BU Wheelock Community Member Spotlight: Ellie Friedland

Ellie Friedland, Clinical Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education, spent a good part of her winter break in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala (a city also known by its Mayan name, Xela (pronounced Shayla), where she spent a semester on sabbatical two years ago.  During her latest visit there, Ellie continued her work with the educators of CEIPA (Centro Ecumenico de Integracion Pastoral), a Guatemalan not-for-profit organization  that serves child laborers. CEIPA provides education, vocational training, and help for young people who want to start their own businesses.  Ellie continued her professional development work with the CEIPA educators, focused on their educational model based on the ideas of Paulo Friere and others, and her work in Theatre of the Oppressed with the human rights workers of CEIPA.  She will be back there this summer!

Ellie Friedland with the human rights workers who do Theatre of the Oppressed