What Undergraduate Students Say About Wheelock

Sofia Butler

“My favorite experience at Wheelock so far has been going down the path of what specialization I want to do and taking different classes. I have a core group of people that I’ve been in my classes with and I love seeing their faces every day. In Wheelock’s program, there are 8 specializations to choose from; you could go into mental health, you could go into deaf studies. For me, it’s been amazing to be mentored through the process and to discover what’s the best fit for me.”

Gaby Wellman

“I was drawn to Wheelock because of the commitment to creating a well-rounded student and educator. I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the educational field but I’ve also been able to take away key points from different  topics.”




Carolina Tramontina Ceribelli

“All of the faculty at Wheelock are approachable and kind, beyond great professors which I really appreciate. When I have certain questions about my passions or interests, I know that I can talk to faculty members who will guide me through it. I love how willing everyone is to help and to receive feedback, it creates a great community.” 


Chelsie Nacelus

Students at Wheelock bond very quickly. The First Year Experience class where Wheelock students come together with a peer mentor who helps us navigate our first semester. We all came into school very nervous, but we were all together and became connected. Everyone is so welcoming; if you’re sitting alone in the dining hall, a Wheelock student would be the one to come and sit with you.”