Undergraduate Advising

BU Wheelock has a dual advising model for all undergraduate students. This cohort of students will have a professional advisor from Student Services and a faculty mentor who will assist students through their transition into BU Wheelock in learning about resources and prepare to build their academic pursuits within the college’s offering. All students will begin with a professional advisor, and as they advance through their degree program and select a pathway, they will be assigned a faculty mentor. 

Your Professional Advisor

Your professional advisor is the first stop for questions. Students will meet with their professional advisor a minimum of once per semester for exploration and course selection support. 

    • Exploring interest and pathways in the track areas
    • Advising on BU Hub requirements, focus areas and specialty areas  
    • Questions regarding double majors, the dual degree program, minors, intra-University transfer, study abroad, summer course approvals, AP credits, IB credits, transfer credits, etc.
    • Advising on personal and social issues
    • Advising regarding academic difficulty or academic probation
    • Course advising 
    • Support in finding and accessing University resources (ERC, CCD, Howard Thurman Center, Behavioral Health, etc.)
    • Navigate the University’s policies and procedures  (e.g. leave of absence, incompletes, etc.)

Your Faculty Mentor

  • Professional/educational mentoring
  • Advice regarding potential internships and jobs
  • Advice on which specific tracks/specialty focus classes will help a student reach their educational and professional goals
  • Advice on extracurricular activities that relate to the major field
  • Discussion on educational and career goals through connecting with the Center for Career Development
  • Providing networking connections between advisees and alumni in interest areas within the Boston community
  • Help exploring research opportunities

Our Undergraduate Advising Team

Meet your Professional Advisor

Other Resources

Academic/Professional Support:

  • Educational Resource Center: https://www.bu.edu/erc/ 
    • For tutoring, writing assistance, academic skills advising, language link, workshops
  • Center for Career Development: http://www.bu.edu/careers/
    • For career counseling, interview prep, resume review, networking, job opportunities, internships, workshops
  • Disability & Access Services: https://www.bu.edu/disability/ 
  • The Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground: https://www.bu.edu/thurman/ 
  • The Newbury Center: https://www.bu.edu/newbury-center/
    • The Newbury Center supports first-generation students at BU. A first-generation student is a student whose parents/guardians/caregivers did not earn bachelor’s degrees, although elder siblings and cousins may be attending college already or have earned four-year degree.

Resources for students:

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