Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Note: This is a professional specialization pathway taken as part of the undergraduate major, the BS in Education & Human Development

Who is this program for?

For those interested in careers that involve children, youth, and emerging adults in a variety of career settings (e.g., school, legal, medical, and community). Note: this specialization does not lead to licensure; however, it is optimal preparation for graduate programs in counseling or clinical psychology, school counseling, school psychology, social work, child life, behavioral health, or related fields.

What you’ll learn 

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of child and adolescent emotional and behavioral health, and will study mental health/illness, biological, psychological, and social factors that affect young people’s well-being, and professional ethics. You will also critically examine the historical, cultural, and systemic contexts of mental health care and diagnosis, through both in-class and field-based courses. 

Sample Courses for the Child & Adolescent Mental Health Specialization

  •  Child & Family Health Systems 
  • Emotional Development 
  •  Psychological Trauma 
  • Introduction to Counseling 
  •  Child & Adolescent Mental Health 
  •  200-Hour Practicum 
  •  Practicum/capstone seminar 

Possible Master’s Degree Options: Students focusing on Child & Adolescent Mental Health could go to to pursue graduate studies such as an MEd in Applied Human Development or Counseling (leading to mental health license) or the MS in Child Life & Family-Centered Care leading to the Association for Child Life Professionals (ACLP) certification of this endorsed program.

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