The Daniel Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund

On October 19th, 2011, the Boston University School of Education lost a valuable and respected member of its faculty.

Daniel Davis, a School of Education clinical assistant professor of education, was a native New Yorker and an unabashed Yankee fan. He was an insatiable reader and a world traveler who loved jazz, movies, and his students.

“To say that everyone loved him is not hyperbole,” says Jane Ko (SED’12). “Dan was my advisor—he’s the reason I’m here. People gravitated toward him.”

Professor Daniel Davis, who also advised graduate and undergraduate students, was admired by all those who met him. Professor Tom Cottle describes Dan with his students: “His students adored him, and for good reason. They knew he was really smart, they knew he really knew about education, they knew that he had done and done well what he was teaching them to do, and they knew he really cared for them and their well-being, and it was genuine.”

To read more about Professor Davis, visit BU Today.

Boston University’s School of Education honors the late Professor Dan Davis and his contributions to the School and its students. Please help us to endow the Daniel Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund with your gift.

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The Daniel Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund