BS in Science Education

Boston University’s Bachelor of Science (BS) for Science Education prepares students for the professional responsibilities of designing, teaching, and supervising science programs at the middle and secondary school levels. We seek to prepare leaders in science education who apply a deep understanding of learning theory, pedagogy and educational contexts that shape opportunities for young people to engage in science, develop scientific identities, and become scientifically literate citizens.

Our faculty offers a rich experience of classroom teaching and content knowledge. We strive to model effective science teaching while challenging and guiding aspiring teachers to develop and practice techniques that actively engage students in learning science through the study of learning theory and immersive field-based experiences. We place special emphasis on practicing equity and diversity in science education.

The program offers specialized courses in collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences to combine pedagogy with in-depth exposure to contemporary science in an effort to foster the maturation of motivated and versatile science educators. While the majority of our graduates find meaningful careers as science teachers and leaders in public and private schools, others have used their knowledge and skills to pursue careers in research, curriculum development, museums, and science centers.

Our program has four areas of specialization: Biology, Chemistry, General Science, and Physics. We encourage students to take advantage of the resources at Boston University and seek a dual degree with the College of Arts and Sciences through the Boston University Dual Degree Program.

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