Dr. Leslie Dietiker Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure

Dr. Leslie Dietiker was promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure effective May 13, 2019. She has taught within our Mathematics Education program since 2012. Dr. Dietiker teaches courses in mathematics and pedagogy to future high school mathematics teachers, as well as research and theories in mathematics curriculum to masters and doctoral students.

In addition to teaching, Dr. Dietiker is known nationally for her work to support and improve secondary math teaching, and she designs and leads professional development for schools and districts in the Boston region. Prior to coming to BU, Dr. Dietiker taught high school mathematics and computer science at a public high school in San Francisco, California, for 17 years. She also has received National Board Certification. In addition, she is a lead author of seven mathematics textbooks for grades 6–12 with the nonprofit CPM Educational Program, such as Core Connections Algebra and Calculus. She is also an elected board member of the International Society of the Design and Development of Education (ISDDE) and is on the Editorial Board of the American Educational Research Journal (AERJ), a leading publication of the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

 Dr. Dietiker’s research focuses on the theory of curriculum, particularly with regards to its aesthetics and structural dimensions. She is the author of several publications including: The role of sequence in the experience of mathematical beauty. In a special issue on mathematical beauty in the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics (2016) and Shaping mathematics into compelling stories: A curriculum design heuristic. Educational Designer (2015). Dr. Dietiker is currently working on The MCLE Project: Designing Mathematically Captivating Learning Experiences, a project with Boston-area teachers that explores how the design of high school mathematics can improve students’ mathematical experiences. She is also currently focused on studying and supporting curricular implementation.

 “I’m honored to receive this recognition from Boston University and look forward to future opportunities to grow professionally with BU Wheelock” says Dr. Dietiker. “I am thrilled to be able to work with such accomplished and inspirational colleagues as we work toward a new horizon in educational possibilities for students.”

Congratulations Dr. Dietiker! We’re very fortunate to have you as a member of our community.

Grace Hagerty