Closing Thoughts From A BU Wheelock Senior

By: Tal Most, BU Wheelock ’20

When asked why I chose to attend Boston University’s Wheelock College of Education and Human Development to pursue teaching licensure, the answer has always been simple. Above all the other programs I visited, BU offered the most in-classroom teaching opportunities for working with students.

When the fall of my senior year rolled around and it was time for my cumulative in-classroom experience called “full practicum,” I was ecstatic! Each day in my full practicum brought surprises, new challenges and a reborn love for what I intend to do as an educator once I graduate. When I completed my full practicum, I was so proud of my accomplishments but sad that the experience was over. Imagine my surprise (and excitement!) when I was offered the opportunity to become a Teaching Assistant (TA) for the BU students who were completing their practicum the following semester.

As a teaching assistant, I get to attend the practicum seminars with BU students who are currently in their full practicum experience. During these classes, I participate in discussions, provide advice or peer support for students who are in full practicum, and guide them in their coursework and state licensure process. I have loved using my experiences to guide them as a TA and support my peers in achieving their licensure and feeling competent in their first full time teaching experience. This also gives me the opportunity to revisit coursework and feel even more confident in my understanding of the material covered in the most intense Elementary Education course in my time at BU.

Another reason why I have loved being a TA is because this gives me even more opportunities to spend time with some of my favorite faculty at BU Wheelock. The professors who teach this seminar, Jenn Bryson and Jenny Cavallerano, are wonderful, caring and knowledgeable educators. Both of them lead with their kindness and empower their TAs and students to do the same.

As I leave BU, I know that all my fieldwork experiences and my time as a TA have molded me into a passionate and enthusiastic educator. I can’t wait to get out there and teach!