Revise an Existing Course

Approval Flow: Program > Department > Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Please use this form to make the following types of changes:

  • Change of course title
  • Change in course number (Please consult with the Director of Data & Enrollment Management for appropriate course codes (  Nate will work with you to assign unused codes that match the level of the course).  Do not submit a course with XXX to AAC.
  • Change in course description
  • Change in offering pattern
  • Change in delivery type (in-person to online)
  • Change in existing course to add hub units

Please keep this form in PDF format; (if passed on to several people for signatures and saved in formats other than PDF, the form will not be readable).

1. Proposer completes the Course Change Form 2022

2. Proposer submits the form to the Program Director for review by the program. If approved,

3. Program Director submits the form to the Department Chair for review. If approved,

4. Department Chair submits the form to the AAC’s designated email: The Associate Dean’s Administrative Coordinator will receive the form on behalf of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. (Please note that the AAC does not need to review a course change. The AAC email address is used to promote a centralized way to collect all curricular changes. A  course change may be submitted to the email at any time and does not need to be submitted a week in advance.) If approved,

5. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will communicate the change to the Director of Data & Enrollment Management/Registrar who will update the change(s) to the University’s course inventory and Bulletin using the information provided on the form.