Dr. Amie Grills appointed associate editor of Cognitive Therapy and Research

Dr. Amie GrillsAssociate Professor Amie Grills was recently appointed as an Associate Editor of Cognitive Therapy and Research, a highly regarded journal in the field of psychology that presently has an impact factor of 2.027.

According to the Cognitive Therapy and Research (COTR) website, the journal “focuses on the investigation of cognitive processes in human adaptation and adjustment and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It is an interdisciplinary journal welcoming submissions from diverse areas of psychology, including cognitive, clinical, developmental, experimental, personality, social, learning, affective neuroscience, emotion research, therapy mechanism, and pharmacotherapy.”

Dr. Grills noted that she is “honored to be joining an esteemed group of colleagues from around the world who serve on this journal.” Dr. Grills also serves as an Associate Editor for the journal Anxiety, Stress, & Coping.