Website Updates

See some incorrect information on a program page? A typo on a colleague’s profile? An out-of-date listing in the Directory? Tell us about it and we can fix it!

The easiest way to correct errors on the BU Wheelock website is to email MarCom. Please identify the error and include the URL of the page it appears on, in the body of your email. If you’re able to make the correction, please include that info, too. (But, don’t hesitate to send us stuff that you know is wrong, but don’t know the answer to. It’s our job to figure out the correction!)

The same goes for general website updates.

Whenever a detail about your program, processes, or personnel needs updating, just reach out to us and we can take care of making the edit. Though Wheelock MarCom is the principal editor of the BU Wheelock website, the faculty and staff who lead our programs and staff offices are the true “owners” of the content. Anything we make public about the work you, your office, or your colleagues do here must accurately reflect the reality and experience of those who do the work (rather than those who publish the pages), and it’s our job to make sure you’re comfortable with how we represent your work on our site.

So, whether you’re looking to contest a comma or overhaul your section of the site, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, in person (Two Silber Way, Room 254) or via email (

Seriously, Email Us.