Associate Dean Solberg Presents at American Youth Policy Forum

Associate Dean of Research V. Scott Solberg will present for the American Youth Policy Forum (AYPF) in Washington, D.C. on February 15th, 2013, alongside Dr. Terry Holiday, Kentucky Commissioner of Education, and Joan Wills, Senior Policy Fellow, Center for Workforce Development, Institute for Educational Leadership. Dean Solberg’s presentation is titled The Use of Individualized Learning Plans to Help Students to be College and Career Ready. The presentation will address the findings of the Institute of Educational Leadership’s Center for Workforce Development’s research regarding the value of Individualized Learning Plans (ILP) to a student’s college and career preparedness.

A description of the forum is below. Visit here for more information.

Preparing for college and careers requires far more than rigorous academic content. College and career exploration and planning activities can play a beneficial role in personalizing learning, engaging students, and preparing them for life beyond school. AYPF is partnering with the Institute for Educational Leadership’s Center for Workforce Development to present the findings of the Center’s research on the use of Individualized Learning Plans (ILP), which provide middle school and high school students with a tool to define their personal interests, goals, and course choices through post-secondary education and careers. Many states have adopted policies that require the use of ILPs and research is starting to show the benefits.

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