Schedule Planning

  1. Go to
  2. Select the ACADEMICS tab and then select REGISTRATION.
  3. Enter your BU Login in the “User Name” box and your Kerberos password in the “Password” box. (Don’t know/remember this? Contact IT Help Center at or 617-353-4357)
  4. Click Login. (Problems? Contact IT Help Center at or 617-353-4357)
  5. Click REG OPTIONS under Fall 2020. (Problems? Have you selected the correct semester? )
  6. Select PLAN to make your course schedule.
  7. Select ADD for the classes you would like to add. Continue for all classes.
  8. You may need to click “Continue Search From” at the bottom of the page as some courses will have sections listed on additional pages.
  9. As an example, I will add SED ED 110 to my schedule.

STOP: Review your course plan. Do you have everything that was listed under your major?

Note: I would suggest your register for CAS WR 120 after you have added all your other classes, as this course offers the most sections and flexibility. It will be easier to find another WR 120 course that interests you than it will be to find another section of a required course.  

Once your planner has the courses you would like to register for, please take a screenshot and send to Once reviewed, you will receive your advising code, which is needed to register for classes. 

Important things to know:

  • Pay attention to see what the course requires (lecture, discussion, lab, pre-lab). Make sure you have all the components.
  • You may schedule classes back-to-back.
  • Click on the class for the course description, an example is what Hub units this course is fulfilling or learn more about the class content.
  • R indicates Thursday on the Boston University schedules. A class that meets on TR meets Tuesday and Thursday.
  • A class included in your planner does not mean that you have a spot reserved for official registration. You will need to follow the registration steps on the next page.
  • Be flexible and remember that you have plenty of support with Student Services. Contact Liz Vassallo ( for help.

Searching for Hub Courses?

On your Course Plan, you may have a Hub course elective. You can find courses through the BU Hub website!

This website does not actually register you for any courses. In order to register for courses you should use your Student link, please refer back to the registration video that you already have seen. When you do go to register for any courses it’s important that you remember the course code and also keep in mind the section numbers that you want to sign up for.  

  1. First what you need to do is go to the website Once you’re there you can click on the Hub courses in order to get to the search option– scroll down to related links and click on “Hub Search” this will bring you to a new page where you’ll be able to search for all of the courses that are being offered that fulfill specific Hub units.
  2. If you want you can search for courses that fulfill more than one Hub unit. For example you can search for all the courses that meet the Scientific Inquiry I Hub unit and the Quantitative Reasoning I unit. You can make sure to search for the Fall 2020 semester so that you only see classes that will be offered in the Fall. You can leave all of the colleges selected because it doesn’t matter which  college you take this class from.
  3. Then you can click search and it will show all the options for the Fall 2020 semester that have both the Scientific Inquiry I and the Quantitative Reasoning I Hub units. In this case there are different options for courses that you could take for this! You can also just search for one specific Hub Unit it so I’m going to go with Scientific Inquiry I for the Fall 2020 semester. Click search now. You will see that there are different options of courses that I could take in the Fall 2020 semester that meet the Scientific Inquiry I Hub Unit.
  4.  You can look at all of the different options by scrolling through and then you can tell what each course is based on title
    • CAS stands for the College of Arts and Sciences
    • AN is the Department within that College — Anthropology
    • 102 is just the course number

You can read what the course is about and also see what Hub Unit it fulfills- for example, all 3 Hub units are met with this course.

  • If  you think that you’re interested in a specific course you can see what time the course is offered. For example, based on this link listed below, you can see there are multiple sections scheduled for Fall 2020, so it will show you all of the different options. Look for the Fall 2020 section. You can look and see if that they’re open seats in all of the class options under the notes section. 
  • Please look to see what components of the courses are required. Lab? Discussion? Lecture? For example: A1 is the lecture (in this example Hub video) and then look for one of the other sections to fulfill the lab requirement, so for example A2 section could work in your schedule. Use these section numbers to search in the Student Link. 

Special thank you to Ashley Eppolito and Erin Park for making the videos!

FY101 Sections: