Social and Emotional Learning and Career Development: Reflections from International Collaboration

Event Information

  • Starts: 10:00 am on Tuesday, October 26, 2021
  • Ends: 11:30 am on Tuesday, October 26, 2021
In this webinar we will discuss the results of two projects that delved into teachers’ perceptions about social and emotional learning and their impact on their students' future development. Three presentations discuss the results from a cross-cultural study by the research network – SEL IRN – coordinated by V. Scott Solberg (Boston University, USA) and Lea Ferrari (University of Padova, Italy) with the aims to help educators become more aware of the nature and relevance of Social and Emotional Learning and become more engaged in implementing SEL education. In the last presentation, the teams of the Erasmus+ project psSmile that aims to promote SEL skills in primary school with the engagement of teachers and parents will discuss their recent work. Research teams from five countries – Germany, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, and the USA – will share their knowledge and experience gained from this collaboration and provide a deeper understanding on how SEL is connected to career development for both educators and students. Save the date! Don’t miss the opportunity to talk with us!

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