Dr. Catherine Ritz Represents Northeast at ACTFL’s Leadership Initiative for Language Learning (LiLL)

Dr. Ritz (far right) and other LiLL attendees.

Dr. Catherine Ritz was selected as an Organizing Partner for the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages’ Leadership Initiative for Language Learning (LiLL), held last week from June 24 through 26 in Nashville, Tennessee last week.

The Institute brought together language educators, teacher leaders, and language education experts from all over the U.S. Dr. Ritz was nominated as an Organizing Partner by her peers at the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (NECTFL), where she sits on the board. 

According to their website, the LiLL “is based on the premise that every educator is a leader and strives to be highly effective.” The role of the Organizing Partners is to support, coach, mentor, and network with the fifty “Emerging Leaders,” representing each state in the U.S., who attend.

“I am excited to participate in LiLL to be able to connect with and support Emerging Leaders in foreign language education from across the country, and particularly from the northeast” says Dr. Ritz wrote from the conference.

“Each Emerging Leader is developing an action plan on projects ranging from advocating from the Seal of Biliteracy in their state, to planning a professional development event, to figuring out how to address the foreign language teacher shortage,” she continued. “I’m learning a lot from working with these teachers and administrators, and am energized by their passion for and commitment to our profession.”

Dr. Ritz is currently the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association (MaFLA) Programming Coordinator responsible for overseeing professional development events. Later this July, she will run at The MaFLA Proficiency Academy, a professional development event she has been running for the the past four summers.

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