Student Testimonials

Sarina Simon
Undergraduate Research

“I am an undergraduate research assistant for the Mathematically Captivating Learning Experiences Project under the mentorship of Associate Professor Leslie Dietiker. Last semester, I conducted a study on engaging students’ interest levels in different styles of teaching.  This study is important because traditional lessons have so far failed to spark the interest of high school students in the U.S., and increasing student interest may lead to more students pursuing STEM careers in their future. I see this making an impact on my future as a math teacher because I want to design lessons so that mathematical content is the source of student interest.”

Claudia Smith
Student Life

“As a BU Wheelock Dean’s Host, I have helped prospective students navigate their next steps as emerging adults, established a close relationship with the faculty and staff of my college, developed my professionalism and leadership skills, and discovered more about my own passions and motivations.

I came into BU Wheelock generally wanting to be an educator, but now I know my place in this world is to be a guide for students at this momentous life transition from high school to college. I could not have had this personal breakthrough without the Dean’s Hosts Organization. But best of all, Dean’s Hosts has provided me with a community of leaders and educators like myself who are all driven to make a differencewhether in the classroom, in our government, or beyond.”

Guensly Desir
The First Year

  “When I looked into the culture and environment of BU, I felt there was no other place where I would form such strong connections with not only my teachers and classmates, but the community in Boston as a whole. If you’re considering attending Wheelock or BU in general, be prepared to work with like-minded individuals who are motivated and cooperative, because the community here is dedicated to helping you succeed in any way you need. From academic advisors to clubs to career development programs to just a simply amazing group of people, BU and BU Wheelock make a tightly knit community where you’re bound to feel at home in the city of Boston.”

Flora Ginsburg
The First Year

“Before I ever stepped foot on BU’s campus, I knew no other program could top BU’s Special Education program. I was confident my time at Wheelock would prepare me for a future career as a high school Special Education teacher. BU’s emphasis on getting into the field early and often was evident in ED110, a class I could take as a freshman. I knew I would be surrounded by a supportive, close-knit community through the Transitional Mentors program and FY101. Since BU is a large school, there would be countless opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom. In the short time I’ve been here, I have been amazed by the opportunities I have had at BU Wheelock.”