FAQ: Fall 2020 Education Program Supervisors

As you read this page, please keep in mind three essential points:

  1. This FAQ is based on our understanding to date and is subject to change as new information becomes available.
  2. Flexibility, adaptability and collaboration will be key as we navigate a complicated year of remote and hybrid learning.
  3. We are committed to working together to create a safe, successful semester for you, our students, and the populations being served.

FAQs about Remote Program Supervision

Will program supervision be in-person or remote in the fall?

It will depend on school and district policies. Plans are fluid and evolving and policies will vary from one district to the next (there is not a unified approach).

Do I need to supervise on site if I have safety concerns?

Safety is our top priority. We will work closely with you and your program faculty to determine options for remote supervision.

What if my school allows in-person observation, but not remote? How can I supervise in that case?

We will assess the circumstances case-by-case, be resourceful, collaborative, and explore options.

For example, you might observe a video or audio recorded lesson and ask the supervising practitioner to supplement that by sharing notes on specific “look fors” from the actual lesson.

FAQs about Video Recorded Lessons

Will schools and districts allow video recording?

This is a common concern among educator preparation programs across the state and DESE is well aware of the situation.  Policies and permissions may vary across districts, and candidates will need to work closely with their supervising practitioner to ensure full compliance. We will be developing a protocol for our candidates and program supervisors to follow and will keep you posted. More to come….

How will I address “look fors” with the CAP if I cannot see interactions between candidates and their students?

We need to be creative and resourceful. If the video is focused only on the candidate, you could:

  • Observe the candidate’s performance;
  • Ask the supervising practitioner to observe students’ behaviors;
  • Share evidence and calibrate after the lesson.

What if I cannot access the school or district learning platform to observe the lesson?

Access to district platforms will depend on the school and district decisions. Our main focus at this point is ensuring that candidates have access to learning platforms, i.e., given that it was an issue last spring.

To some degree we need to depend on our relationships with sites to come up with workable solutions. In the case of program supervision, it may be that recorded lessons are the most viable option.

What if I need to supervise remotely but the school or district allows in person only and does not allow video recording?

We will work with you and your program faculty to assess the options.

It is important to note that de-densification is central to social distancing planning and remote supervision in some form will need to be an option.

FAQs – Miscellaneous

How will I observe break out groups in a hybrid or remote setting?

Schools and districts will be focusing on smaller groups of students to support social distancing and de-densification. To maximize efficiency, you will need to decide on the best approach as part of the pre-observation planning with your candidate and supervising practitioner.

Hybrid and remote are all new to me. What kind of support and training will I have?

We will be looking to create forums and opportunities for you to broaden your knowledge base. We are all learning together and the situation will require patience, persistence, humility and collaboration, i.e., traits we want to see in our candidates.