Listen: Dr. Raul Fernandez Talks Economic Diversity in Higher Ed Admissions on WBUR’s Radio Boston

Dr. Raul Fernandez joined fellow guests Max Larkin (WBUR Edify reporter) and Stefanie Niles (VP for Enrollment & Communications at Ohio Wesleyan) for an on-air conversation about economic diversity in higher education admissions. WBUR’s Radio Boston hosted the conversation, noting:

It is now week two of the trial involving admissions practices at Harvard and what we’re learning from this trial involves more than just the case being heard.

A lawsuit, from the group Students for Fair Admissions, claims that Harvard discriminates against Asian-American applicants. Harvard maintains that race is just one factor that it takes into account to create a diverse student body.

But the six days of testimony in this trial has raised questions about Harvard admissions and college admissions in general — especially involving issues related to economic diversity and whether that should be considered in admissions, as well.

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