BU Wheelock Safety Resources for Field Placement

The resources below are intended to promote the health and safety of BU Wheelock students both in the field and in general. They are listed in alphabetical order. 

Active Shooter Incident Preparedness: three helpful ways to prepare for a possible active shooter.

Active Shooter Guidelines: definition of active shooter; safety guidelines on how to respond.

Active Shooter: How to Respond: quick reference guide on how to respond, what to do when law enforcement arrives, and how to recognize the signs of potential workplace violence.

Behavioral Medicine: resources for mental and emotional health and stability.

Cyber-bullying: menu of resources on cyber-bullying (from stopbullying.gov).

(Drugs & Alcohol) Alcohol and Drug Policies & Disclosures: BU policies.

(Drugs & Alcohol) Club Drugs: BU Police Department information and advisory about club drugs.

Firearms and Dangerous Substances: BU policies.

Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) System: BU training for women in basic self-defense; offers viable options when confronted with various threats of violence. 

(Safety Contacts) Important Contact Information: list of essential safety contacts across BU.

(Safety Contacts) Emergency Contacts: list of emergency contacts across BU.

Sexual Assault Response and Prevention: services provided by BU crisis intervention counselors.

Sexual Misconduct: next steps for those who have experienced sexual misconduct (getting to a safe place; reporting the incident; connecting with experienced counselors).

(Sexual Misconduct) Title IX Policy: BU procedures and polices around prevention and intervention for sexual misconduct.

Shelter in Place: shelter in place procedures in different settings (college, work, in vehicle, home)