Doctoral Candidate Kaylene Stevens and Professor Christopher Martell Published in the Journal of Social Science Education.

Dr. Christopher Martell and SED Doctoral Candidate Kaylene Stevens recent published an article titled An Avenue for Challenging Sexism: Examining the High School Sociology Classroom in the Journal of Social Science Education. In their article, Stevens and Martell examined the beliefs of high school sociology teachers and how those beliefs influenced their practices in their sociology classrooms.

A brief abstract of the article:

“In this interpretative qualitative study, the researchers investigated the beliefs and practices of six high school sociology teachers in relation to the teaching of gender. Using a feminist lens, this study employed mixed methods, analyzing teacher interviews, observations, and classroom artifacts. The results showed that the teachers viewed sociology as different from other social studies courses, because it serves as a more intentional way to reduce sexism and gender stratification. As such, the teachers saw the sociology classroom as a place for students to grapple with issues of gender stratification and inequity.  Teachers’ beliefs related to gender and sexism strongly influenced what they saw as the purpose of sociology class, and it influenced the instructional practices that they used.  Recommendations are made related to professional development around issues of gender equity.”

The Journal of Social Science Education is an international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to research on teaching and learning in the field of social science education. It is housed at Bielefeld University in Bielefeld, Germany. A direct link to Ms. Stevens and Dr. Martell’s article follows:

Citation for Stevens and Martell’s article:

Stevens, K. M. & Martell, C. C. (2016). An avenue for challenging sexism: Examining the high school sociology classroom. Journal of Social Science Education, 15(1), 63-73.