Concur Travel Cards & Reimbursements

BU offers a University Travel Card for full-time faculty and staff who anticipate travel on behalf of the university. The University Travel Card is a corporate-liability Visa card, meaning that it is directly billed to and paid for by BU. The Travel Card is integrated with the BU’s online travel and expense management system, Concur, streamlining the expense reporting process.

The Travel Card may be used only for appropriate and allocable expenses as defined by the Travel & Business Expense Policy. Faculty and staff are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Travel Card Policy. All travel and expense reimbursements are now processed through Concur.

Purpose of the Card

The purpose of the Travel Card is to facilitate travel for all eligible BU employees by eliminating the need for cash advances and reducing the financial burden on travelers. The travel card is directly tied to the University’s electronic travel and expense management system. All transactions made with the BU Travel Card will automatically appear on the travel cardholder’s Concur account. Travel Card holders are responsible for allocating all expenses within 30 days of travel and submitting their report to the Assistant Dean of Administration and Finance for approval. 

Applying for a Travel Card

All travel card applicants must complete two forms: the Travel Card Application and the Travel Card Cardholder Agreement. Before the issue of a Travel Card, applicants are required to complete the mandatory training outlined by the University. Once training is completed, both forms must be submitted to the assistant dean of administration & finance for verification and signature.

If you have questions regarding training or forms, contact the finance manager.

Using Concur

As a BU Travel Cardholder, you are expected to complete the training and familiarize yourself with the system before submitting a Travel Card application. To access the training, please visit Travel Services Training and Travel Card Training.

Submitting a Travel and Expense Reimbursement

To submit a reimbursement through Concur, BU Wheelock employees must:

  1. Create an Expense Report. The expense report must include the following: a report name, trip purpose, start and end dates of your travel, cost center, expense type (i.e., grant number, start-up/research account information, discretionary account, etc.), traveler type, and destination. The comments section should include a description explaining the travel and expenses. If there is a discrepancy between your receipt and the amount requested, this information should be noted in the comments section. 
  2. Add all Travel Card transactions related to trip expenses to the expense report and complete the report.
  3. Submit the completed report by choosing the “submit” button, after which it will be reviewed and approved by the assistant dean of administration & finance. An e-check will be delivered to the employee’s bank account once approved.

Please note: If a report is submitted incorrectly or information is missing, it will be sent back to you for corrections. All discrepancies will be noted by the assistant dean of administration & finance in the comments section of the report. It is the employee’s responsibility to correct the report and resubmit it promptly.

Travel Card Support

If after completing the travel card training, you need further assistance creating an expense report, contact the administrative coordinator for your department.


If you are not a faculty member and need further assistance, or if you have questions concerning which cost center to charge your expenses, contact the finance manager.

  • For any problems with the card (e.g., transactions are denied), contact US Bank via the phone number on the back of the card for assistance.
  •  Contact the Desktop Services Specialist for technical support for the Concur website.