BU Wheelock-branded promotional swag is available for order to all BU Wheelock faculty and staff, as well as BU Wheelock programs, departments, centers, and other entities. Swag is a great way to increase exposure and build brand recognition for BU Wheelock, and we encourage everyone to make BU Wheelock-branded items available at events, conferences, workshops, and other opportunities. This swag program is the only way to obtain authorized and approved BU Wheelock swag.


A limited quantity of swag items is always kept in stock at all times at 2 Silber Way. However, availability may vary, and some items require special order, so we can’t guarantee exactly what is in stock. Generally, requests for swag that’s kept in stock can be filled within 48 hours (although the more notice, the better). For large orders (especially for apparel items), it’s recommended that you allow three weeks for every request.


You must be a member of the BU Wheelock community to order BU Wheelock swag.

  • To find items, our swag catalog
  • Fill out the request form below
  • You’ll be notified if your request can be filled in-house or if an order will need to be placed

Swag requests are not accepted via email. If you submit an order via email, you’ll be asked to fill out this form.




Swag Catalog


For questions about swag or how to place your order. Emailed orders will not be accepted.