Non-Credit Bearing Professional Development Programs (PDP) and Certificates

Approval Flow: Professional Development Proposer > Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ADAA) > Provost’s Approval > Proposer’s submission of participants’ information > Generation of PDP certificates

1. Proposer completes Application for Professional Development Points (PDPs).

2. Proposer sends completed application with required attachments to the ADAA for pre-review and approval.

3. ADAA reviews the application and seeks Provost-level approval on behalf of the proposer. If more information is needed or revisions are requested, ADAA will seek revisions or additional information from the proposer.

4. When the final proposal is approved, and after the Professional Development program has occurred, the proposer sends a spreadsheet of participants’ names, emails, and hours of participation/attendance to the ADAA and the ADAA’s designated assistant.

5. The Administrative Coordinator for Academic and Student Affairs and the ADAA (if there is significant volume) generates individual PDP certificates for each participant and sends them electronically to the participants and the proposer.

Please note: Depending on the number of participants, the generation of certificates can take up to one week to process. Please plan accordingly.