ATLAS Assessment and Referral

Visit the ATLAS Referral Form

How to Submit an ATLAS Assessment and Referral Form:  

  1. If you have not enabled your BU Google App, you must do so in order to submit the ATLAS form. (You will only need to do this once.)
  2. Visit the Google Form:
    • This will prompt you to log in with your BU Kerberos credentials.
    • You can save this link as a bookmark on your web browser.
  3. Fill out the form with relevant information and hit submit at the bottom of the page.

Student Services and ATLAS Syllabus Statements

We encourage you to include these statements about Student Services and the ATLAS program on your syllabus:

Student Services

The Student Services team helps students from all academic programs to meet challenges and achieve goals as they progress toward earning their degree.  If you are in need of academic support, have questions about navigating academic policies and procedures, or are considering academic options outside BU Wheelock, please contact Student Services. We also provide individualized consultations, workshops on academic and professional skills, and connect students to key resources across the University.

Phone: 617-353-3177

 ATLAS Referral Program

The ATLAS Referral and Outreach Program can help you stay on track and achieve success. ATLAS will provide an opportunity for faculty to alert students electronically to any concerns that may impede a student’s success. For example, if you are struggling with things like academic performance, attendance, or class participation, your professor can submit the referral to share this concern with you and activate support through the Student Services Office.

Student Services will reach out and offer to help you assess your situation and access the support you may need to get back on track. The ATLAS referral program is designed for students enrolled in part-time or full-time programs at BU Wheelock and can be used by professors as often as needed.