eggleston (CAS’17)

Kathy A. Egmont (SED’99)

Bette J. Ehrenberg (SED’74, MET’83)

Joan C. Ehrich (SED’74)

Lamar E. Ekbladh (CAS’64) and Anita B. Ekbladh (CGS’63, SED’65)

John E. Ekstrom (SED’88) and Beverly A. Ekstrom

Tala El-Fahmawi (SED’0)

Rosalind D. Ellerbee (SED’71) and Herbert Battle

Arlyne B. Elliott (CGS’61, SED’63)

Gary W. Elliott (SED’73)

Eugene R. Ellis (SED’58,’62)

James M. Ellis (SED’51)

Darhl O. Ellison (SED’81) and Carl S. Yancy

Sheila N. Elman (DGE’67, SED’69)

Maxine Elmont (SED’68) and Stanley Elmont

Anne M. Emerson (CGS’68, SED’70) and Richard T. Emerson

Arthur E. Emma (CGS’09, CAS’11, SED’15) and Leah A. Emma (SHA’13)

William T. English (SED’16)

Marie A. Eppinger (SED’80)

Arlene L. Epstein (SED’64) and Martin Epstein

Hoda S. Epstein (SED’63)

Kirsten E. Erbse (CGS’00, SED’02)

David G. Erickson (ENG’93) and Melissa J. Erickson (CAS’92, SED’94)

Joanna R. Errico (SED’15)

Virginia Escamilla (SED’97)

Judith A. Euller (SED’91)

Douglas B. Evans (MED’83) and Elizabeth D. Evans (SED’82)

Rebecca W. Evans (COM’04, SED’13) and Robert J. Mark (STH’05)

Wayne T. Evans (SED’52,’55) and Elizabeth A. Evans (CFA’52)

Jeannette C. Faber

Sheila M. Fabiano (Questrom’99) and Thomas Fabiano

Lauren A. Facenda (SED’09,’15)

Peter T. Farago (GRS’68, SED’74, Questrom’80)

Joanne Z. Farber (CAS’70, SED’71)

Josanne G. Farkas (SED’49,’60)

Donald E. Farley (SED’54) and Edith N. Farley

Jarae U. Farrell (SED’17)

Margaret E. Farrell (SED’69)

Marie I. Farrell (SAR’47, SED’51)

Marieka C. Farrenkopf (SSW’00, SED’00) and Matthew A. Bihn

Kristen J. Faubert (SED’17)

Diana B. Fay (SED’70)

Gary J. Fay (SED’77)

Myrna S. Fearer (SED’58,’60)

Wendy G. Feinberg (CAS’66, SED’67) and Barry J. Feinberg

Brett M. Feldman (SED’13, CAS’13)

Donald L. Feldman (SDM’71,’71) and Karen Feldman (SED’66)

Gail P. Feldman (SED’78)

Lynn E. Feldman and Samuel F. Feldman

Madeline L. Feldmann (SED’65) and Harold J. Feldmann

Ziv Feldman (SED’07,’12) and Sanam Razzaghi

Diego P. Fellows (SED’17)

Justin P. Fenske (SED’08)

Paul F. Fenton (SED’69) and Catherine H. Fenton

Jennifer M. Ferdinand (CAS’70, SED’71)

Susan K. Ferencz (SED’73)

Paul S. Ferguson (SED’66)

Beatriz S. Fernandes (CAS’20)

Ann S. Ferren (SED’71) and Jonathan Fife

Alyssa R. Fialho (CAS’17, SED’17)

Barbara J. Field (SED’91) and Warren J. Field

Susan S. Fields (SED’17)

Shaun M. Filiault (CAS’04, SED’05, LAW’16)

Mark G. Filler (CAS’67) and Norma M. Filler (SED’66)

Lareta H. Finger (SED’67)

Harriet G. Finkelstein

Norman H. Finkelstein (SED’63,’64,’83) and Rosalind H. Finkelstein (CAS’63, SED’66)

Barbara C. Finnegan (SED’65,’74)

Alice H. Finst (DGE’58, SED’60,’63) and Jay J. Finst

Diane I. Fischer (DGE’64, SED’67,’77)

Elise A. Fisher (CGS’11, CAS’13, SED’18)

Monroe K. Fisher

Shirley A. Fisher (SED’60) and Peter L. Fisher

Shelley F. Fishman (SED’81)

David F. Fitzgerald (CGS’87, COM’89) and Stephanie A. Fitzgerald (SED’94)

Marie M. Fitzgerald (SED’54)

Gerald E. Neipp (SED’65) and Maureen Fitzpatrick

Helen C. Flaherty (SED’88) and James M. Flaherty

Charles W. Flahive (SED’57,’64) and Gloria Flahive

Ethel J. Flam (SED’80)

Marcia S. Flanzer (SED’63) and Karl A. Flanzer

Jo-Anne Fleischer (SED’72) and Nicholas M. Fleischer

Audrey S. Fleishman (SED’64)

Nancy T. Flescher (CGS’64, SED’66)

Barbara E. Fletcher (SED’73)

Kristina C. Fletcher (SED’70) and Bruce T. Fletcher

Timothy M. Flint (SED’66) and Irene C. Flint (CAS’67)

Pollyann Fluke (CAS’62, SED’69)

Justin C. Flynn (CGS’17, Questrom’18)

Kathleen M. Flynn (SED’79)

Matthew G. Flynn and Valerie R. Gallegos

Joshua I. Foladare (SED’09)

Rosemary E. Folino (PAL’54, SED’75)

Mary C. Folsom (SED’54)

Nahur M. Fonseca (GRS’09)

James W. Fontaine (SED’70, GRS’73)

Maryann Simoniello (SED’87) and Thomas J. Fontano

Nancy E. Gaynor Forbes (SED’72) and Nicholas W. Forbes

Natalie E. Forbes (SED’56) and Paul S. Forbes

Peter M. Forbes (SED’87)

Carol H. Ford (SED’73) and Terrance M. Ford

Katherine M. Ford (SED’06)

Percy W. Ford (SED’86) and Cynthia Ford

Whitney E. Ford (CGS’08, COM’10, SED’12)

Ellen G. Forst (SED’70)

Jordana R. Forstot (SED’17)

Jane L. Forsyth (SED’83)

Yvonne G. Forte (DGE’74, SED’76)

Marshell J. Foss (SED’92) and Janet Foss

Laura J. Foster (SED’90)

Nancy L. Foster (SED’95)

Rachael M. Fournier (SED’16)

Blake A. Fox (STH’15, SED’18) and Kaitlyn A. Martin (STH’15, GRS’22,’22)

Lindsey B. Fox (SED’78) and Steven J. Fox

Davida A. Fox-Melanson (SED’68) and Leo G. Melanson

Margaret Fox-Warren (SED’79) and Maurie I. Fox-Warren

Sheila G. Frackleton (SED’71) and Joseph Frackleton

Katharine G. Fralick (SED’68,’90) and Richard A. Fralick

Anastasia M. Frangos (SED’00) and John C. Doyle

Elizabeth B. Kling-Franke (SED’90) and Stephen D. Franke

Carol M. Franklin (SED’63)

Art J. Gordon (STH’16) and Portsha Franklin-Gordon (SED’15)

Michael Franklyn (SED’68) and Barbara Franklyn

Rosalie H. Franks (SED’85) and John E. Franks

William T. Franz (SED’77,’88) and Donna A. Franz

Emily J. Fratalia (SED’19)

Juliana Zeta V. Freeman (SED’0, CAS’16)

Eleanor S. Frein (SED’77)

Patricia K. Freitag (CAS’84, SED’91) and David W. Freitag (ENG’91)

Evander French (SED’75) and Leslie S. French

Alice E. Friedberg (SED’68) and Frederick T. Friedberg

Ann J. Friedberg (SED’66) and Bernard Newman

Judie J. Friedberg-Chessin (SED’59)

Jesse C. Frieder (Questrom’14, SED’17)

Sandra A. Friedland (SED’64) and Ira Friedland

Eric P. Friedman (CAS’90, SED’93, SSW’95)

Margo I. Friedman (SED’96) and Sidney J. Friedman

Clayton A. Friis (SED’54)

Andrea K. Frimmer (SED’76) and Rick L. Frimmer

Elizabeth B. Fritz (SED’68) and Gerhard H. Fritz

Qianqi Fu (SED’17)

Lawrence W. Fudge (SED’62,’65) and Judith Sias

Arthur H. Fuller (SED’57) and Rita G. Fuller

Krista M. Fulton (SED’07)

Polly M. Furbush (SED’62,’72)

Ruth K. Furst (SED’70) and George A. Furst

Colleen Furtak (SED’04)

Amanda P. Gaber (SED’17)

Jason W. Gabler (SED’97)

Elliot Gabriel (GRS’71, SED’77)

Eva C. Gach (SED’13, CAS’13)

Jessica L. Gagnon

Gladys J. Gaj (SED’69)

Patricia L. Galante (SED’10)

Allen F. Gallagher (SED’69) and Janet I. Gallagher

John D. Gallagher (CGS’99, SED’01) and Amy Buckingham

Patricia A. Gallagher (SED’80) and Robert E. Gallagher

Mary J. Gallahue (SED’67) and Martin J. Haddigan

Nicholas J. Gallucci (CGS’99, SED’01)

Sarah R. Galpern (SED’58,’59)

Raymond J. Galvin and Beth H. Galvin

Shanta R. Gangolli (SED’62)

Kurt K. Ganter (SED’78)

Karen E. Gantt (SED’78) and Reid R. Gantt

Ellen C. Garber (SED’72) and Philip E. Garber

Nicole L. Gardner (CAS’09, SED’13)

Euphemia Gardos (SED’70) and Dr G. Gardos

Peter S. Garik and Christine P. Nogueira

Joan P. Garity (SED’85)

Kalliope G. Garoufes (SED’64)

John E. Garrigan (SED’56)

Patricia A. Garrity (SED’72)

James L. Garvey (SED’60,’62,’65,’74) and Patricia M. Garvey

Elaine L. Gashin (SED’71) and Earl L. Gashin

William E. Gates (SED’60)

Lorraine H. Gatling (SED’59) and Wade S. Gatling

Nancy E. Gavin (SED’72) and Jim F. Gavin

Edward A. Gaylor (SED’71) and Patricia E. Gaylor

Keith F. Gazzolo (SED’0)

Elizabeth M. Geller (Questrom’64, SED’71) and Sidney H. Geller

Bruce T. Genereux (SED’68) and Deborah A. Genereux

Adam E. George (SED’16)

Richard A. George (SED’84)

William J. Georgitis (MED’73) and Betsy C. Georgitis (SED’73)

Martha B. Gephart (SED’75) and Jeffrey L. Gephart

Maria S. Gerlach (SED’03)

Jo-Anne K. Germaine (SED’84)

Ross N. Gerry (CFA’81, SED’82) and Katrina R. Gerry

Andrea D. Gershowitz (SED’71)

Lois Gerson (DGE’66, SED’68)

Liana B. Gerstein (SED’16)

Arline P. Gertzoff (SED’68,’69)

Julia R. Gest (SED’86) and Scott D. Gest

Ellen B. Getek (DGE’64, SED’66) and George J. Getek

Catherine McCarty and Shomir Ghosh

Paul J. Giandomenico (SED’72) and Denise S. Giandomenico

Maria A. Giannopoulos (CAS’05, SED’06)

Elizabeth K. Gibbons (CAS’11, SED’12)

Ellen L. Gibbs (CAS’81, SED’82) and William J. Gibbs

Lorelei O. Gibbs (SED’68) and David R. Gibbs

Laura Giberson (SED’13) and Johan Villalona

Mackenzie R. Gibson (SED’16)

Judy Gilliatt (CGS’60, SED’62) and James Gohs

Jane L. Gillis

Kathrine Gilman (SED’17)

Susan M. Giovino (SED’04)

Florence L. Leduc (SED’76) and Denis L. Girard

Joyce K. Gitomer (SED’65) and Steven J. Gitomer

Frank J. Giuliano (SED’55,’62,’70) and Janet E. Giuliano

Virginia M. Gizzi (SED’62) and Louis C. Gizzi

Ina D. Glasberg (SED’52) and Myron Glasberg

Mary Jane H. Glauber (SED’70) and Peter Glauber

Suzan Glaum

Anne P. Glavin (SED’81) and Michael A. Glavin

Carol H. Gleason (SED’92)

John F. Gleason (SED’66) and Patricia Gleason

Madelyn M. Globerson (SED’69) and Lee J. Globerson

Jean E. Goddard and E. Brooks Goddard

Steve S. Goetz (Questrom’78) and Dana J. Goetz (SED’77)

Charles E. Goff (SED’54,’69)

Anat Golan (SED’09)

Norman J. Goldberg (SED’78) and Betty J. Goldberg (SED’70)

Margie N. Goldman (SED’71)

Michael C. Goldman (SED’76) and Faye M. Goldman (CFA’73)

Ruth E. Goldman (Questrom’59, SED’86) and Joseph D. Goldman

Kenneth S. Goldstein (SED’76,’80) and Hilde T. Goldstein

Melanie B. Goldstein (SED’70)

Robin L. Goldstein (CAS’71, SED’75) and Joseph B. Hamilton

Jason I. Golomb (COM’92) and Kristen G. Golomb (SED’92)

Maizah M. Gomes (SED’17)

Daniel G. Goncalves (CAS’05, SED’10)

Rodolfo H. Gonzales (SED’86) and Manuela G. Gonzales

Ronathan L. Gonzalez (SED’04)

Efrain Rosario (SED’82) and Sandra E. Gonzalez

Stephanie Gonzalez (SED’11,’12, CAS’11, Questrom’17)

Barbara A. Goodman (CAS’72, SED’76, GRS’85)

Erica G. Goodman (SAR’94, SED’97) and Joshua Goodman

Lisa A. Goodman (GRS’87,’92) and William D. Weinreb

Cameron M. Gordon (COM’04) and Bethany K. Gordon

Christian M. Gordon (SED’04)

Madison S. Gordon (SED’17)

Myra M. Gordon (SED’70,’76, LAW’76) and Roy G. Gordon

Susan P. Gordon (SED’62) and Herbert R. Gordon

William L. Gordon and Rebecca S. Gordon

Lawrence B. Goren (CGS’69, Questrom’71) and Linda C. Goren (SED’73)

Sally J. Gorrill (SED’09)

Susan K. Gorry (SED’95)

Edward J. Gotgart (SED’89) and Mary Gotgart

Sheila M. Gough (SED’67)

Paula L. Gould (SED’69) and James L. Gould

Brad Goverman and Sandra H. Goverman

Judith I. Grace (SED’66)

Barbara M. Gracia (SED’66) and Robert M. Gracia

Anne M. Graciano (SED’71,’72) and Joseph M. Graciano

Ann M. Grady (SED’78)

Lois W. Graham (SED’68) and Huber L. Graham

Carol B. Granato (SED’58)

Patrick E. Granfield (DGE’56, SED’58,’63) and Priscilla J. Granfield (SED’58)

Charlotte L. Grantham (SED’65) and Charles Grantham

Sandra Jean M. Grasso (SED’15) and Christopher J. Smith (MET’15)

Brian C. Gravel (SED’97) and Claire T. Gravel

Robert S. Graves (Questrom’66, SED’76) and Claire D. Graves

Michael J. Greaney (SED’98) and Katherine J. Greaney (ENG’00)

Michele A. Greco (SED’99)

Jennifer G. Green and Daniel Green

Diane Whitney (SAR’84) and William L. Green

Amy R. Greenberg (SED’09)

Jill S. Greenberg (SED’78)

Ann S. Greene (SED’66)

Christina A. Greene (SED’15) and Jeffrey A. Greene

Katherine L. Greene (SED’13)

Pearline A. Greene (SED’75) and Gregory A. Greene

Robert A. Greene (SED’51) and Marilyn B. Greene

Benjamin W. Greenfield (SED’13)

James C. Greenquist (SED’53) and Suzanne B. Greenquist

Joyce R. Greenwald (SED’68)

Shirley Greenwald (SED’65) and Lawrence S. Greenwald

Grace E. Gregor (SED’70) and William Gregor

Hrach Gregorian (CGS’70, CAS’72) and Judith K. Gregorian (CGS’70, SED’72)

Robert E. Grenier (CGS’62, SED’64)

Mary F. Gretzinger (SED’71)

Shannon T. Gribben (SED’16)

Anna Gridneva (SED’05,’15)

Diane M. Grieco (CGS’68, SED’70) and Mario P. Grieco

Jessica M. Griffin (SED’11)

Matthew J. Griffin (Questrom’12, SED’14)

Amie E. Grills

Meaghan L. Grimes (CGS’12, CAS’14, SED’16)

Nancy P. Grimes (SED’88)

Louise G. Gross (CAS’51, SED’53)

Marcia V. Grossbard (DGE’58, CAS’60, SED’62) and Neil J. Grossbard

Karen L. Grossman (SAR’69, SED’69)

Linda Groves

Kimberly A. Grubka (SED’92) and Tom Grubka

Sheila S. Gudis (SED’73) and Steven M. Gudis

Nicole M. Guerra (SED’0,’18, CAS’14)

Jeannette L. Guillemin (MET’00, SED’07) and Rob Guillemin

Rebecca A. Gulla-Devaney (SED’13)

Annamarie Lavieri (SED’67) and Albert C. Gunther

Robert V. Guptill (SED’69) and Joan T. Guptill

Joanne M. Gurry (SED’81)

Christopher Gussis (SED’71)

Jeffrey D. Gustafson (GRS’16,’16, SED’17)

Daniel Gutchess (CAS’98) and Angela M. Gutchess (SED’98, CAS’98)

Michael G. Hachey (MET’0)

David Hack

Judith L. Hack (SED’61) and Murray Hack

Lesley J. Hackman (SED’69,’73) and Timothy B. Hackman

Beth B. Hadley (SED’72) and Bill A. Hadley

Kenneth W. Hagerstrom (SED’56,’62) and Marilyn B. Hagerstrom (SED’66)

Catherine F. Haggerty (SED’51) and Margaret A. Haggerty

Mark N. Hagopian (CAS’61, GRS’63,’69) and Alice V. Hagopian (SED’65)

Donna G. Haines (SED’57)

Lisa R. Hainline (SED’91) and Jeff Hainline

Andrea M. Hajian (SED’92) and Seth T. Hajian

Nastaran Hakimi (SED’15)

Lauren Hall (CAS’07, SED’09)

Marie A. Hall (SED’58,’68)

Ruth C. Hallenbeck (SED’90)

Katherine T. Halvorsen (SED’71)

Melissa R. Ham-Ellis (SED’06)

Robert G. Hammaker (SED’94)

Julia W. Hammer Mendez (CAS’07, SED’16)

Chelsea L. Hammond (SED’17)

Philip R. Hammond (SED’60,’74) and Gloria P. Hammond

Andrea Han (Questrom’17)

Beth A. Handler (SED’68)

Matthew A. Hanig (SED’17)

Diana M. Hanoian (SED’57)

Helen S. Hansen (SED’66) and James H. Hansen

Pamela W. Hansen (SED’68, Questrom’83) and C. Russel Hansen

Clarissa G. Hanson (SED’19)

Michael E. Hanson and Laural M. Hanson

Nancy E. Harayama (SED’95,’13)

Sara C. Harding (SED’13)

Catherine E. Harkins (CAS’68, SED’73) and Derek May

James J. Harkins (SED’55,’57)

Wendy L. Harlow (SED’06) and Daniel Harlow

Sandra A. F. Harper (SED’06)

Andrew Harrington

Patricia M. Harrington (SED’56) and Paul Harrington

Richard L. Harrington (SED’79) and Christina Harrington

Cristan T. Harris (SED’05)

Harriet Harris (SED’63) and Karl G. Harris

Jamin C. Harris (CAS’20)

Karen L. Harris (SED’92)

Nancy E. Harris (SED’75)

Vernell S. Harris (SED’61) and Willie Harris

Gina M. Harrison (CGS’87, SED’89) and Lawrence S. Harrison

Manley H. Hart (SED’57) and Mary S. Hart

Marc E. Hartigan

Susan L. Hartman-Fukumoto (SED’68)

Robert T. Hartshorn (SED’60,’67) and Marita B. Hartshorn

Laura K. Johnson (GRS’95,’02) and Alexander I. Harwitz

Alan S. Hatton (SED’12)

Jake S. Haugevik (SED’09) and Meghan J. Kezer

Suellen G. Havsy (DGE’65, SED’67)

Sheila G. Hawley

Kristina E. Hayda (SED’16, CAS’16)

Sarah A. Hayden (SED’81) and Andrew S. Hayden

Naomi L. Heard (SED’71)

James F. Hebert (SED’60,’60) and Deanna White-Hebert

Meagan Hebert

Laura Hedges (SED’16)

Beverly Hegedus (SED’72,’74) and J. Jordan Hegedus

Edith M. Heier (SED’75) and Paul A. Heier

David R. Heimbecker (SED’06)

William Heinbach (SED’74) and Rosa Heinbach

Brittany A. Heist (CGS’09, CAS’11, SED’12)

Irving J. Heller (SED’50,’51) and Joan D. Heller

David P. Hemery (Questrom’68, SED’88) and Vivian M. Hemery (MET’82)

Carol B. Henry (SED’78) and Steven J. Henry

John E. Henry and Cynthia C. Henry

Kinley K. Herboldsheimer (STH’44, SED’63) and Gloria V. Herboldsheimer

Gloria R. Herman (SED’72) and Sanford Herman

Renee S. Herman (SED’98) and Scott Herman

Malcolm A. Hersey (CAS’96, SED’97)

Marilyn S. Hershfield (SED’45, GRS’46)

William Hershkowitz

Suzanne M. Hertel (SED’82)

Sharon G. Herzog (SED’71)

David B. Hicken (SED’82)

Joseph N. Hickert (SED’83) and Frances B. Hickert

Barbara S. Hidu (CGS’69, SED’71)

Anne Marie Higgins (SED’78) and Raymond Higgins

Thomas L. Higgins (MED’78, CAS’78) and Suzanne F. Higgins (SED’79)

Mary K. Highberger (SED’65,’75)

Katsuya Higuchi (SED’69)

Alice F. Hilker (SED’66)

Johanna B. Hill (SED’69) and Allen C. Hill

Karen M. Hill (SED’71)

Kenneth H. Hill and Cynthia K. Stanton

Pamela K. Hill (SED’99)

George W. Hillier (SED’58,’63) and Janemarie Hillier

Ann H. Himmelberger (SON’75, SED’89)

Lynda T. Hinckley (SED’69) and James C. Hinckley

Alison R. Hinton (CAS’09, SED’10)

Donald J. Hirsch and Nell Hirsch

Cristy J. Hirsh (DGE’72, SED’74)

Steven N. Hirsch and Ellen Z. Hirsch

Michael S. Hirshberg (CGS’64, Questrom’66) and Carole P. Hirshberg (CGS’64, SED’66)

Becka B. Hitchcock (CAS’93, SED’95)

Brenda J. Hite (SED’73)

Erin E. Hobin-Audet (COM’94, SED’97)

Rochelle Hochberg (SED’61)

Annette L. Hodess (SED’83) and Paul T. Hodess

Marie N. Hoff (SED’14)

Eleanor R. Hoffman (SED’55) and Murray S. Hoffman

Robert J. Hoffmeister and Gertrude R. Schafer

Ann L. Hogan (SED’64)

Charlotte E. Hogan (SED’13, CAS’13)

Sue Ellen Hogan (SED’90) and Paul F. Hogan

Stacy L. Hogan (SED’01,’02)

Robert J. Holden (SED’78) and Joan G. Ogilvy Holden

Janet R. Hollander (SED’65) and Charles F. Hollander

Leah P. Hollis (SED’98)

Suzanne D. Holloran (SON’64,’66, SED’89) and Gerald M. Levine

Barbara I. Holstein (SED’65,’70) and Russell M. Holstein (GRS’71)

Melissa K. Holt

Georgine D. Homan (SED’68) and Gary Homan

Harold J. Homonoff (CAS’52) and Paula Z. Homonoff (SED’57)

Lisa Hong

Saahoon Hong and Hwina Hong

Gordon C. Honig (SDM’78,’80) and Joy G. Honig (SED’76)

Nance C. Hooper (SED’64) and Michael J. Hooper

Dorett M. Hope (SED’78) and Lynne A. Tabor

Marilyn Horan (SED’69) and John C. Kiley

Dave Horlacher and Deborah Horlacher

Megan E. Hornbeek Allen (STH’05, SED’11)

Amanda E. Horowitz (CGS’18)

Deborah Horowytz Hassan (SED’78)

Linda M. Horsman (SED’83) and David K. Horsman

Miriam I. Horton (SED’62) and David C. Horton

Owen R. Houghton (SED’67) and Norma A. Houghton

Joan M. Houlihan (SED’61)

Ashley A. Houston-King (SED’16)

Carol M. Howard (SED’64)

James J. Howard (SED’11)

Kimberly A. Howard and V. Scott Solberg

Alan R. Howarth (CGS’70, SED’72) and Mary Ann French

Harriet H. Howell (SED’05)

Thomas E. Howes (SED’69) and Lesley R. Howes

Richard P. Hoyt (CAS’49, SED’60)

Mary P. Hrebin (SED’94,’94)

Su Y. Htwe (CAS’18, SAR’18)

Lily M. Hubbard (SED’17)

Bette A. Huber (SED’67,’71)

Charles W. Hudson

Mary E. Hughes (GRS’11)

Kathleen D. Hulbert (SED’81) and Alan W. Hulbert

Catherine K. Hulett (SED’94)

Thomas W. Humphrey (SED’72) and Constance P. Humphrey

Chien-Han Hung (SED’18)

Andrew J. Hunter (CGS’97, SED’99) and Caren Hunter (CAS’99)

Gabriel Hunter-Bernstein (SED’77) and Michael Hunter-Bernstein

John T. Hurley (SED’62)

Dorene Hurt (SED’81)

Charles L. Hurwitz (SED’06) and Nancy M. Hurwitz

Gerald F. Huston (SED’70) and Linda A. Huston (SED’71)

Shayna K. Hutchens (SED’05) and William J. Hutchens

Susannah M. McCuaig (SED’63,’69) and Lloyd B. Hutchings

Virginia M. Hutchinson (SED’59)

Margherite A. Hutchison (SED’63) and David S. Hutchison

Hubert Y. Hwang (SED’12)

Marie G. Iadavaia (SED’70)

Joseph A. Ilacqua (SED’93) and Anne K. Ilacqua

Lois B. Illman (SED’66)

Carol K. Ingall (SED’94) and Michael A. Ingall

Harold L. Ingalls (SED’59,’71) and Audrey F. Ingalls

Clifford G. Irons (CAS’68, MET’78) and Joan M. Irons (SED’75)

Kerry A. Isakson

Eileen F. Morrison (CAS’83, LAW’86) and Michael A. Jablon (SED’87)

Wayne S. Jack (SED’71) and Marcia W. Jack

Betsey D. Jackson (SED’66) and Edward B. Jackson

Brett M. Jackson (CAS’09) and Genevieve F. Jackson (CAS’09, SED’11)

Philip Jackson (SED’03)

George A. Jacobson (SED’56,’61,’69) and Elsie L. Jacobson

Michele S. Jacobson (SED’68,’70) and Myron G. Jacobson

Ronda M. Jacobson (CAS’71, SED’72) and Joshua R. Jacobson

Ruth S. Jacobson (CAS’55, SED’74) and Joel A. Jacobson

Raed R. Jaffal (CAS’20)

David L. Jaffe (SED’62) and Barbara E. Jaffe

Mitchell Jaffe (SSW’52, SED’53) and Evelyn Jaffe

Carol Jago

Ellen H. Jagolinzer (CGS’66, SED’68)

Caroline D. Janover (SED’69)

Margaret R. Jay (SED’86) and David Jay

Carol B. Jenkins (SED’66) and John E. Jenkins

Paul A. Jenkins (SED’05,’06) and Pamela K. Jenkins (SED’05,’06)

Kathryn E. Jenks (SED’14)

Pauline E. Jennett (STH’05, SED’17)

Nancy Whit (SED’71) and Horace R. Jennings

Rachel A. Jensen (SED’14)

Seungyoun Jeong (STH’17)

Janet W. Jillette (SED’60)

Isabella Jimenez (CGS’20)

Susan L. Johansen (Questrom’61, SED’65)

Arthur V. Johnson (SED’97)

Hjalma E. Johnson and Laura M. Johnson

Leo F. Johnson (SED’72) and Dorothy S. Johnson

Linda S. Johnson (SED’75)

Seth C. Johnson (SED’84) and Elisabeth Hoffman

Rick Johnson (SED’71) and Rita A. Johnson

Janis C. Johnston (SED’70,’74) and Mark Johnston

Nicole M. Jondahl (SED’09)

Arthur W. Jones (SED’57) and Louise L. Jones

Christopher A. Jones (SED’78) and Lynn S. Jones

Dorothy A. Jones (SED’86)

Sara W. Jones (SAR’54, SED’59) and Aldred W. Jones

Robin A. Jorgensen (GRS’87, SED’90) and Brian Jorgensen

Barbara I. Joseph (SED’60)

Dayle F. Joseph (SED’82) and Ronald P. Joseph

Patricia H. Joyce (SED’65)

Meaghan C. Judge (SED’17)

Payungsak Kaenchan (SED’17)

Edward D. Kahn (Questrom’62) and Marjorie S. Kahn (SED’77)

Susan B. Kahn (SED’61)

Abby R. Kalotkin (SED’80,’82) and Arthur Kalotkin

Charles V. Kamar (SED’76) and Norma J. Kamar

Emily A. Kammerer (SED’14,’16)

Elva B. Kanakry (SED’59) and John S. Kanakry

Ita C. Kane (ENG’12)

Christine M. Kania (SED’11)

Yasuko Kanno

Madelyn C. Kanter (SED’08)

Jack Kantor (COM’48) and Barsha Kantor (Questrom’47, SED’68)

Rachel E. Shapp (SED’11) and Marc Kantrowitz

Carol W. Kaplan (SED’69) and Robert F. Kaplan

Ruth Kaplan (SED’63)

Sally E. Kaplan (SED’17)

Nicholas P. Kapura (SED’07)

Burton M. Karlin (SED’73) and Renee E. Karlin (CAS’72, SED’73)

David R. Karp and Gina G. Karp

Marcia B. Karp (SED’76) and Alan J. Karp

Menachem B. Kasdan (SED’76) and JoAnn David-Kasdan (SON’82)

Gail H. Kass (SED’62) and Gerald Kass

Gerald P. Katchmar (SED’71) and Karen L. Katchmar (SAR’72)

Leslie V. Kates

Elizabeth J. Katz (UNI’10, SED’12)

Susan I. Katz (CAS’68, SED’72)

Barbara S. Kaufman (SED’71)

Polly W. Kaufman (SED’78) and Roger W. Kaufman

Faye Kay (SED’56) and Cyril M. Kay

Linda A. Kay (CGS’67, SED’69) and Robert S. Kay

Joan Kearsley (SED’67) and Bruce Kearsley

Arthur J. Keating (SED’82)

Rose K. Keating (SED’0, Questrom’08)

Shirley G. Kee (DGE’65, SED’67) and Oliver D. Kee

Harry C. Keenan (SED’73) and Norine J. Keenan

John H. Keenan (SED’75) and Jo-Anne R. Wilson-Keenan

Daniel E. Kehn (SED’63, Questrom’67, GRS’67) and Denise S. Kehn

Kevin C. Keith (SED’17)

Rena M. Keller (SED’72)

David M. Kelly (SED’98) and Debby R. Wiesen (SED’74)

Katie S. Kelly (SED’04)

Paige C. Kelly

Timothy M. Kelly (CAS’09, SED’12) and Melissa S. Riesgo (CAS’09, MET’16)

Margaret Kelly-Hayes (SON’74, SED’87)

Harvey M. Kennedy (SED’77) and Mary A. Kennedy

James P. Kennedy (SED’53) and Mary C. Kennedy

Naomi E. Kennedy (SED’67) and Michael D. Kennedy

Tanya D. Kennel (SED’08, CAS’08)

Richard P. Kenney (SED’73) and Karen Campbelle

Maureen P. Kenny (CAS’70, SED’71)

Deborah T. Kent (SED’70)

Caroline S. Kernan (SED’0)

Leslie Kernan

Laurette S. Kessler (SED’72) and Mark S. Kessler

Jane B. Ketcham (SED’77) and Thomas D. Ketcham

Sheila Ketlak Grice (SED’70) and Sheila M. Ketlak Grice

Sarah E. Keyes (SED’95) and Tom Keyes

Linda D. Keys (SED’85)

Rosemary Z. Khachadoorian (SED’66,’68)

Martha A. Kilbridge-Bischoff (SED’85)

Boram E. Kim (SED’0, CAS’14)

Beverly R. King (SED’82)

Cheryl A. King (SED’77) and Bernard Zimmerman

Eric O. King and Ann C. King

George A. King (SED’80) and Sophia M. Morio

Judith A. King (SED’99)

Michele M. King (MET’98, SED’02)

Olivia C. King (SED’18)

Susan M. King (SED’88)

Kathleen K. Kinney (SED’75,’77)

Jillian B. Kirchner (SED’12)

Lawrence M. Kistler (CAS’69, STH’72, GRS’80) and Valerie Kistler (CAS’69, SED’71)

Mark Klein and Rachel A. Klein

Sophie Z. Klein (SED’16)

Susan M. Klein (SED’64)

Martha Kleinerman

James W. Klimas and Laura M. Klimas

Paul J. Wehner (ENG’96) and Elzbieta Klimowicz (CAS’98)

Steven H. Klinghoffer (Questrom’72, LAW’75) and Lori K. Klinghoffer (SED’72)

Abby R. Knight (SED’0,’18)

Elizabeth L. Knight (SED’83) and James M. Knight

Susan M. Knobl (SED’65) and Adalbert Knobl

Richard P. Knopf (SED’01,’08)

Shirley M. Knowles (SED’71) and Barry A. Knowles

Caroline J. Kocent (SED’15)

D. Paul Koch (LAW’94, Questrom’08) and Catherine A. Koch (SED’96,’97, CAS’96)

Nancy B. Kocher (SED’63) and David G. Kocher

Katie E. Kocourek (Questrom’12, SED’16)

Heather Kohn (SED’09,’10)

Laurel A. Koller (CAS’10, SED’10)

Sheldon H. Konowitz (Questrom’50)

Blanche Korngold (SED’81)

Michelle B. Kosow (CGS’09, SED’12,’16)

Dean C. Howard (CAS’71, MED’82) and Martha A. Koutsos (SED’78)

Michael Kozul (SED’76) and Maria Perry

Susan G. Kramer (SED’94) and Michael W. Kramer

Joan B. Krasnoo (SED’70,’74) and James B. Krasnoo

Valerie R. Krauser (SED’09)

Diane S. Krevolin (SED’69, GRS’71) and Daniel J. Krevolin

Penny B. Krieger (SED’66)

Carolyn L. Krikorian (SED’66) and Grant Krikorian

Carol F. Kripke (SED’73,’80) and Benjamin J. Kripke

Lisa A. Krock Staaf (SED’81) and David W. Staaf

Jeannette M. Kronmueller (SED’67)

Barbara Kubisiak (SED’68)

Kimberly J. Kuborn (MET’08, SED’15)

Samantha K. Kubota (SED’18, CAS’18)

Kenneth H. Kudisch and Lora W. Kudisch

Robb A. Kushner (SED’72) and Jill M. Kushner (SED’73)

Richard T. La Brecque (SED’59,’71)

Jeffrey H. Laass (SED’95) and Karen Laass

Martha J. Lacasse (SED’75) and Richard J. Lacasse

Ethel Seminario-Laczko (SED’75) and Ferenc Laczko

Georgia M. Lafortune (SED’76,’82)

Frederick T. Laire (SED’76)

Daniel R. Lampl (CGS’85, Questrom’87) and Tracy C. Lampl (CAS’88, SED’89)

Bart L. Landenberger (SED’95)

Maelyn N. Landis (SED’06,’08) and Dan Landis

Dorothy K. Lane (SED’67) and Thomas W. Lane

Riley M. Lane (SED’11)

Richard A. Lang (LAW’76) and Aimee J. Lang (SED’72)

Michael J. Lantvet (SED’08, Questrom’19)

Catherine E. Lanyon (SED’17)

Diane R. Lapkin (SED’82) and Milton Lapkin

Cheryl G. Lappen (SED’69) and Eliot Lappen

Rachel M. Laquidara (SED’04) and Michael Laquidara

David A. LaRoche (SED’75) and Catherine M. LaRoche

Delores M. Larque (SED’76)

V. Celia Lascarides (SED’79)

Patricia M. Lassiter (SED’72)

John M. Laubner (SED’81)

Martha K. Lavendier (SED’72) and Joseph Lavendier

Barbara K. Lawrence (SED’98)

Sharon E. Lawrence (SAR’97, SED’99)

Philip C. Lawton (STH’74) and Marcia P. Lawton (SED’74)

Leo A. LeBel (SED’74) and Theresa B. LeBel

Jessica Leafmeeker (SED’17)

Donald C. Leamy and Christy M. Leamy

Martha J. Leck-Leonard (SED’81) and Mark Leonard

Jane M. Lederman (SED’76) and Scott J. Lederman

Ronald M. Lee and Gayle M. Lee

Joanna C. Lee (SED’17, CAS’17)

Joanne X. Lee (SED’17, CAS’17)

Vera E. Lee-Schoenfeld (SED’97,’98, CAS’97) and Paul K. Lee (SED’00)

Yin Tak Lee (SED’19)

Kendall F. Leer (SED’69)

Susan K. Lees (SED’92)

Mark J. Lehrich (SED’16)

Edward H. Leibowitz (SED’78) and Mindy R. Leibowitz (Questrom’79)

Victoria L. Leigh (CAS’65, SED’75,’81) and Timothy W. Weaver

Ellen A. Leightcap (SED’17, CAS’17)

Gordon E. Leighton (SED’72) and Gloria E. Leighton

Brandon J. Lemos (SED’10)

Sally Lenski-Brown (SED’77) and G. David Brown

Bonnie D. Leonard (SED’70,’78)

Elizabeth B. Leonard (SED’65,’67) and Peter D. Leonard

Elayne Lepes (SED’69, SSW’87) and Jeffrey Lepes

Richard A. Lepore (Questrom’69) and Caroline D. Lepore (SED’69)

Arnold S. Lerner (MET’74) and Maureen A. Lerner (SED’73)

Kelley Lessard (SED’82)

Matthew Letendre (SED’0)

Albert B. L’Etoile (SED’93) and Michelle C. L’Etoile (CAS’93, SED’96)

Charlotte M. Levey (SED’60) and Marvin A. Levey

Paula E. Levin (SED’69,’70) and John L. Levin

Judy Levin-Charns (SAR’75, SED’86) and Martin P. Charns

Ellen G. Levine (CAS’67, SED’68)

Lauren J. Levine (SED’72)

Barbara Mack (SED’72) and Norman Levine

Philip J. Levine (SED’80) and Ronni Levine

Rochelle A. Levine (SED’70) and Zachary I. Levine

Susan L. Levine (SED’71) and Paul A. Levine

Jacqueline Simon (SED’71,’84) and Louis F. Levinger

Maureen C. Levy (Questrom’67, SED’68) and Seymour P. Levy

Cynthia J. Lewis (SED’77)

Kenneth S. Lewis (Questrom’77) and Joy Lewis (Questrom’68, SED’70)

Jing Li (SED’02)

Kuang Li (SED’19)

Carol A. Libbey (SED’66) and Joseph E. Libbey

Phyllis W. Lichtin (SED’62,’69)

Patricia A. Lichtman (SED’76) and Neil R. Lichtman

Harriet B. Lickhalter (SED’57)

Amy M. Lieberman and David N. Lieberman

Adam M. Liebeskind (SED’13)

Ginette Limontas (SED’82)

Hsiao-Shan Lin (SED’06)

Lucy C. Lincoln (SED’58)

Vicki S. Linder (SED’79) and Clay Linder

Terry D. Lindsey (SED’74) and Marilyn K. Lindsey

Robert W. Lindstrom (CAS’52) and Helen B. Lindstrom (SED’64)

Alyssa Ling (CAS’17, SED’17)

Francine K. Lipman (SED’66,’67) and Howard R. Lipman

Laura J. Litcofsky (SED’91) and Jeffrey A. Litcofsky

Robert F. Littlefield (SED’78)

Grace A. Littlejohn (SAR’18, SED’18)

Joan T. Llorente (CAS’53, SED’58)

Brooke T. Lochrie (SED’90) and Robert B. Lochrie

Eleanor G. Lockwood (SED’78)

Leon J. Lomax (SED’48) and Mary L. Lomax

Virginia A. Lombardo (SED’75) and Samuel N. Lombardo

Morris London (SED’51) and Susan M. London

Lois M. London (SED’68)

Marilyn Mellis Longman (SED’71, Questrom’76) and Douglas S. Longman

Elizabeth M. Loomis (SED’74) and Richard M. Loomis

Ernest J. Lorelli (SED’88) and Christine Lorelli

Robert C. Loring (SED’60) and Virginia B. Loring

Shayne N. Lotito (CAS’09, SED’12)

Priscilla M. Louie (MET’03,’16, SED’06)

Dorothy M. Lourie (SED’59)

Kenneth D. Loveless (SED’78)

Susan H. Lowy (CAS’73, SED’77) and Robert R. Harlan

Sarah E. Lucas (SED’06)

Michael T. Luce (SED’75) and Lesley A. Whittemore

Linda S. Luke (COM’72, SED’74)

Donald G. Lumley (SED’67) and Elaine M. Lumley

Carrol G. Lund (SED’67)

Henrietta W. Luneau (LAW’01)

Beth Lorraine Luther (SED’93)

Nathan C. Luu (CAS’20)

Katherine Lyles (CGS’71, CAS’73, SED’74) and Coleman Lyles

Eloise M. Lyman (Questrom’67, SED’71) and Kevin C. Lyman

Elia R. Lynch (SED’78)

Peter M. Lynch (SED’73,’74,’80) and Kathleen K. Lynch (SED’80)

Dorothy F. Lynde (SED’94) and David A. Lynde

Gabrielle E. Lyons (SED’16)

Richard G. Lyons (SED’59,’61, GRS’64) and Grace M. Lyons (SED’57)

Kevin N. Mabie (CAS’75) and Joan F. Mabie (SED’82)

Vincent J. MacDonald and Rose J. MacDonald

Lara E. Machemehl (SED’07) and John P. Machemehl

Marnie E. Macke (CFA’15)

Brooke B. MacKintosh (SED’02)

Dawn L. MacMillan (SED’98)

Maryellen Madaio

Richard K. Madden (SED’67,’84)

Harvey Mades (DGE’55, SED’57) and Ruth Mades

Michelle D. Madorsky (SED’91)

Joann T. Maglio (SED’70,’74)

Veronica G. Magnan (SED’89) and Roland L. Magnan

Jean M. Maguire (SED’61)

William F. Maguire (SED’07)

Linda S. Mahan (SED’78) and John E. Mahan

Leslie J. Orton-Mahar (SED’85) and Thomas R. Mahar

Robert J. Mahar (SED’61)

W. Gordon Mahon (SED’78)

Suzanne M. Maier (SED’69) and Lawrence R. Maier

Michael A. Mainiero (SED’78)

Stephen F. Maio (SED’75) and Dorothy K. Maio

Sarah Majors (SED’17)

Chuen K. Mak (SED’69) and Wah F. Mak

Mark A. Malcolm (MET’81) and Susan R. Malcolm (SED’92)

Megan Malzkuhn (SED’16)

Maria S. Mamish (SED’78) and Abboud L. Mamish

Vanjana T. Manawapat (SED’81)

Erica M. Manczuk (COM’01, SED’12)

Joliette M. Mandel (SED’18)

Tristyn A. Mandel (SED’18)

Bette Mandl (SED’81) and Alexander Mandl

S. Joseph Manganaro (SED’79) and Benton B. Manganaro

James A. Manganello (GRS’70, STH’70, SED’77) and Rosemarie B. Manganello (CFA’11)

Richard D. Mangerian (SED’60,’66) and Eleanor M. Mangerian

J. Peter Mann (Questrom’70, SED’72) and Miriam H. Mann (SED’70)

Mary A. Manning (SED’73)

Jean A. Mantzaris (SED’66) and Adam Mantzaris

Keith R. Manville (SED’74,’78) and Joanne E. Manville (SED’90)

Eve I. Manz and James A. Muspratt

Gregory M. Manzi (SED’06)

Agnes M. Marchetti (SED’54)

Cynthia A. Margolis (SED’72)

Victoria H. Margolis (SED’04) and Scott Margolis

Sally A. Marki (SED’56) and Gustav P. Marki

Joan L. Markley (SED’84)

Esther H. Markman (SED’73)

Wendy D. Marnoy-Schlickman (SED’83) and David W. Schlickman

Marjorie A. Marshall (SED’51,’52) and David W. Marshall

Christopher C. Martell (SED’11) and Erin H. Martell

Meredith K. Martelli (SED’13)

Paul P. Marthers (SED’94) and Janet E. Marthers

Jane E. Martin (SED’73) and Charles E. Martin

Jennifer E. Martin (SED’01) and Douglas E. Martin

Sara P. Martin (SED’93)

Melanie K. Martins (CAS’17, SED’17)

Andrew J. Marx (SED’09)

Andrea K. Masiello (SED’11)

Melissa C. Maslin (SED’00,’05, CAS’00) and Matthew M. Maslin

Warren E. Mason (SED’80) and Annette R. Mason

Henry S. Mastey (SED’74) and Jean M. Mastey

Donald S. Mathison (SED’68)

Christine L. Mattera (SED’0,’00)

Kathryn J. Matthews (SED’12)

Mary E. Matthews (SED’98)

Stanley E. Matthews (SED’78) and Betty A. Matthews

Zinas M. Mavodones (SED’62) and Maria Mavodones

Gloria K. Mawhinney (SED’55)

Diana K. Maxwell (SED’74) and Clarence E. Maxwell

Paul D. Maxwell (Questrom’59, SED’86) and Mary P. Maxwell

Laurence M. May (SED’02, CAS’02)

C. Christine Maynard (SED’60,’70)

Odile J. Mayo (SAR’54, SED’61)

John F. McAdam (SED’71) and Donna C. McAdam

David P. Mcallister

Sherell Mcarthur

Matthew J. McBride (Questrom’18)

Kathryn M. McCabe (SED’05)

Alice P. McCabe (SED’49)

Ruth P. McCandless (SAR’72, SED’76) and Jeffrey R. Mccandles

Claire McCarrick (SED’65)

Bruce M. McCarthy (SED’61) and Mary McCarthy

Daniel F. McCarthy and Kara S. McCarthy

David C. McCarthy (SED’70) and Nancy E. McCarthy (SAR’71)

Joanne M. McCarthy (SED’90)

Judith A. McCarthy

Julie E. McCarthy (SED’71) and Jerry W. Levine

Heather C. McCarthy (SED’18)

Kathleen McCarthy (SED’14) and Patrick McCarthy

Mary K. McCarthy (SED’18, CAS’18)

Barbara J. McCleary (SED’75) and Charles A. McCleary

Jo A. McConaughy (SED’77) and James L. McConaughy

Kelly E. McCormack (SED’98)

Rachel McCormack (SED’95)

Meghan E. McCormick (CAS’15, SED’15)

Barbara M. McCredie (SED’68)

Camille T. McDaniel (COM’19)

Ellen J. McDermott (SED’68)

Maura K. McDermott (SED’15)

Mary Jane McDonald (SED’74) and Wallace McDonald

Timothy W. Welles (SED’71) and Patricia McDonald

William F. McDonald (SED’90,’93) and Mary W. McDonald

Rita A. McDougald-Campbell (COM’75, SED’78)

David P. McDowell (SED’80) and Maureen Harrigan

John C. McEachern (CGS’97, CAS’99, SED’05) and Loren S. Larsen (CGS’97, CAS’99)

Madison A. McEvoy (CAS’12, SED’12)

Connie W. McFarland (SED’68)

Francis M. McFaun (SED’63) and Mary H. McFaun

W. Drake McFeely and Karen E. McFeely

Laura McGarry (SED’08)

J. Bruce McGilvray (SED’64,’73) and Jean E. McGilvray (SAR’61)

Marianne McGowan (SED’72)

Victoria V. McGrath (SED’80) and Thomas R. McGrath

Robert F. McInnes (SED’69) and Marjorie J. McInnes

Quinn P. Donnelly (Questrom’11) and Maria McIntyre (SED’11)

Anna B. McKay (CGS’17)

Dalia M. McKenzie (SED’17)

Tara A. McKenzie (SED’07)

Timothy A. McKenzie (SED’76,’80)

Richard J. McLean (SED’77)

Bruce E. McLeod (SED’73) and Betty McLeod

Jacinda A. Mcleod (CGS’11, SED’13)

Cathie M. McMann (SED’64,’67)

Agnes R. McNally (SED’74)

Cara M. McNally (SED’02)

Oliver M. Mcneely (SED’16)

Britta S. McNemar (SED’98) and Donald W. McNemar

Marilyn McNickles (SED’77)

David N. Meadow (SED’06)

Judith A. Meagher (SED’62,’68)

Edward J. Meaney (SED’90) and Carolyn J. Meaney

Mila H. Meier (SED’68) and Thomas K. Meier

Mimi Meisel (SED’67) and Elliott Meisel

James J. Melbourne and Nancy D. Melbourne

Marie S. Melican (SED’56)

Maria Mellone (SED’10)

Glen H. Melton (SED’74) and Rosemary A. Melton

Rodrigo Mendoza Lee (SED’16)

Francine M. Menendez-Aponte (SED’85)

Christopher P. Menton (SED’77,’98) and Judith T. Menton

Elaine D. Merken (SED’54)

Daniel M. Merrigan (SED’83, SPH’85)

Donald S. Merry (SED’72) and Marsha Y. Merry

C. Richard Meuse (Questrom’54, SED’55)

John H. Meyer (SED’79)

Michael J. Michalski (SED’72, MET’79,’87) and Rosalyn Grunmann

Susan Michelson (SED’70,’71) and Steven R. Michelson

Dale W. Midgley (SED’62,’68) and Claudette T. Midgley (SED’62)

Deborah L. Miller (SED’74) and Lewis D. Miller

Deborah S. Miller (SED’61) and Gary A. Miller

Edward Miller

Evelyn R. Miller (SED’66) and Isaac J. Miller

Gwen D. Miller

Irene Miller (SED’57)

Judith R. Miller (DGE’59, SED’61) and Gerald P. Miller

Marion A. Miller (SED’58) and Lawrence S. Miller

Chester J. Millett (SED’56) and Marie C. Millett

Muriel F. Millman (DGE’65, SED’67,’68) and Ronald Millman

Stacey Milton (COM’05, SED’11) and John W. Milton (CGS’02, CAS’04)

Mary Mindess (SED’57)

Marjorie Minkin (GRS’65, SED’70)

Suman S. Minnick (SED’09, CAS’09) and Michael Minnick

Charles S. Mitchell (LAW’68) and Sandra N. Mitchell (SED’67)

Frank H. Mitchell (DGE’54, CAS’55, SED’56,’60)

Katherine L. Mitchell (SED’91)

Kathleen R. Mitchell (SED’81) and Charles E. Mitchell

M. Elaine Mitchell (SED’56)

Ian E. Mockler (SED’95)

Andrew N. Moeller (SED’18, CAS’18)

Timothy A. Moeller and Rachel N. Moeller

Tariq Mohammed (SED’10)

Emily R. Moir (SED’08)

Ernesto Molina and Alejandra Molina

Uriel Molina (SED’18)

Nancy L. Molvig (SED’72)

Diane C. Monfre (SED’75)

Trevor O. Moo (CAS’63, SED’70)

Carol E. Moore (SED’74)

Carroll C. Moore (STH’66, GRS’69, SED’70) and Lora W. Moore

Julia Moore

Natalie C. Moore (CAS’17, SED’17)

Lynn M. Moran (SAR’66, SED’66) and Edward A. Moran

Patrick T. Moran (SED’89) and Harriet M. Moran

Christopher C. Morcone (SED’76) and Linda M. Morcone

Darrell E. Morey (SED’02)

Mackenzie L. Morgan (SED’16,’18, CAS’16)

Helen S. Moriarty (SED’59)

Amy W. Morrill (CAS’91, SED’93,’04) and Mark Morrill

Carol E. Morris (SED’68) and Stuart N. Morris

Dale S. Morris (SED’97) and Tomos H. Morris

Dana P. Morris (SED’84) and Elizabeth J. Morris

Lucille C. Morris (SED’71)

Stephen C. Morris (SED’72)

Aaron Morrison (SED’97) and Miriam E. Morrison

Blaise M. Morrissey (SED’71) and Margaret M. Morrissey

Donald L. Morse (SED’63,’67) and Ann Morse

Robert A. Morse (SED’80)

Christopher Morss (SED’71,’82)

Lora L. Morton (SED’71)

Ellen M. Moss (SED’55) and Harold M. Moss

Jane G. Moss (SED’66) and Robert E. Moss

Mykael L. Moss (SED’76) and John H. Moss

Edmond Moussally (SED’92)

Evan T. Mousseau (SED’15)

Elizabeth A. Mrockovski (SED’65)

Emily M. Mucchetti (SED’09)

Sandra Mueller-Dick (SED’71, CFA’79) and Will K. Dick

Marina F. Muldowney (SED’67) and Leo E. Muldowney

Kevin V. Mullady and Barbara E. Mullady

Lakeyia Y. Mumford (BUA’17)

Michelle M. Munro (SED’92)

Charles H. Murphy (SED’54,’58) and Barbara A. Murphy

Colt L. Murphy (SED’76,’79)

Frank X. Murphy (SED’79)

Gerald G. Murphy (SED’57,’68)

Karen D. Murphy (SED’94)

Sarah P. Murphy (SED’13)

Therese A. Murphy (CAS’49,’61, SED’71)

Gloria J. Murray (SAR’89, SED’94) and John D. Murray

Robert P. Murray (SED’84) and Joan C. Murray

Rochelle Murray (CGS’05, SED’07)

Carolyn M. Mutschler (SED’70) and John R. Mutschler

Edward J. Myers (SED’77) and Eileen R. Myers

Elizabeth N. Myers (SED’68)

Frederick J. Nachman (CAS’71) and Janet N. Nachman (SED’73)

Sharyn Nadel (SED’66) and Stewart Nadel

Stephen C. Nadel (SSW’08, SED’16)

Allison S. Nadler (SED’17)

Ann Nahabedian (SED’67,’73)

Berta R. Nahra (SED’94)

Jane F. Nakashian (SED’73) and Richard H. Nakashian

Scott M. Nalette (SED’07)

Gregory B. Nash (CFA’71, SED’77)

Robert J. Nash (SED’68)

William Needel (Questrom’51) and Rita Needel (SED’51)

Paul N. Neilson (Questrom’73) and Paula B. Neilson (SED’75,’77)

Judith R. Nelson (SED’69)

Marianne Nelson (SED’80) and John B. Nelson

Priscilla S. Nelson (SED’80) and Eric C. Nelson

Alfred J. Nesti (SED’72)

Colleen Nestlen (CAS’00, SED’00)

Marguerite B. Newberg (SED’59) and Donald W. Newberg

Carlene H. Newell (SED’61) and Bruce K. Newell

Morton B. Newman (MED’56) and Raisa K. Newman (SED’58, GRS’69)

Anne E. Newton (SED’71)

Linda Nguyen (ENG’12, SED’14)

Marilyn Nicholas (SED’63)

Anne G. Nicholson (SED’52) and John J. Nicholson

Marilyn A. Nicklas (CAS’59, SED’62) and Richard T. Nicklas

Janice A. Nissenbaum (SED’74)

Lucille C. Noel (SED’63) and Arthur J. Noel

Pamela B. Noonan (SED’69)

Laura G. Norman (SED’72)

Robin G. Norman (SED’73) and Michael A. Norman

Michael J. Norton (SED’80) and Carol A. Norton

Marcia Novak (SED’65) and Boris A. Novak (GRS’56)

Tracy A. Novick (SED’95) and Colin M. Novick

Raymond Nowak and Nancy Nowak

Georgia M. Nowers (SED’17)

Robert A. Noy (SED’55,’57,’60) and Elsa L. Noy

Fritz S. Noymer (SED’48) and Luciana S. Noymer

Antonino J. Nuccio (SED’76) and Susan M. Nuccio

Diane L. Nutting (SED’93, CFA’93)

Lori A. Nuzzo (SED’93) and Joseph L. Nuzzo

Beryl-Jane Nye (SED’58) and Norman C. Nye

Sheila P. Nysko (SED’70)

Lisa M. O’Brien (SSW’17) and Donald H. Smith

Lisa O’Brien (SED’14)

Marjorie M. O’Brien (GRS’56, SED’77)

Mary B. O’Brien (SED’03)

Clare A. O’Callaghan (SON’70, SED’76)

Michael O’Connor (SED’17)

Anna R. Oehlberg (SED’19)

Maxine N. Offenbach (SED’67)

Fan S. Ogilvie

Satoshi T. Oishi

Alan Oliff (SED’76,’84) and Alice C. Oliff

Leslie S. Oliver (SED’80) and Sandra F. Oliver

Karen J. Olmsted (SED’64) and R. Wayne Olmsted

Robert F. O’Neil (SED’68) and Lily E. O’Neil

William F. O’Neil (SED’60) and Mary E. O’Neil

Marjorie R. Oolie (DGE’57, SED’59,’61) and Sam A. Oolie

June E. Opsitnick

Charles T. Orloff (SED’64) and Kathryn G. Orloff

Ruth S. O’Rourke (SED’56) and Thomas O’Rourke

Deborah P. Osborn (SED’87) and John E. Osborn

Hugh Osborn

Nancy G. Osborn (SED’77) and Andrew E. Osborn

Marlene Oser (SED’59)

Laura C. O’Shea (COM’17, SED’17)

Abigail B. Oshins (SED’15)

Michael L. Oshins (SED’02) and Alison L. Kur

Linda G. Otterness (SED’69) and Dale H. Otterness

Cristina Ovalles (SED’17)

Helen H. Overlan (SED’93)

Joseph B. Oxendine (SED’53,’59) and Adrienne M. Oxendine

Claudia M. Pagliaro (SED’85,’87)

Douglas W. Paige (SED’72) and Kathryn C. Paige

Thomas P. Paige (SED’67) and Jane V. Paige

Samantha E. Palacios (SED’17)

Mary M. Palaima (SAR’82, Questrom’03, SED’10) and Bradley Hunter

Carole A. Palmer Zumbrunnen (SED’89)

Cheryl Panjian

Melika Panneri (SED’00)

Susan L. Papa (SED’86) and David G. Schatz

Chrisann M. Papera (SED’11,’13)

Leonard R. Pare (SED’60) and Genevieve B. Pare

Kasia A. Parecki (CAS’05, SED’07)

Alisha A. Parikh (SED’17)

Ashit J. Parikh and Preeti A. Parikh

Lauren R. Paris (SED’99)

Alan M. Pariser (Questrom’73) and Karen Pariser (SED’69)

Barbara J. Parish-Scillieri (SED’76) and Peter E. Scillieri

John M. Parker (SED’53) and Lee K. Parker

Leah C. Parks (SED’13)

Ruth L. Parks (SED’77)

Katharine Parodi (SED’23)

Janet S. Parsons (SED’56)

Kathleen B. Pascal (SED’74) and William Pascal

Stephanie E. Pasha (Questrom’93, SED’97)

Jemma K. Pasmore (SED’91, CAS’91)

Edward F. Pasquina (SED’92) and Petra I. Pasquina

John R. Passarini (SED’93,’01)

Nicole P. Passeggio (SED’95)

Melissa A. Pastorello (SED’12)

Roopkosha P. Patel (SED’96)

Allison G. Patenaude (SED’09)

Ashley N. Patterson (SED’06) and Omari Patterson

Virginia S. Pattman (SED’77)

David W. Paulson (LAW’72) and Linda M. Paulson (SED’73)

Walter M. Pavasaris (SED’93) and Beverly A. Pavasaris (SPH’83)

Phyllis C. Payne (MET’85) and Richard W. Payne (SED’73)

Michael P. Peabody (SED’04)

Mary F. Pecci (DGE’57, SED’59)

Jenviev D. Pedone (SED’10)

Anthony J. Pellegrini (SED’73) and Jill A. Pellegrini

Eugene A. Peloquin (SED’61)

Hannah L. Pelton (SED’15)

Joan H. Pennell (SED’77)

Katlin K. Peoples (Questrom’14)

Carlos A. Pereira (SED’72,’77) and Edith L. Pereira

Hannah K. Pereira (CAS’17, SED’17)

Candace M. Perkin (SED’94) and Jonathan G. Perkin

Carl G. Perkins (SED’56,’64)

Victoria Perrone (SED’0,’17)

Judith A. Perry (CGS’63, SED’65, STH’69) and Richard T. Perry

William T. Peruzzi (SED’60) and Margaret O. Peruzzi

Frederick A. Peterson (SED’57,’58) and Joanne J. Peterson

Jennifer G. Peterson (SED’78)

Kerry J. Peterson (CGS’99, SED’01)

Martha F. Peterson (SED’60) and William E. Peterson

Thomas B. Petersen (SED’75)

Joseph K. Pettigrew (SED’84) and Stephen R. Knowlton (GRS’90,’92)

Nicholas G. Pfeifer (SED’15)

Dinh Xuan T. Phan (SED’17)

Judy Phan (SED’12, CAS’12)

Elizabeth N. Philipps (CAS’76, SED’76) and Ervin Phillips

Shiela M. Phillippe (SED’78)

Gloria S. Phillips (SED’60)

Janice S. Phillips (SED’91) and Earle G. Phillips

Jean A. Phinney (SED’61)

Erin J. Phipps (SED’12) and Owen M. Phipps

William W. Piche (SED’61) and Shirley A. Piche

Sarah J. Pierce (SED’18)

Richard S. Pieters (SED’74, MED’82) and Edith M. Jolin (MED’88)

Anne D. Pine (SED’61) and Martin L. Pine

Carol H. Pineiro (MET’0, SED’82,’00)

Evelyn S. Pinsof (SED’58) and Stewart B. Pinsof

Nancy A. Pi-Sunyer (SED’67) and Luis C. Pi-Sunyer

Panos A. Pitsas (SED’60,’61) and Merope Pitsas

Stephen J. Pizzimenti (Questrom’10, SED’13)

Kathleen R. Plante (SED’67)

Gerard F. Plasse (SED’73)

Ryan C. Platner (SED’09)

Margaret A. Frazier-Plodzik (SON’73) and Kevin T. Plodzik (SED’86)

Elaine F. Pollack (SED’68)

Marilyn A. Wilcke (SED’79) and Ruben W. Pollard (SED’81)

David J. Pollini (SED’61) and Ann Pollini

Ellen L. Pollock (SED’66) and Edward J. Pollock

Catherine M. Pomeroy (SED’78) and Jed Pomeroy

Marjorie M. Pomeroy (SED’59)

Kathryn M. Pond (SED’18)

Ann M. Pooch (SED’70)

Daniel A. Poor (SED’68) and Herrika W. Poor

Cheryl A. Pope (SED’72)

Deborah J. Popovich (SED’85) and Dr D. Popovich

Michelle Porche

Michelle V. Porche

Barry H. Poretsky (SED’62)

George E. Port (SED’66)

Kenneth Portnoy (CAS’65) and Andrea C. Portnoy (CAS’65, SED’66)

Gretel R. Posner (SED’61,’64) and Ernest G. Posner

Anita I. Post (SED’77)

Edith Post (SED’41, SSW’43) and Milton M. Post

Harry H. Post (SED’69) and Brenda B. Post

Michael A. Posternack (SED’11)

Jean C. Poth (SED’78) and Matthew W. Poth

M. Joan Potter (SED’67)

Nancy G. Powell-Daley (SED’74)

Jocelyn N. Power (SED’17)

Kyana S. Powers (SED’0)

Mayuri K. Prasad (SED’11)

Ellen L. Pratt (SAR’74, SED’75) and John C. Pratt

Pamela G. Prescott (SED’83) and Robert C. Prescott

Emma R. Preston (SED’16, CAS’16)

Robert W. Price (SED’56) and Laura R. Price

Hester Price-Collier (SED’58)

Donna P. Prince (SED’69, Questrom’81)

Norma B. Prince (SED’64) and Marvin L. Prince

Patricia A. Prince (SED’81)

Joanne E. Pritchett (SED’71)

Sunjay A. Priyadarshan (SED’17)

Sharon J. Prober (CAS’69, SED’71) and Daniel E. Prober

Wayne R. Puglisi (SED’98)

Pasquale A. Puleo (CAS’72, SED’78) and Consiglia Puleo

Allen D. Purvin (SED’92)

Stephen B. Qually (ENG’72, Questrom’73) and Linda A. Qually (SED’70)

Michael Quartarone

Richard C. Quigley (SED’61) and Nancy J. Quigley

Agnes T. Quill (PAL’49, SED’53) and Paul H. Arenburg

Erin E. Quinn (SED’19)

Rebecca A. Quinn (SED’09,’12)

Carol A. Quinney (SED’77) and Glenn G. Quinney

Elizabeth R. Race (SED’14)

Jessica Radlo (CAS’19)

Mark A. Rado (SED’90)

Steven Rafalowsky (CAS’76) and Elizabeth K. Rafalowsky (SED’78,’81)

John P. Raftery (SED’73) and Moira Raftery

Paul M. Rahilly (SED’76)

Jeffrey C. Raison (SED’73)

Trista Rajaratnam (SED’98)

Christina C. Ramirez-Smith (SED’87) and David Smith

Debra Randall

Kelly A. Randall

Lisa D. Randall (SED’18)

M. Elizabeth Randall (SED’62) and Donald H. Randall

Scott Randall

Ashtan Raniga (COM’17)

Martha Raphael (SED’90) and Norman F. Raphael

Gail N. Sanger (DGE’63, SED’65,’68) and Robert Raphael

Eugene Raphaelian and Queenie Raphaelian

Kit H. Raseman (SED’76)

Faheem Rasool

Ashley T. Raven (SED’09)

Carol N. Rawitscher (SED’63)

J. Calder Reardon (SED’74) and Thomas P. Reardon

Laura H. Reboul (SED’69) and Edward L. Reboul

David P. Reed (SED’84)

Martha E. Reed (SED’80)

Marnie Reed-Murphy (SED’90)

Debra R. Regensburger (SED’17)

Laura E. Regier (SED’78) and John R. Regier

Joan L. Reich (SED’70) and Jeffrey Frances

Margaret E. Reid (SED’59,’61) and Robert E. Reid

James L. Reilly (SED’15)

Sarah J. Reiss (SED’72) and Roy S. Reiss

Thomas R. Reis (CAS’11, SED’17)

Kristen A. Renn (SED’88)

Annalisa Reno (SED’00,’02) and Christopher Reno

Marita J. Repole (SED’96)

Whitney A. Retallic (SED’07)

Linda C. Rhodes and Todd J. Rhodes

Frederick A. Ricci (SED’65,’72)

Kenneth A. Rice (SED’69) and Ruth A. Rice

Peter S. Rice (LAW’80) and Ann Rice (MET’77, SED’80)

Joan S. Rich (SED’63) and Murry Rich

Jo-Anne Richard (SED’96)

Samuel M. Richard (SED’19)

Anne Richards (SED’59)

Megan M. Sullivan and Carl O. Richardson

William V. Richardson (SED’78) and Dolores J. Richardson

Lynne D. Richer (SED’15)

Thanos Matthai (COM’07, LAW’11) and Catherine A. Riede (CAS’07, SED’10)

Janet B. Rife (SED’68)

Maureen L. Riley (SED’83)

Bruce H. Rindler (SED’94) and Nancy C. Tanner

Jennifer L. Ringelheim (SED’95)

Nicholas J. Ristaino (SED’09)

Joel D. Rivlin and Ann Rivlin

Adam Rizika and Ellen Rizika

Peter J. Rizza (SED’68,’72) and Elizabeth V. Rizza (CAS’68)

Marie T. Rizzo (SED’58)

Thomas M. Roach (SED’80) and Maureen S. Roach (CAS’65)

Michele F. Stimac (SED’73) and William F. Roat

Beth Robbins (SED’83)

David A. Robbins (CFA’67) and Marianne Robbins (SED’67)

Harriet J. Robbins (SED’62) and Jordan H. Robbins

Harvey B. Robbins (CGS’60, COM’62, SED’63) and Joanne Robbins

Dianne L. Robert (SED’75)

Anne S. Robertson (SED’96) and Loarn D. Robertson

Dana A. Robertson (SED’12) and Alison E. Robertson

Randy E. Robertson (SED’91) and Darlene A. Robertson (SED’91)

Terry Robertson (SED’92)

Wendy W. Robeson (SED’81) and Stacy E. Robeson (SED’81, Questrom’87,’87)

Joseph A. Robillard (SED’74) and Barbara D. Robillard

Joyce M. Robinson (GRS’65, SED’79)

Susan Rocca (SED’89,’90)

Lisa A. Rocco (SED’10)

William D. Rodgers (SED’85) and Phyllis E. Rodgers

Laura D. Rodman (SED’64) and Paul N. Rodman

Meredith P. Rodriguez (SED’93) and Pablo Rodriguez

Rebecca S. Rodriguez (SED’18)

Sophia N. Rodriguez-Flores (SED’17, CAS’17)

Juanita Rodriguez-Marrero (SED’89)

Carola E. Roeder

Stephen K. Roeder and Carola E. Roeder

Abraham E. Rogers (SED’12)

Carol R. Rogers (SED’70, SSW’95) and Martin M. Rogers

Julia M. Rogers (SED’58)

Nathan G. Rogers (Questrom’05) and Carin D. Rogers (SED’03)

Jaemin Roh (GRS’04, SED’11)

Lawrence K. Roland (SED’73) and Lolita A. Roland (SON’72)

Richard A. Rollins (SED’88)

Pamela E. Romanow (SED’70)

Grace N. Rooney (SED’57)

Stephen M. Rose (SED’87) and Anne L. D’Urso-Rose

Anthony M. Roselli (SED’70,’77,’82, GRS’72) and Patricia A. Roselli

Reid A. Rosen (CAS’77, LAW’78) and Barbra J. Rosen (SED’77)

Sydell J. Rosen (SED’62)

Paul M. Rosenberg (DGE’50, SED’52) and Ruth F. Rosenberg

Sharon D. Rosenberg (SED’05)

Thomasine W. Ross (SAR’51, SED’54)

Ann Chatham Rote (SED’78)

Suellen S. Walsh-Rother and Bryant P. Rother

Debora D. Rottenberg (SED’74) and Alan W. Rottenberg

Elizabeth D. Rowe (SED’66) and Samuel S. Rowe

Kathryn Rowe (SED’17)

Stephen R. Rubenstein (CAS’72) and Ellen M. Rubenstein (SED’73)

Barbara F. Rubin (SED’75)

Carl E. Rubinstein (COM’59) and Judith F. Rubinstein (SED’59)

Roberta D. Rubman (SED’64) and Marvin A. Rubman

Wendy C. Rudner (SED’74)

Patrick J. Runci (SED’78) and Mary G. Runci

Algot T. Runeman (CAS’68, SED’77) and Jane J. Runeman (SED’68)

Allan W. Hutchison-Maxwell (CAS’08) and Alison B. Russell (CAS’10, SED’10)

Joanne C. Russell (SED’90)

Martha A. Russell (SED’72,’73,’84)

Kristin A. Russo (Questrom’93, SED’95)

Robert W. Russo (SED’80)

Barbara L. Rutberg (SED’72) and Jerold M. Rutberg

Allison K. Ryan (SED’17)

Consuelo J. Ryan (SED’82) and George Ryan

Erin C. Ryan (SED’08,’15)

Jane T. Sabin (SED’71) and Richard J. Sabin

Maria C. Saccardi (SED’99,’00)

Christine H. Sagalyn (CAS’68, SED’70) and Jeffrey B. Sagalyn

Frank Sahl (CGS’59, SED’62) and Shirley V. Sahl

Laura E. Sylvan (SED’89) and Smith Saintis

Jean M. Sakaguchi (SED’82) and Jeffrey B. Sakaguchi

Norma B. Saks (SED’70) and Richard L. Saks

Andrea S. Sala (CFA’20)

Drew W. Salad (SED’15)

Alejandra Salinas

Josephine P. Salloway (CAS’65, SED’66) and Richard B. Salloway

Katlyn Salvador (SED’17)

Lisa J. Salvail-Lacombe (SED’88) and Normand A. Lacombe

Jeanne M. Samoszuk (SED’75) and Michael K. Samoszuk

Kenneth A. Samuelian (Questrom’80) and Diane M. Samuelian

Margaret R. Sandberg (SED’74)

Herbert W. Sanderson (CFA’53, SED’70) and Anne H. Sanderson

Joann H. Sandler (SED’77)

Michael C. Sansone (DGE’53, SED’55,’65) and Joan M. Sansone

Kimberly A. Santo (SED’00,’02, CAS’00)

Judith B. Sapienza (SED’77) and Guy F. Sapienza

Amara R. Sardelli (SED’17)

Alyssa R. Sarkis (SED’14,’18)

Anthony L. Sarno and Nancy J. Sarno

Cory Satow (SED’14) and Gary Satow

Gaylord F. Saulsberry (SED’79)

Annalie D. Saunders (CGS’54, SED’56,’62) and John R. Saunders

Orlando L. Savastano (SED’60,’65) and Maureen E. Savastano

Anita J. Savo (SED’08, CAS’08)

Ronni L. Savran (SED’80)

Margaret L. Sawada (SED’12)

Pamela M. Sawyer (SED’71) and Clarence E. Sawyer

Janine Sazinsky (SED’12)

Ronald F. Scarbrough (SED’94) and Lisa J. Scarbrough

Janet S. Scarrow (SED’55) and David S. Scarrow

Bonnie D. Sparks (SED’85) and George J. Schaefer

Patricia M. Schaefer (SED’88) and Tod W. Schaefer

Jessica R. Schaffel (SED’13)

Megan R. Schantz (SED’16)

Robert C. Schaye (MET’70, Questrom’74) and Anlee I. Schaye (SED’60)

Lenore K. Scheffer (SED’64) and Stephen J. Scheffer

Shani C. Scheiman (SED’18)

Amy R. Scher (SED’64) and Mark P. Scher

Ann K. Schiller (SED’72) and Lawrence R. Schiller

Geraldine A. Schilling-Nordal (CFA’56, PAL’56, SED’57) and Reidar J. Nordal

Carolyn B. Schindler (DGE’60, SED’62) and Lawrence M. Schindler

Peggy L. Schlegel (SED’71) and Robert A. Schlegel

Helen C. Schlichte (PAL’55, COM’61, SED’63)

Sheila N. Schmeltz (SED’65) and Ralph Schmeltz

Joyce D. Schmidt (CAS’57, SED’59) and Ivan M. Schmidt

Lauren R. Schneider (SED’06,’10)

Martin W. Schoepfer (SED’71,’78) and Mary-Jane N. Schoepfer (SED’71)

Svea A. Schreiner (SED’17)

Barbara M. Schubert (SED’64) and Frank A. Schubert

Carol J. Schubert

Nancy L. Schubert (SED’64)

Patricia D. Schuldenfrei (SON’75, SED’90) and Robert Schuldenfrei

Neale J. Schuman (SED’71)

Sheila F. Schuman (SED’59) and Richard Schuman

Gordon J. Schutz (SED’77,’82) and Rose L. Schutz

Claudia A. Schwab (SED’64) and Fred L. Schwab

Elaine C. Schwager (SED’96,’98)

Ari G. Schwartz (SED’14)

Arlene H. Schwartz (SED’65)

Barry I. Schwartz (SED’72) and Joyce N. Schwartz

Janice E. Schwartz (SED’79) and Alvan R. Schwartz

R. K. Schwartz (CAS’57, SED’62)

Jane S. Scofield (SED’75)

Domenic A. Screnci (SED’84,’92) and Maryann C. Calia (COM’86)

Susan N. Scully-Rose (SED’90,’96)

Varn Seang (SED’08)

Wendi C. Sears (SED’85) and William C. Sears

Hannah E. Seekins (CAS’18, SED’18)

Harriet L. Segal (SED’66)

Joshua Segal (LAW’10) and Jennifer R. Segal (SED’04)

Scott C. Seider and Amanda H. Seider

Miriam C. Seim (SED’74)

Rosanne M. Selfon (DGE’68, SED’70) and David J. Selfon

Rochelle K. Selig (SED’83)

Janet M. Seligman (SED’63) and Isaiah J. Seligman

Susan C. Selman (SED’74)

Joanne M. Seltzer (SED’82,’84,’86,’96) and Harold D. Seltzer

June L. Senich (SED’87) and Martin W. Senich

Harriet M. Sessa (SED’74)

Donald H. Severance (Questrom’59, SED’61) and Kathleen Severance

Christine B. Sevigny (CGS’96, SED’98) and Scott W. Sevigny

Jenna A. Sezionale Basilicato (Questrom’10)

Sarah E. Shainwald (SED’12)

Ruth S. Shane (SED’73)

Thomas A. Shannon (STH’70, GRS’73) and Catherine H. Shannon (SED’71)

Emily R. Shapero (SED’11)

George L. Shapiro (Questrom’55) and Phyllis B. Shapiro (SED’56)

Lynne M. Shapiro (SED’70) and Harvey P. Shapiro

Richard C. Sharpe (SED’11)

Emily M. Shawn (SED’17, CAS’17)

D’Arcy C. Shay (SED’65)

Devon C. Shea (SED’04)

Emmett A. Shea (SED’55,’56, GRS’61) and Margaret C. Shea

Sean Shea (SED’17)

Lesley D. Sheehan (CGS’82, SED’84)

Paul E. Sheff (SED’71) and Jamyn M. Sheff (CAS’72)

Robert L. Sheffler (SED’73) and Sue F. Sheffler

Barbara Shefftz (SED’73)

Kara E. Sheftic (SED’18, SAR’18)

Jean P. Sheild (SED’54) and John M. Sheild

Myril L. Sheinkopf (SED’55,’59)

Shixing Shen and Liping Wu

Mary E. Sheppard (SED’12)

Arthur L. Sherman (SED’64,’76) and Jeanne D. Sherman

Sue K. Sherman (SED’68) and Joel B. Sherman

Dawn M. Sherriff (SED’92) and William E. Sherriff

Selma R. Sherter (CAS’59, SED’60) and Sidney R. Sherter

Nancy L. Sherwood (SAR’72, SED’76)

Foster M. Shibles (SED’71) and Marcella M. Shibles

Barbara L. Shinabarger (SED’80)

Matthew D. Shine (SED’00) and Lily P. Shine (SED’00)

Teresa M. Shinkwin Ward (SED’81) and James F. Ward

Eileen M. Shoenfeld (SED’77) and Norman A. Shoenfeld

Karen G. Shore (SED’69)

Daniel J. Shoreman (SED’75,’82) and Bette J. Shoreman (DGE’65, SED’67)

Joanne F. Shorser-Gentile (SED’74,’82) and Stephen J. Gentile

Janice E. Shubin (SED’75)

Sarah G. Shute (SHA’08, SED’17)

Lynn M. Sidman (SED’78) and Alan M. Sidman

Benjamin S. Siegel (CAS’63) and Jane R. Siegel

Carol S. Siegel (DGE’66, SED’68) and Charles L. Siegel

Elaine R. Siegel (SED’72) and Joseph Siegel

Robert W. Siemens (SED’53,’71)

Monica A. Silva (SED’98) and Manuel R. Silva

Lidia A. Silveira-Silva (SED’83) and Benjamin Silva

Lynette P. Silva (SED’94,’95) and Paul Silva

Adele Z. Silver

Carol E. Simpson (SED’66) and Frederick G. Simpson

Jane W. Singer (SED’67) and Arthur L. Singer

Amita M. Singh (SED’16)

Martin Siordia (SED’80) and Djuana Siordia

Diane P. Sipos (SED’70)

Mike B. Siroky (MED’70, CAS’70) and Susan Siroky (SED’72,’74)

John W. Skiratko (SED’71) and Karen A. Skiratko

Barry G. Skolnick (COM’73) and Michelle B. Skolnick (SED’73)

Trudy A. Skurski (SED’74) and James K. Skurski

William S. Slattery (SED’84) and Marilyn L. Slattery

Sarah E. Slingluff (SED’02, CAS’02)

Anne C. Smith (SED’15)

Camille G. Smith (SED’69)

JoAnn M. Smith (SED’79)

Julie M. Smith (SED’81) and David A. Smith

Laurence M. Smith (SED’87)

Leah G. Smith (SED’18)

Michelle A. Smith (SED’66) and Michael W. Smith

Ralph M. Smith (SED’54)

Roderick W. Smith (SED’58,’68) and Carol A. Smith

Roy A. Smith (CFA’65, SED’78) and Patricia T. Smith

Sara B. Smolevitz (SED’17)

Julie S. Snyder (CGS’83, SED’86,’96) and John K. Snyder

Mary E. Snyder (SED’65) and R. Maxwell Snyder

Judith A. Sockloff (CGS’63, SED’65) and Nicolas Villar Del Saz

Vernon S. Solberg

Suzyn-Elayne Soler (CAS’00, SED’02)

Sandra S. Solka (SED’72)

Robin L. Solomon (SED’74)

Hope C. Solomons (SED’57) and Gerald Solomons

Daniel P. Solworth (CAS’06, SED’09)

Alfred J. Sorensen (CAS’66) and Eileen Sorensen (SED’66)

Serafin Sotomayor (SED’87) and Auria Vega

Alexander Southmayd (SED’17)

Madora C. Soutter (SED’17) and Matt Elliser

Eliot G. Spack (CAS’60) and Barbara B. Spack (SED’62)

Frederick T. Spahr (SED’63) and Patricia M. Spahr

Barton Spaniak (SED’58,’59)

Bertha L. Sparks (SED’92)

Araceliy Spaulding (SED’06)

Pamela A. Speaks (SED’72) and Donald K. Speaks (SED’72)

Bari L. Spector (SED’20)

Marsha J. Spellman (CGS’71, SED’73) and Adam Haas

Margaret M. Spencer (SED’75)

Janice L. Spieler (SED’56)

Kirsten O. Spilker (SED’11)

Caitlyn M. Spinnler (CAS’17, SED’17)

Jay J. Spitulnik (DGE’70, CAS’72, SED’75) and Nancy R. Spitulnik (SED’72)

Susan L. Spivack (SED’72)

Lee T. Sprague

Risa Spritzer (SED’76) and Shlomo Spritzer

William E. Squizzero (SED’66) and Teresa E. Squizzero (SED’68)

Darlene D. Stafford (SED’65)

Julianne S. Stafford (SED’07)

Christina Stagliano (SED’07)

Alma S. Staloff (SED’69)

Dejan Stankovic (SED’08,’11,’15)

Maureen Stanton (MET’16)

William E. Stanwood (SED’79,’02) and Janice L. Stanwood

Frederick G. Stark (Questrom’64) and Sandra P. Stark (SED’64)

George J. Starkus (SED’67) and Dorothy A. Starkus

John W. Stebbins and Louise A. Stebbins

Jean H. Stedman (SED’83)

Anne A. Steel (CAS’70, SED’71) and David W. Steel

Maureen C. Stefanini (SED’73) and Edward J. Stefanini

Ruth A. Steinbrecher (SED’86)

Vanessa J. Steiner (SED’11)

Tessa M. Steinert-Evoy (SED’0, CGS’13, CAS’15)

Terry D. Stenberg (SED’70) and Shirley L. Stenberg

Jason B. Stengel (CAS’66, SED’73,’76) and Holly R. Stengel

Chandler R. Stephen (COM’12)

Melvin A. Stephens (SED’64) and Pauline C. Stephens

Alexander D. Stern (SED’10)

Alexander M. Stern (CAS’93) and Stacia M. Stern (CAS’92, SED’94)

Anna R. Sternfeld (SED’16)

Judith L. Sterns (SED’65) and Robert L. Sterns

Mary L. Stevens (SED’77)

Penelope L. Stevens (CGS’57, SED’59)

Rachel Stevenson (COM’01, SED’06)

Bonnie V. Steyer (SED’06,’09)

Margaret L. Still (SED’80)

William F. Stockwell (SED’75) and Sara G. Stockwell

Arthur Stolow (CAS’60, SED’68)

Constance A. Stolow (SED’54) and Robert V. Stolow

David F. Stone (SED’93) and Amy E. Stone (CAS’93, SED’93)

Gail G. Stoter (SED’74) and Jack H. Stoter

Lonnie S. Stowe (SED’71) and William S. Stowe

Chandler W. Stowell (SED’82)

Herbert B. Strachman (CGS’61, COM’63)

Elizabeth A. Strain (SED’55) and Richard C. Venditto

John H. Strecker (CAS’93, SED’94)

Hugh Stringer (SED’80) and Marta D. Stringer

Mark B. Strout (SED’79)

Gretchen Struble

Maryette A. Stuart (CGS’08, SAR’10, SED’12)

Blanche E. Stukes (SED’80) and Donald A. Stukes

Barbara J. Sullivan (SED’72)

Dorothy R. Sullivan (CAS’63, SED’72)

Kathleen A. Sullivan (SED’00)

Patricia C. Sullivan (SED’76)

Peter D. Sullivan (CAS’90, SED’94) and Barbara J. Sullivan (CAS’93)

Christopher Sulmonte and Kimberlyann Sulmonte

Rachel K. Sulmonte (SED’16)

M. Greely Summers (SED’73) and Mary C. Summers

Pamela F. Summers (SED’80) and Rodger Summers

Arthur F. Sun (SDM’82,’83,’84,’85) and Yunying C. Sun (SED’86)

Kun-Wei L. Sundararajan (SED’88)

Ronald E. Sundberg (CGS’63, Questrom’65, SED’79) and Virginia A. Sundberg (SON’70)

Bonnie S. Sunstein (SED’68,’75) and Drew E. Sunstein

Harriet D. Sutfin (SED’67,’80) and Allan B. Sutfin

Kanako Suwa (SED’17)

Martha K. Svatek (SED’67) and Thomas A. Svatek

Jane Swaldi (SED’98) and Garrett Swaldi

Madeline L. Swan (SED’17, CAS’17)

Joan C. Swanson (CAS’52, SED’78)

Gianna M. Sweeney (SED’61)

Nancy H. Sweeney (SED’70) and James S. Sweeney

Michael Sweeney

Barbara R. Swidler (CAS’68, SED’83) and Robert B. Swidler

Sallie H. Swisher (SED’82)

Sarah O. Symes (SED’16)

Charles G. Symonds (Questrom’73, SED’83)

Harriet Taksen (SED’59) and Arnold T. Taksen

Nicholas J. Tambascio and Julie A. Tambascio

Michael E. Tarantino (SED’55,’60) and Beverly J. Tarantino (SON’57)

Maureen M. Tardelli (SED’71) and John Tardelli

Arleen D. Tarutz (SED’65) and Herbert S. Tarutz

George W. Tashjian (CGS’53, COM’57, SED’64) and Susan B. Tashjian

Sylvia Taub (SED’59) and Marvin L. Taub

Ann A. Tavan (SED’72,’73) and Richard M. Tavan

Dana S. Taylor (SED’93) and Michael A. Taylor

Dorothy H. Taylor (SED’56)

Elizabeth S. Taylor (SED’02,’03) and Brendan M. Taylor

Frederick E. Taylor (CFA’72, SED’77) and Mary P. Taylor (CAS’75)

Paul E. Taylor (CGS’62, SED’64) and Julia P. Taylor

Richard H. Taylor (SED’78, MET’93) and Sandra W. Taylor

Rocco Tedeschi and Maurilia F. Tedeschi

William J. Teeter (SED’72) and Viola D. Teeter

Ruth A. Teitel (SED’70) and Stephen L. Teitel

Carole S. Teller (SED’63)

Jo E. Temple (PAL’52, SED’54)

Lynn S. Tepper (SED’66) and Benjamin N. Tepper

Susie K. Terasaki (SED’19)

Judith E. Terban (Questrom’66, SED’70) and Kenneth E. Terban

Kate E. Tessmann (SED’13, CAS’13)

William H. Tewelow (SED’71) and Ann L. Tewelow

Lois F. Thacker (SED’55)

Sheila M. Therrien (SED’70) and Donald W. Therrien

Andrea M. Thoennessen (CGS’98, SED’00) and Kurt Thoennessen

Daniel A. Thomas (SED’71,’77) and Katherine E. Thomas

Dorothy J. Thomas (CAS’53, SED’66)

W. Allen Thomas (SED’81) and Judith L. Thomas

W. Kevin Thomas (SED’56,’60) and Elinor S. Thomas (SAR’55)

Meredith M. Thompson (SED’14)

William F. Tighe (SED’49) and Mary T. Tighe

Karen L. Tirpak (SED’76) and Douglas M. Tirpak

Joseph J. Tita (SED’05)

Marcia L. Toledo (SED’80) and Jorge H. Toledo

Kevin J. Tomaszek (SED’10)

Sharon F. Tomczak (SED’88,’89) and David Tomczak

Claudette M. Tompkins (SED’77)

Briana R. Torres (SED’16)

Carmen M. Torres (SED’87)

Kristen M. Torres (SED’06) and Edgar A. Torres

Ellen P. Tower (SED’66)

Carroll F. Towey (SED’59,’67) and Miriam A. Towey

Michael R. Tramonte (SED’86) and Josephine M. Tramonte

James F. Traniello (CAS’74) and Dina A. Traniello (SPH’84, SED’99)

Carina J. Traub (SED’16, CAS’16)

Lisa J. Treadway-Kurtz (SED’94)

Alayne L. Tresch (DGE’64, CAS’66, SED’67) and Richard W. Tresch

Emma L. Tressler (CGS’12, SED’14)

Julia Trickey (SED’17)

Susan B. Tritter (SED’70) and Henry G. Tritter

Daniel S. Troderman (CFA’59,’60) and Joan R. Troderman (SED’62)

Elizabeth T. Trotti (CGS’01, SED’03)

George M. Tsandikos (SED’62)

Joanne W. Tuck (CAS’61, SED’78) and Stuart R. Freedman

Stanley Turetsky and Nancy Turetsky

Barbara A. Turkington (SED’75)

Roberta Turri Vise (CAS’96, SED’02) and David Vise

John A. Ullian (SED’01,’06)

Janet W. Ulrich (SED’70) and Dorn W. Ulrich

Molly Uppenkamp (CAS’08, SED’08)

Mark W. Wolozin (MED’84) and Tina Usdin (SED’82)

Margaret N. Utterback (SED’67) and James M. Utterback

Gregory J. Vachowski (SED’67, MET’82) and Theresa R. Vachowski

Andrea L. Valiante (SED’94, CAS’94)

Joan V. Vallee (SED’59) and Lawrence M. Vallee

Richard E. Valzania (CGS’66, SED’68,’70) and Linda M. Valzania

Clara Van Allen (SED’11)

Yvonne R. Van Goor (SED’75)

Gail G. Van Vleck (SED’66) and Henry H. Van Vleck

Megan L. VanEvera (SED’0,’18)

Barbara E. Varnot (SED’69,’75)

Jacqueline D. Vaughan (SED’56,’61)

Henry K. Veit (SED’14)

Hugh L. Vellos (SED’81) and Connie S. Bristow

Victoria E. Vendola (SED’10)

Fiorello B. Ventresco (DGE’57, CAS’59) and D. Judith Ventresco (SED’59)

Lisa G. Venus (MET’14,’18)

James J. Verde (SED’61, GRS’63)

Eline M. Vermeulen (CAS’15, SED’17)

Barbara A. Verrico (SED’69) and Robert J. Verrico

Martha E. Verville (SED’52)

Nuno A. Vieira and Maria A. Vieira

Margaret A. Viets (SED’83)

Mary-Ellen T. Vigeant (SED’81) and Barry Vigeant

Alfred L. Villa (SED’49,’60)

Bruce H. Villeneuve (SED’70) and Sandy Z. Villeneuve

Marceline R. Vilmont (CGS’07, CAS’09)

Sarah L. Vilnit (SED’07)

Alan L. Visnick (SAR’84, SED’87) and Lorinda K. Visnick (CAS’87)

William M. Vitagliano (CGS’52, COM’54, SED’69)

Michael C. Vocino (CGS’66, SED’68)

Stefan Vogel (SED’54,’57) and Shirley Vogel

Paula F. Volpiansky (SED’80) and Larry J. Chapman

Donna M. Volpitta (SED’94) and Richard E. Volpitta

Helene H. Voto (SED’62) and Frederic A. Voto

George D. Wadsworth (CAS’67) and Joan Wadsworth (SED’74)

Steven J. Wadzinski (CGS’89, SED’92) and Natalie Wadzinski

Robert C. Waehler (Questrom’51, SED’53) and Marilyn F. Waehler

George A. Wagner and Anne-Kathryn Wagner

Susanne Wagoner (SED’10)

Fatima Waheed (SED’15)

Hara B. Waldman (SED’85)

Carol L. Waldvogel (SED’89)

Gloria A. Walker (SED’51)

Andrea R. Walkonen (SAR’08, SED’10)

Evelyn L. Wall (SED’78)

Cynthia A. Wallquist (SED’72)

Cynthia J. Walmsley-Mencis (SED’66) and Lester Mencis

Amber R. Walsh (SED’17)

Michael J. Walsh (ENG’96) and Julie M. Walsh (SED’96)

Richard J. Walsh (SED’53,’58) and Doris A. Walsh

Virginia M. Walsh (SED’84)

Barbara M. Walton (SED’63) and Mitchell A. Walton

Susan V. Walton (SED’81)

Robert J. Wanek (SED’94)

Bingyu Wang (SED’18)

Christina M. Wang (SED’19)

Ji Wang (SED’03)

Zachary H. Wang (SED’17)

Carmen I. Ward (SED’74,’93)

David J. Ward (CAS’94, SED’95)

Cheryl M. Wardrop (SED’69) and Thomas E. Wardrop

Barbara M. Warne (SED’73)

Beth Warren

Molly S. Washburn (SED’14) and Andrew Washburn

Talya H. Wasserman (SED’17)

Roberta G. Waters (SED’47)

George L. Watson (SED’91) and Sonia Watson

Alison Watts (SED’17)

Emily H. Weber (SED’99)

Scott J. Weber (SED’81,’86)

Robert M. Wedge (SED’96,’97, CAS’96) and Barbara T. Wedge

Christina Weeter (SSW’04, SED’05)

Lisa L. Weihe (SED’75) and Bruce Weihe

Karl W. Weiland (SED’75, SSW’86) and Karen C. Weiland

Sharon G. Weinberg (SED’71) and Aaron Y. Weinberg

Molly S. Weinberger (SED’95) and Peter D. Weinberger

Frank J. Weiner (SED’50) and Helene C. Weiner

David H. Weinstein and Sharon Weinstein

Judith N. Weisman (SED’69)

Rachel Weiss (CAS’88, SED’96) and Scott A. Weiss (Questrom’94)

Roseli S. Weiss (SED’72)

John J. Welch (CGS’67, SED’69) and Joan Welch

Michael A. Welch (SED’86)

Robert J. Welch (SED’59,’69) and Josephine T. Welch

John T. Weldon and Jeanne M. Weldon (DGE’74, SED’76)

Linda S. Wellenbach

Helene S. Wells (COM’54, SED’55)

Jonathan R. Wells

Virginia P. Wells (DGE’70, SED’72) and Richard A. Wells

Bruce D. Werner and Tammy H. Werner

Carolyn F. Werner (CAS’68, SED’70)

Hillary L. Werner (SED’17)

Beck S. Wharton (SED’61) and Arthur M. Wharton

Judith L. Wheeler (SED’59)

William M. Whelton (SED’82)

James C. Whitaker (SED’90) and Sharon Whitaker

Kathleen M. White (SED’85) and Martin P. Higgs

Laurie R. White (SED’59)

Michelle S. White (SED’96,’97)

Oliver A. White (SED’79) and Iris H. White

Ralph G. White (SED’76)

Virginia L. White (SED’57,’73)

Virginia S. White (SED’78)

Robin P. Whittier (SED’76) and Thomas F. Whittier

Patricia M. Whitty (SED’76)

Robert P. Wiegers (SED’74) and Martha O. Weigers

Sondra E. Wilcox (SED’76)

Mary W. Wileman (SED’64)

Natalie D. Wilgoren (SED’65) and Richard A. Wilgoren

Pamela J. Wilkinson-Smith (CGS’79, SED’81)

Valerie D. Willard (SED’89)

B. June Williams (SED’48,’52)

Christy C. Williams (CAS’95, SED’96)

John A. Williams (SED’70) and Christine E. Williams

Warren A. Williams (SED’59) and Anne H. Wilson

Charles A. Willis (SED’07,’09)

Dennis I. Wilson (SED’77) and G. Lynn Wilson

Allen Winecour (SED’61) and Eleanor C. Winecour

Ellen N. Winer (SED’73) and Harvey L. Winer

Henry W. Winkleman (LAW’69,’72) and Arlene R. Winkleman (DGE’66, CAS’68, SED’69)

Jill Winnett (SED’17)

Charles D. Winrich (SED’13)

Laurie R. Winters (SED’07)

Beverly Winthrop (SED’54)

Elizabeth S. Wissler (SED’11) and John B. Wissler

Richard D. Wohlgemuth (SED’70) and Sylvia D. Wohlgemuth (SAR’72)

George H. Wojtkiewicz (COM’60, SED’62) and Barbara S. Wojtkiewicz (SED’86)

Randi D. Wolchok (SED’81) and Robert Wolchok

Elizabeth S. Wolfe (SED’12,’13)

Betty C. Wong (SED’05)

Julie Y. Wong (SED’02)

Carol A. Wood (SED’69) and Jerry R. Wood

Elizabeth A. Wood (SED’62)

Marilyn M. Wood (SED’65) and Stuart C. Wood

Paul E. Wood

Kimberley H. Woods (SED’91)

Susan V. Woolworth (SED’76) and Andrew B. Woolworth

Barbara J. Wooten (SED’81)

Mary L. Worrell (SED’80) and Richard D. Worrell

Natalie L. Wright (SED’18)

Quincy W. Wright (COM’12, SED’17)

Samuel A. Wuest (CAS’13, SED’14)

Laurie A. Wyndham (SED’91) and David J. Wyndham

Julie J. Xiang (SED’98,’99)

Mihoko Yagi (SED’17)

Robert Yaquinto (SED’77)

Larry E. Yarkin (SED’73,’78) and Reesa G. Yarkin (SED’68)

Amira M. Yazghi (SAR’20)

Philip S. Yeaton (SED’84) and Nancy C. Yeaton (SED’66)

David M. Yelaska and Sharon Yelaska

Michelle C. Yelaska (SED’16)

David G. Yeo (SED’69) and Suzanne F. Yeo

Natasha H. Yeo (SED’18)

Michelle Youell (SED’68,’71)

Deborah L. Young (SED’12)

Guy K. Young (SED’82) and Carolyn C. Young

Jeanine Young-Mason (SON’74, SED’82)

Laura E. Yowell (SED’53) and Cleyon Yowell

Yanning Yu (SED’18)

Leonard J. Yutkins (SED’66) and Irene J. Yutkins (CAS’67)

Donna M. Zannelli (CAS’87, SED’87) and Phillippe Simonini

Tobi R. Zauberman (CGS’05, SED’07)

Anthony J. Zavagnin (SED’12)

Henry M. Zbyszynski (CGS’62, SED’64,’83) and Terry F. Zbyszynski

Linda Zeckendorf-Lowy (CFA’72, SED’79) and Peter Lowy (COM’74, Questrom’82)

Kayla Zeisler (SED’10, CAS’10)

Robert M. Zelazo (MED’75) and Sandra N. Zelazo (SED’75)

Roberta L. Zeller (SED’65) and Alan J. Zeller

Lin Zhang (SED’20)

Yuqi Zhang (SED’20, CAS’20)

Yuqi Zhou (CAS’18)

Yunting Zhu (SED’19)

M. Jeannette Ziegler (SED’62)

Elizabeth B. Zigmont (SED’10,’14)

Enid B. Zimbler (SED’73)

Mark Zitter

Katilyn B. Zmudzien (COM’09, CAS’09, SED’13)

Kathryn J. Zox (CAS’69, SED’72)

Elisheva M. Zuckerberg (SED’11)

Linda T. Zuckerman (SED’76) and Paul A. Zuckerman


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Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation

National Collegiate Athletic Association

Sanders Foundation

Univ. of Michigan (George Lucas Educational Foundation)



Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.



Association For Applied Sport Psychology

Goldberg Rhapsody Foundation Inc.

Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford, Inc.

KO Catering and Pies LLC

Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Schwab Charitable Fund

The Alpert & Alpert Foundation

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